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Using ICT in teaching and learning


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It is a recommendation presentation which will help IT teachers as well as class teachers to motivate the

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Using ICT in teaching and learning

  1. 1. Using ICT in teaching and learning By: Sanaa Fatima
  2. 2. What is ICT? ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. O The concepts, methods and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving on an almost daily basis. Its difficult to keep up with the changes because they happen so fast. O While teaching our main focus is on the following three words behind ICT: O - INFORMATION - COMMUNICATIONS and - TECHNOLOGY O A good way to think about ICT is to consider all the uses of digital technology that already exist to help individuals and organizations to get information.
  3. 3. ICT in Education. O The creative use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in education has the capacity to increase the quality of learner's lives by enhancing teaching and learning. In this presentation, the term ICT, includes computers, computer networking (the Internet and intranet), peripheral devices and multimedia, and the range of assistive technologies available for learners either in the form of CD or online.
  4. 4. Types of technology we currently have in our school We are currently use the following technologies in our school: O Computers O Multimedia/ Projector O Digital cameras
  5. 5. What we are using? O ICT always help shape the learning outcomes of the learners, it always motivates and encourages them, make them responsible, autonomous and gives them ownership of their work. O When I’m talk about the learners of our section I’d say that they deprive this autonomy, power and ownership, because they are not the regular practitioners of ICT as we don’t own any lab.
  6. 6. Embedding technologies to enhance teaching and learning. O The following technology tools I’d like to recommend for my section, as they are cost effective and can be easily used and understood by teachers and learners. Their selection won’t put the management in jeopardy.
  7. 7. Embedding software technologies to enhance teaching and learning. (cont.) OClassroom Blog OPowerPoint OWord Documents OOnline Video Streaming OStorybird
  8. 8. Classroom Blog O Value of classroom blogs O Great for the beginning of the year O getting information to parents and students O Engaging learners in various discussions. O allows learner to participate in another way other than in class. O follow through with lesson at home O eliminates excuses for not knowing homework O Possible ways to use blogs O Posting homework O follow up discussion on a book or lesson O Building on new vocabulary O sharing ideas O asking classmates questions or for help on a lesson/homework O classroom announcements
  9. 9. Blogs in an ICT Classroom O Allows teacher to assess students in a different way O Gives students who hesitate to speak in class an opportunity to participate in a less threatening way O Provides follow up at home O Engages students and encourages them to write without feeling like they are writing.
  10. 10. PowerPoint in ICT
  11. 11. PowerPoint in an ICT Classroom O Great for introducing new vocabulary (definition, picture, examples, etc.) O Addresses the needs of visual learners O Helps students who can’t see the board O Change font/color of slides it will save time and is helpful to address student needs.
  12. 12. Microsoft Word
  13. 13. Word Documents in an ICT Classroom O Graphic Organizers/Worksheets/Quizzes/Tests O Students typing their class work instead of writing O Engaging in activities O Great for Kinesthetic learners O Helps learners focus O Great for learners who struggle with fine motor skills/handwriting
  14. 14. Online Video Streaming
  15. 15. Online Video Streaming O There are several video streaming sites which allows the teacher to show content related videos in class O Educational Video Streaming Sites include: O United Streaming O O Teacher Tube O O Power Media Plus O And many more are available on net.
  16. 16. Online Video Streaming in an ICT Classroom O Short video clips significantly enhance a lesson O Address the needs of visual/auditory learners O Helps students who have low reading levels learn content, yet is engaging to all students
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Web 2.0 technology O Story and poetry writing software for English language. O Self generated class for activities. O Can be integrated with Art O Stories can be made with the help of given pictures. O It gives the opportunity to develop the writing skills and expression in creative writing tasks.
  19. 19. Embedding hardware technologies to enhance teaching and learning. (cont.) O Podcasting O SMART board/Interactive Whiteboard
  20. 20. Podcasting
  21. 21. Podcasting O A podcast is essentially the modern version of tape recording O Podcasting allows users to record information which is later turned into an MP3 file O These MP3 files can be listened on computer or uploaded to a class blog.
  22. 22. Podcasting in an ICT Classroom O Very user-friendly; students can record their own podcasts with a few quick clicks of the buttons allowing the majority of this activity to be student-centered. O Addresses the needs of auditory and kinesthetic learners O Synthesizes information
  23. 23. Podcasting in an ICT Classroom cont. O Assesses student knowledge orally O Allows students to teach one another O Great for mixed ability groups O Provides opportunities to learners with Speech and Language Impairments to practice speaking O It is also good for peer or group assessment
  24. 24. Interactive Whiteboard
  25. 25. SMART Board/ Interactive Whiteboard O Connects to your computer to create a giant touch screen computer combined with an electronic whiteboard O Allows teachers and students to interact with the whiteboard to teach and participate in lesson activities
  26. 26. SMART Boards in an ICT Classroom O Engages students O Addresses the needs of Visual and Kinesthetic Learners O Allows students to teach one another
  27. 27. Decision O All our efforts in generating the learning outcomes with ICT can come true by using the above recommended software and hardware tool, but the one factor that is missing is we need to avail computer lab more often, so our learners can have hands on experience and will be benefited by the technology tools available around them.
  28. 28. Thank you for your precious time