The Great Invention"An odventure         for teenoge         students"Violence is oll around us - in our schoot. in our ci...
©   EDUARDO AMOS, ELISABETH PRESCHER, ERNESTO PASQUALr"N, 2004     ~     ~lI!mIl!IImIDiretoria: Paul BerryGerência editori...
"A turnator. It turns pages for you. I think its going to be         "OK,you quys." said Steve. "Enough of inventions. Wha...
The boys readthe article in silence.                               Two days later. Steve was looking for his friends ct sc...
Neil and Fred woke up at 6:30 on Saturday morning. At                                                                  7:0...
I                                                                                                                         ...
"Our plan is to spray the gas                                                                       at the Convention Cent...
The Convention Center wos busy on Wednesdoy morning.               "Sorry were lote, Mr Thompson." soid Steve ponting.Repo...
<kAfter        +                                                                    The way through the air-conditioning  ...
"Steve!" Mr Thompson shouted over the walkie-talkie.                "Look, Fred. Dont worry. Listen to me, now." Mr Thomps...
Mr Thompson sct on the large couch in the MaintenanceDepartment firmly holding his walkie-talkie. On the closed-circuit TV...
The boys sprayed the gas, and in seconds, everyone was                                                                    ...
At four oclock     thot afternoon,       Steve arrived    home.      "Where were you 011day, Steve?"             his mothe...
fool (19) bobo                       tose, losing (10) perder           should (9) deveria              watch. watching (1...
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The great invention0001 - 4º Bimestre


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The great invention - 4º Bimestre

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The great invention0001 - 4º Bimestre

  1. 1. The Great Invention"An odventure for teenoge students"Violence is oll around us - in our schoot. in our cily, in our counlry ondin lhe world. But whol con we do cbout il? Whose responsibilily is itonywoy?Steve ond his friends think they should do something. Tension ondmisunderstonding threoten a Peoce Conference in their city. They hoveto get to the Conference Room quickly before lts too late.This is the story of a young inventor ond his friends ond on inventionthot could sove the world. But will they be too late?Main theme - an invention to promote world peaceOther themes - ethics, environmentVisit Teachers Area " stage. _ intermediate ~ , -sta-g-e-3-_-lo-w-e-rin-te-rm-e-d-ia-te-"" - ~ N ~ " "- " ~ " ------.., stage 2 _ elementary ~ z stage 1 _ starter , ~ o-RichmondPUBLISHING
  2. 2. © EDUARDO AMOS, ELISABETH PRESCHER, ERNESTO PASQUALr"N, 2004 ~ ~lI!mIl!IImIDiretoria: Paul BerryGerência editorial: Sandra Possas (~r-ICoordenação de bureau: América JesusCoordenação de pesquisa iconográfica: Ana Lúcia SoaresCoordenação de revisão: Estevam Vieira Lédo Jr.Coordenação de produção gráfica: André Monteiro, Maria de Lourdes RodriguesCoordenação de produção industrial: Wilson TroqueProjeto editorial: Véra Regina A. Masel/i "Anybody horne?" shouted Neil as he knocked at theEdição de texto: Kylie Mackin garage door.Assistência Editorial: Gabriela Peixoto VilanovaRevisão: Denise Ceron Steve opened the doar and said, "Neil! Fred! Come in."Projeto gráfico de miolo e capa: Ricardo Van Steen Comunicações e The boys entered the garage. It was almost impossible to Propaganda Ltda.joliver FuchsEdição de arte: Christiane Borin walk cround. Cans, boxes, and tools were all over the place.Ilustrações de miolo e capa: Robson Araújo "What are you doing, Steve?" asked Fred.Foto da capa: CIOPesquisa iconográfica: Vera Lucia da Silva Barrionuevo "Finishing up a new invention," answered Steve. "TheTratamento de imagens: Fabio N. PrecendoDiagramação: EXATA Editoração mechanical fingers arent moving very well and the electronicPré-impressão: Hélio P. de Souza Filho, Marcio H. Kamoto elbow has a problern."Impressão e acabamento: EGB "Mechanical fingers? Electronic elbow? What are you working on this time?" Fred csked. Dados Internacionais de Catalogação na Publicação (CIP) (Cãmara Brasileira do Livro, SP, Brasil) Amos, Eduardo The great invention / Eduardo Amos. Elisabeth Prescher, Ernesto Pasqualin ; [ilustrações Robson Araújo]. - 2. ed. - São Paulo: Moderna, 2003. - (Modern readers ; stage 3) 1. Inglês (Ensino fundamental) I. Prescher, Elisabeth. 11. Pasqualin, Ernesto. m. Araújo, Robson. IV. Título. V. Série. 03-3368 COO-372.652 Índices para catálogo sistemático: 1. Inglês: Ensino fundamental 372.652 ISBN 85-16-03721-5Reprodução proibida. Art.l84 do Código Penal e lei 9.610 de 19 de fevereiro de 1998. Todos os direitos reservadosRICHMONO PUBLISHINGEDITORA MODERNA LTOA.Rua Padre Adelino, 758 - BelenzinhoSão Paulo - SP - Brasil - CEP 03303-904Vendas e Atendimento: Tel. +55 11 2602-5510/080077181 81Fax +55 11 no Brasil17 impressão - Fev/2010
  3. 3. "A turnator. It turns pages for you. I think its going to be "OK,you quys." said Steve. "Enough of inventions. Whats new?"helpful for musicians," explained Steve. "Were really worried," said Neil. "And lazy readers," added Neil. "Fred is going to be your "Why? Whats happening?" asked Steve.first customer." "Theres going to be a basketball game next Saturday," Steve and Neil started laughing, but Fred didnt like the Fred said. "Kingsville High School is coming to play against usojoke. Remember the lcst time we played them. They were really The two boys were still laughing when Fred noticed violent."something strange in a fishbowl by the window. "Yes. I remember," said Steve. "Rick was hit on the head "Whats that in the fishbowl?" he asked. and was in hospital for two days." "Another invention - a buoy for stressed tish," said Steve. "We think its going to be even more violent this time," said "Youre really crazy, you knowl" said Neil. Neil. "Yes, but the fish are happy," replied Fred. "Lcok!" "The whole world is more violent," Steve said. "Nobody knows where things are going to end. Did you read todays paper?" he asked. "Here, lookl"
  4. 4. The boys readthe article in silence. Two days later. Steve was looking for his friends ct school. "Do you think there is going to be a war?" asked Neil. He was very excited. "Yes. if they dont come to cn agreement," answered Steve. "Neil! Fred! We have to talk right now. Its about the"And it is going to be an ugly war. Perhaps the last war on our basketball game next Saturday."planet." "What about it?" asked Neil. Steves mother opened the dcor and scld, "Sandwiches "We all know its going to be violent, right?"coming!" She pressed a button and a tray with sandwiches "Right," they said.moved towards the boys. "Well. I think we can do something about it. I have a ptori." "Whats that?" asked Fred. said Steve. He told the boys that he had invented a new gas "Another of my inventions - a flying troy." said Steve. that had the power to calm down angry people."Thanks. Mom." "OK. but what is the plan?" asked Fred., 7
  5. 5. Neil and Fred woke up at 6:30 on Saturday morning. At 7:00, the three boys were busy working in Steves garage. The gome was going to start at 10:00. "We fill balloons with the gas," explained Steve. "We then "Steve!" said Neil after an hour working hard on their planogive them to the cheerleaders and ask them to burst the "This is not going to work! The balloons burst when [ blow theballoons during the gome. The gas will do the rest." gas into them." Fred and Neilliked the plano The three boys walked around "Maybe there is too much pressure inside the balloons,"the school to find the cheerleaders. The girls did not know the said Fred. "It will never work! What now, Steve?"real reason for the plano They thought it was some kind of joke "[ think we have to find thicker balloons," Steve replied.and immediately agreed to help. "Lets go, then! Hurry!" said Fred.I ,
  6. 6. I 4iIT ,. -. I They ran to the neighborhood stores to find thickerballoons. At 9:15.they were bock at the garage to test the newones. They hod to hurry. There were fifty balloons to fill. Whenthey finished. they rushed off to school. "Youre late. guys!" shouted one of the cheerleaders. "The As the gos dispersed. everybody started to calm is olmost over." The visitors lost the game. but there was no violence. Vou could feel the tension in the air. The Kingsville team When Steve went to bed that evening. he could not sleep.was losing. and they were getting more violent. A big fight wos He thought about the game. the violence. and the gas he hadstarting. invented. "Here you are. qirls." Steve shouted. "Toke the balloons "It was the gas." he thought. "I knew it was going to work!around the gym and burst them. Hurry up! Theres no time to The gas calmed everyone down."waste!" He was lost in thought when an ideo flashed through his The cheerleaders quickly took the bolloons. ran in all mind. "lt the gos worked on the kids. it must work on adultsdirections and burst them. Nobody understood whot wos too." he reosoned. "There is that Peace Summit next week.going on. Everybody is going to be tense." "Stop what you are doing. girls!" somebody shouted but He sat up in bed and reached for the telephone. He hadthey dicrit pay any attention. to tolk to Neil and Fred.10 "
  7. 7. "Our plan is to spray the gas at the Convention Center during the surnrnit." explained Steve. "The participants will be affected by the gas. They will calm down Mr Thompson opened his front door and found Neil. Fred and think about peace,and Steve on his doorstep. Mr Thompson was Neils neighbor. not war."He worked in the Maintenance Department at the Convention "You work in theCenter, the location of the Peace Summit the following week. Maintenance Department "Hello. boys." said Mr Thompson as he opened the door. at the Convention Center,"Quite early for a Sunday morning, isnt it?" right?" asked Neil. "You are "Sorry for being 50 early, Mr Thompson, but we really need familiar with the building. Vouto talk to you." said Neil. "Do you have a few minutes?" know your way 011 around the "Sure!" replied Mr Thompson. "Come on in!" place, dont you? Vou can help us get "What can 1do for you, kids?" asked Mr Thompson. into the building and reach the Conference Room." They told him about the gas and what they did at the Mr Thompson was reluctant at first. It was difficult for himbasketball gome. They told him they wanted to do the some to accept doing something illegal. But he was worried aboutthing at the Peace Summit. the possibility of war. The boys were enthusiastic and finally "Wait a minute!" said Mr Thompson. "15this some crazy idea convinced him to save the world? Dont you kids realize that the Peace Summit "Your only access to the Conference Room is the air-is a very serious matter? Its not for people like you and me." conditioning systern." he said. "lt is full of passages, but 1can "We have to do something, Mr Thompson," insisted Steve. make a map of the pipes for you.""The newspaper says that this is an important meeting, but "I think we are going to need maintenance uniforms andthe politicians are inflexible. If they cant agree, there could identification cores." Neil a war." TIl take care of thot." said Mr Thompson. "Dont worry." "What can 1do about it?" asked Mr Thompson. "Good. And we are going to need walkie-talkies for "You can help us a tot." said Neil. communication inside the air-conditioning system," said Fred. "But why me?" asked Mr Thompson. "And dont forget the gas!" Mr Thompson reminded the "Well. tirst. because you work at the Convention Center," boys.said Fred. "Dorit worry about that, Mr Thompson. We are going to "And second, because we know you core." added Steve. put the gas in fire extinquishers." explained Steve. "Yeah. We remember that you risked your life to sove those "Well. the only thing is that we have to keep this secret.children from the fire at the shopping center last year," said Neil. Top secret!" said Neil.
  8. 8. The Convention Center wos busy on Wednesdoy morning. "Sorry were lote, Mr Thompson." soid Steve ponting.Reporters were everywhere. Television crews went in ond out "lt wos very hord to enter the building," odded Fred.with their equipment. Limousines stopped by the moin door "There ore security guords ot the gote," exploined Neil.bringing the heods of stote. Security guords ond police officers We hod to show them our lOs ond tell them o long story.were everywhere. Fortunotely they let us in." At nine oclock, everyone wos reody to stort the summit. "Thonk goodness!" soid Mr Thompson. "Now lets see! DidTV floodlights went on ond the choirmon opened the event. you bring everything?" Down ot the Mointenonce Deportment, Mr Thompson wos "Sure, we hove the bottles ond they ore filled with qcs."anxiously wotching the closed-circuit TV. soid Fred. They took out three smoll metal bottles from their "The meeting storted twenty minutes ogo ond those boys bogs. "And we brought the wolkie-talkies."ore not here yet," he thought. "Security guords ore oll over the "Right, boys ... we have no time to waste. Hurry!" said Mrploce. Perhops they stopped them." Thompson. "Here ore the mops of the pipe system. Follow the Just then, the boys ron into the room. directions corefully. Now get your things and go."
  9. 9. <kAfter + The way through the air-conditioning system was cold, dusty, and dark. The passages were so low that they had to crawl. Three minutes late r, the walkie-talkie in Mr Thompsons hand beeped. It was Neil. "I cant find my map! I think I lost it on the way," said the boy. "Well, calm down and tell me where you are." "I dont know exactly, but there is a large yellow pipe on my riqht," said Neil. "Shall I go on?" "No, Neil. Its too complicated. If you go on, youll get lost. Go back and try to tind your map. It must be somewhere near you." Two minutes later, Neil called Mr Thompson again. "I found it, Mr Thompson. !t was on the floor fifteen meters behind me. Everything is "whct time is it now?" asked Steve. OK now." Ten rninutes to ten." answered Neil. MrThompson "You have only fifteen minutes to get to the Conference sighed in reliefRoom," said Mr Thompson. Tll check you positions every five and thought.minutes over the walkie-talkie. Go, quickly!" "Lets hope everything is really OK."r
  10. 10. "Steve!" Mr Thompson shouted over the walkie-talkie. "Look, Fred. Dont worry. Listen to me, now." Mr Thompson"Steve, give me your position." was sweating and spoke very slowly. "Look around. What do "I think Irn doing fine," said Steve. "Iam elose to the air- you see around you?"eonditioning power unit. It is very noisy and very eold here." "A green box. There is a large green metal box to my right," "OK, Steve, go on." said Fred. "Great! I knowwhere you are. Go baek about three meters. Youll find a fork. Take the left pipe. Youll find the marks there." As he waited. Mr Thompson was more and more nervous. Tm a tcot." he thought. The seeurity guards are going to find us! I never should have ..." "OK, Mr Thompson. I found the marks. Everything is fine now." Mr Thompson paused for a seeond and looked at the eloekon the wall. It was ten oeloek. "Fred." he ealled over the walkie-talkie. "Can you hearme Fred?" There was no answer. He ealled again. "Can youhear me, Fred? Whats going on?" he asked nervously."Something is wroriq." he thought. He put his walkie-talkie on the table and went into thepiping. While he was erawling inside, the walkie-talkie on thetable beeped. He ran baek to answer. He knew it was Fredtrying to talk to him. "Fred, ean you hear me?" "Yes, faintly," Fred said. "I think Im tost." "Whats the matter, Fred?" "I eant find the yellow marks on the wall. I dont knowwhere Iam. lrn seared, Mr Thompson. The plan is going to failand it will be all my fault!"r
  11. 11. Mr Thompson sct on the large couch in the MaintenanceDepartment firmly holding his walkie-talkie. On the closed-circuit TV, he could see what was going on in the ConferenceRoom. Some people gestured aggressively, others stood upand spoke angrily. They alllooked very tense. One of them walked to the microphone with a grave lookon the face. He said a few words and walked bockto his place.Mr Thompson got up. "Steve! Fred! Neil!" said Mr. Thompson nervously. You haveto hurry, boys. The Summit is going to finish earlier. There is noagreement. The chairman is going to read a statement in a ! U few minutes. Hes probably going to announce that the negotiations have failed. This is the end, boys. There is going to be a WGr. Please, hurry!" The boys hurried. They crawled faster and faster and hurt their hands and knees. Their faces were covered with dust, but they could not cough. They had to be very silent. They knew that they coulont fail. "OK, Mr Thompson! Im on target. Im ready to go ahead," said Fred over the walkie-talkie. "Neil!" called Mr Thompson. "Where are you?" "Right in place, Mr Thompson," replied Neil. "What about you, Steve?" asked Mr Thompson. Tm near the Conference Room," Steve answered. "But there is a grate here. It wont open. Its locked.
  12. 12. The boys sprayed the gas, and in seconds, everyone was inhaling it. The chairman adjusted the microphone. He looked at the document in his hands. He looked at the audience and at the TV comeras. He thought for a while and then said, "Ladies and gentlemen. 1 hove an announcement to make. 1 believe we should postpone our decision. We cannot decide the future of "Try to open it! Irn sure youll find a way," whispered Mr our planet with such anger in our hearts. 1suggest we take a Thompson over the walkie-talkie. break for lunch and finish in the afternoon." In the Conference Room, the chairman walked over to his His suggestion was unanimously approved by ctt those secretary and picked up a sheet of paper. present. "The chairman is going to the microphone now, boys. We Back at the Maintenance Department. the three boys and have no more time!" said Mr Thompson. Mr Thompson celebrated the success of their plano The boys The walkie-talkies were silent for a few seconds. Mr were tired and dusty, but the gas worked. Thompson was terrified. The chairman walked to the microphone, took out a handkerchief and mopped his forehead. He looked around the room very slowly. (" "I did it! 1opened it" Steve said over the walkie-talkie. "I used my jackknife. r I,I The grate is open." "OK, lets go, boys!" said Mr Thompson. "Position 1- ready," said Neil. "Position 2 - ready," said Fred. "Position 3 - ready," said Steve. "OK, boys. FIRE!" said Mr Thompson.
  13. 13. At four oclock thot afternoon, Steve arrived home. "Where were you 011day, Steve?" his mother asked. Theschool secretary colled and said thot you didntVou missed the news on TV. They said that the Peace go to school. Summit - -----------------wos a success. They are going to start a worldwide The meaning of each word corresponds to its use in the context ofdisarmament campaign. What were you doing?" the story (see page number 00) "I was working, Mom," Steve answered. Then he looked ather ond smiled. "I was busy saving the world." against (5) contra couch (20) sofá ago (14) atrás could (10) poderia agree. agreed (8) concordar cough (21) tossir agreement (6) acordo crawl (17) engatinhar ali over (3) por todo crew (14) equipe almost (3) quase customer (4) cliente anger (23) fúria, raiva dark (17) escuro angrily (20) furiosamente, com doorstep (12) porta da casa raiva dusty (17) empoeirado angry (12) furioso, com raiva early (12) cedo anybody (3) alguém elbow (3) cotovelo beep (17) bipar even (5) ainda, até believe (23) acreditar everyone (11) todos blow (9) soprar everything (15) tudo bottle (15) garrafa everywhere (14) em todo lugar bring. bringing (14) trazer excited (7) entusiasmado building (13) edifício, prédio fail (18) falhar, fracassar buoy (4) bóia faintly (18) baixinho bu rst (8) estourar familiar (13) familiarizado busy (9) ocupado faster (21) mais rápido calm down (7) acalmar-se fight (10) briga campaign (24) campanha till (8) encher care (12) importar-se find (8) achar carefully (15) cuidadosamente tinger (3) dedo chairman (14) presidente da co- finish up, finishing up (3) terminar missão tire extinguisher (13) extintor check (16) verificar de incêndio cheerleader (8) líder de torcida firmly (20) firmemente close (18) próximo fishbowl (4) aquáriO closed-circuit TV (14) televisão ttoo dtiqht (14) holofote em circuito fechado f1ying (6) voadora
  14. 14. fool (19) bobo tose, losing (10) perder should (9) deveria watch. watching (14) observarforehead (22) testa low (17) baixo shout. shouted (3) gritar while (23) um tempoforget (13) esquecer main door (14) porta principal sigh. sighed (17) suspirar whisper. whispered (22) sussurrarfork (19) bifurcação matter (12) assunto slowly (19) lentamente whole (5) inteirofortunately (15) felizmente maybe (9) talvez something (4) algo world (5) mundogate (15) portão mind (11)mente somewhere (17) em algum lugar worldwide (24) mundialget into (13) entrar mop. mopped (22) enxugar spray (13) pulverizar worried (5) preocupadoget lost (17) perder-se need (12) precisar statement (20) declaração wrong (18) errado9 rate (21) grade neighbor (12) vizinho still (4) ainda yet (14) aindaguys (5) rapazes. "caras" never (9) nunca store (10) lojagym (10) ginásio de esportes news (24) noticiário strange (4) estranho Expressionshandkerchief (22) lenço next (5) próxima summit meeting (5) reunião dehappen. happening (5) aconte- nobody (10) ninguém cúpula ali my fault (18) tudo culpacer noisy (18) barulhento sweat. sweating (19) suar minhahard (9) duro pant. panting (15) ofegar terrified (22) aterrorizado. Come on in! (12) Entrem!head (5) cabeça peace (5) paz apavorado Dont worry! (13) Não se preo-head of state (5) chefe de estado pick up, picked up (22) pegar thicker (9) mais grosso cupe!heart (23) coração pipe (13) cano thought (11)pensamento go on! (17) continue!helpful (4) útil piping (18) encanamento tired (23) cansado Hurry up! (10) Apresse-se!hit (5) bater place (3) lugar tool (3) ferramenta Irn on target (21)Estou em posiçãohold. holding (20) segurar postpone (23) adiar towards (6) em direção a lost in thought (11)pensativohope (17) ter esperança powerful (5) poderoso town (5) cidade Thank goodness! (15) Oue Alívio!hurt (21) ferir power unit (18) unidade de força tray (6) bandeja Theres no time to waste! (10)ID (15) identidade quickly (10) rapidamente try (17) tentar Não há tempo a perderinhale. inhaling (23) inalar reach. reached (11)pegar unanimously (23) de maneira They didnt pay any attentioninside (9) dentro reader (4) leitor unãnime (10) Eles não prestaram atençãojackknife (22) canivete ready (14) pronto wake up. woke up (9) acordar What about it? (7) O que é?joke (4) piada reason (8) razão war (6) guerra Whats the matter? (18) Oual é ojust then (14) naquele momento relief (17) alívio waste (10) desperdiçar problema?keep (13) manter remember (5) lembrar-seknee (21) joelho right now (7) agora mesmoknock. knocked (3) bater risk, risked (12) arriscarlate (10) tarde rush ott, rushed off (10) apres-lough. laughing (4) rir sar-selazy (4) preguiçoso save (12) salvarlet (15) deixar scared (18) assustadolocked (21) trancado security guard (14) segurançalook for. looking for (7) procurar sheet (22) folha