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Lista de Exercícios

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Lista de exercícios

  1. 1. ESCOLA ESTADUAL PROFESSOR MOACYR CAMPOS LISTA DE EXERCÍCIOS DE APOIO – 8ª(s) séries – 9º(s) anos – Profª Sandra – Disciplina – Inglês OBS: TODOS OS EXERCÍCIOS DEVERÃO SER FEITOS NO CADERNO PRESENT CONTINUOSA) Complete com o Present Contínuos e traduza as sentenças:1 – My sister and I ////////////////////////// (do) our homework.2 – My neighors ////////////////////////// (travel) around the world.3 – The cat ////////////////////////// (sleep) in the garden.4 – The children ////////////////////////// (watch) TV in their room.5 – The teacher ////////////////////////// (correct) our exercises now.6 – We ////////////////////////// (go) to school.7 – Father ////////////////////////// (work) in the garden now.8 – Lucy ////////////////////////// (wash) the dishes.9 – Those boys ////////////////////////// (look) at you !10 – The boy ////////////////////////// (do) his exercise correctly.11 – I ////////////////////////// (work) very hard.12 – The women ////////////////////////// (wear) black clothes.13 – Why ////////////////////////// you ////////////////////////// (study) so hard?14 – She ////////////////////////// (clean – negative) her room.15 – The children ////////////////////////// (swim) in the lake.16 – I ////////////////////////// (cut) apples to make a pie.17 – He ////////////////////////// (take) a walk.18 – Grandma ////////////////////////// (knit) a new pullover.19 – We ////////////////////////// (work – negative) on the new project.20 – She ////////////////////////// (walk) in the park.21 – I ////////////////////////// (drive) down the street.22 – They ////////////////////////// (talk – negative) to the director.23 – It ////////////////////////// (begin) to rain.24 – The boys ////////////////////////// (wait) for the girls.25 – I ////////////////////////// (write – negative) a poem. I ////////////////////////// (write) a card.26 – We ////////////////////////// (leave) for school.27 – The children ////////////////////////// (run) in the park.28 – Ted and I ////////////////////////// (buy) new clothes.29 - I ////////////////////////// a magazine. (read)30 - He ////////////////////////// tennis. (play)31 - ////////////////////////// you ////////////////////////// TV? (watch)32 - The baby //////////////////////////. (cry)33 - She ////////////////////////// a cup of coffee. (drink) 1
  2. 2. 34 - I ////////////////////////// my homework. (do)35 - Bill ////////////////////////// very well. (dance)36 - She ////////////////////////// very hard. (work)37 - I ////////////////////////// to Paris. (fly)38 - The boy ////////////////////////// bread. (eat)39 - He ////////////////////////// his car. (repair)40 - Julio ////////////////////////// a bike. (ride)41 - Maria ////////////////////////// clothes. (wash)42 - Paulo and Maria ////////////////////////// to the movies. (go)43 - They ////////////////////////// at sidewalk. (walk)44 - The baby ////////////////////////// his mother. (call)45 - He //////////////////////////. (run)46 - They ////////////////////////// the door. (open)47 - I ////////////////////////// the flu. (get)48 - My sister //////////////////////////. (travel)49 - She ////////////////////////// on the bed. (lie)50 - The cat //////////////////////////. (die)51 - The bus //////////////////////////. (stop)52 - The girl ////////////////////////// on a chair. (sit)53 - The man //////////////////////////. (swim)54 - She ////////////////////////// a book. (read)55 - The students //////////////////////////. (run)56 - Clark ////////////////////////// TV. (watch)57 - My brother ////////////////////////// basketball. (play)58 - They ////////////////////////// the window. (open)59 - The boy //////////////////////////. (cry)60 - I ////////////////////////// hungry. (get)61 - My parents //////////////////////////. (travel)62 - Paul ////////////////////////// orange juice. (drink)63 - He ////////////////////////// to his father. (lie)64 - We //////////////////////////. (dance)65 - The giraffe //////////////////////////. (die)66 - The car //////////////////////////. (stop)67 - We ////////////////////////// on stairs. (sit)68 - The girl //////////////////////////. (swim)B) De acordo com o contexto, coloque os verbos do “box” abaixo, nos locaiscorretos e traduza as sentenças. are studying – am reading – is ringing – are singing – is doing – is building – is trying is sleeping – are buying – is wearing 2
  3. 3. 1 – Silence, please ! The baby //////////////////////////.2 – Look at Jane ! She ////////////////////////// a red blouse.3 - I ////////////////////////// a book about ancient Greece.4 - We ////////////////////////// hard because we have a test tomorrow.5 – The women ////////////////////////// new dresses for the dinner party.6 – The man who ////////////////////////// my house is a good engineer.7 – Listen, the telephone //////////////////////////.8 – The old ladies ////////////////////////// their favorite song.9 – My father ////////////////////////// to fix the old refrigerator.10 - What ////////////////////////// John //////////////////////////?C) De acordo com o contexto, coloque os verbos do “box” abaixo, nos locaiscorretos e traduza as sentenças. drink – play – clean – cook – teach – wait – go – read – knock - build1 – Jane ////////////////////////// Portuguese in my school.2 – Where ////////////////////////// the boys ////////////////////////// football?3 – Jill ////////////////////////// the bathrooms. She is cleaning the bedroom.4 – The boys ////////////////////////// for the girls. They ////////////////////////// to the movies.5 - ////////////////////////// you ////////////////////////// a composition or a novel?6 – What ////////////////////////// you //////////////////////////? Coffee or tea?7 – I ////////////////////////// fish. I am cooking chicken.8 – Somebody ////////////////////////// at the door.9 – They ////////////////////////// a new sotore near my house.D) Escreva as frases na forma negativa e interrogativa e traduza as afirmativas.1 – The boys are writing letters.2 - Karen is making a cake.3 – The cat is running around the table.4 – The secretary is buying popcorn.5 – We are studying English.6 – You are playing Chopin.7 – Their are riding their horses.8 – The teacher is reading an old book.9 – Father is sleeping on the sofa.10 – It is raining. 3
  4. 4. SIMPLE PRESENTA) Coloque os verbos abaixo na 3ª pessoa do singular do Simple Present.1 – to read = she //////////////////////////2 – to think = he //////////////////////////3 – to fly = it //////////////////////////4 – to dance = he //////////////////////////5 – to finish = it //////////////////////////B) Complete as sentenças utilizando corretamente os verbos auxiliares doSimple Present e faça a tradução das sentenças.1. ////////////////////////// you speak English?2. ////////////////////////// they like pizza?3. ////////////////////////// she drink milk every day?4. ////////////////////////// he play soccer?5. ////////////////////////// they have lunch at noon?6. ////////////////////////// you like ice-cream?7. ////////////////////////// it drink water?8. ////////////////////////// you eat fruit every day?9. ////////////////////////// she speak three languages?10. ////////////////////////// Lucy work three days a week?C) Complete as sentenças utilizando os verbos entre parênteses no SimplePresent e faça a tradução das sentenças.1 – Margaret ////////////////////////// for languages. (speak)2 – The City Museum ////////////////////////// at 5 o’clock in the evening. (close)3 – He ////////////////////////// the piano. (play)4 – They ////////////////////////// in a very big house. (live)5 – She ////////////////////////// a lot of fruits. (eat)6 – They ////////////////////////// tennis. (play)7 – She ////////////////////////// to the cinema a lot. (go)8 – He ////////////////////////// eight hour a night. (sleep)9 – Peter ////////////////////////// his hair twice a week. (wash)10 – Mary always ////////////////////////// Paul. (kiss)11 – John ////////////////////////// piano. (study)D) Coloque as frases nas formas interrogativa e negativa do Simple Present.Preste atenção nas modificações que deverão ocorrer nos verbos principais equanto ao uso dos verbos auxiliares. Não esqueça de fazer a tradução dasfrases afirmativas.1. I play the piano very well. 4
  5. 5. 2. Jane plays the guitar very well.3. They know my phone number.4. We work very hard.5. You do the same thing every day.6. Tom plays tennis.7. Ann speaks German very well.8. Jane drinks tea all day.9. She oftenworks hard.10.Bees eats honey.11.They try to understand the teacher.12.She comes from Cambridge in England.13.Lucy works three days a week.14.She speaks three languages.15.She likes skiing in the winter.16.Carlos lives in Australia.17.He works 16 hours a day.18.He flies in his helicopter.19.She walks in her free time.20.She loves her job.21.You start work so early on Saturdays.22.They visit our friends every day.23.Jack studies English.24.The birds flies.25.Lucy brushes her teeth every day.E) Complete as lacunas utilizando os verbos entre parênteses no SimplePresent e faça a tradução das sentenças.1. I ////////////////////////// tennis. (play)2. The train ////////////////////////// every morning at 8:00 o´clock a.m.. (leave)3. She always ////////////////////////// her purse. (forget)4. Sally ////////////////////////// her kids to football practice. (drive)5. I ////////////////////////// stamps. (collect)6. We ////////////////////////// card games. (play)7. He ////////////////////////// comics. (read)8. Chris ////////////////////////// in a band. (sing)9. Cindy and John ////////////////////////// coke. (like)10. I ////////////////////////// in a bank. (work)11. She ////////////////////////// in Florida. (live)12. We ////////////////////////// to Spain every summer. (fly)13. My mother ////////////////////////// eggs for breakfast every morning. (fry)14. The bank ////////////////////////// at 4 o´clock. (close)15. My best friend ////////////////////////// to me every week. (write)16. Mary and I ////////////////////////// in the same office. (work) 5
  6. 6. 17. She ////////////////////////// her car every weekend. (wash)18. She ////////////////////////// all the time at work. (smile)19. The boss ////////////////////////// Mary is perfect. (think)20. My father ////////////////////////// TV every day. (watch)21. Paul ////////////////////////// Helen every day. (kiss)22. Jane ////////////////////////// her teeth every day. (brush)23. The bees //////////////////////////. (buzz)24. My mother ////////////////////////// the bike. (ride)25. Linda ////////////////////////// English every week. (study)26. The baby //////////////////////////. (cry)27. Dogs //////////////////////////. (bark)28. I usually ////////////////////////// (walk) to school.29. He ////////////////////////// (work) near his house.30. She never ////////////////////////// (eat) sandwiches.31. They always ////////////////////////// (take) the bus to work.32. We ////////////////////////// (go) to work on foot sometimes.33. You often ////////////////////////// (arrive) late.34. Hurry up ! The bus ////////////////////////// (leave) in 5 minutes.35. We ////////////////////////// (have) lunch at midday.36. I always ////////////////////////// (study) in the morning.37. She usually ////////////////////////// (get) up early.38. Jane ////////////////////////// (try) to learn how to swim every day.39. They often ////////////////////////// (dance) in the club on weekends.40. We always ////////////////////////// (go) to the country in the spring.41. My friend ////////////////////////// (live) in London.42. My father ////////////////////////// (drive) to the village once a week.43. I ////////////////////////// (buy) newspaper at the corner.44. The boy ////////////////////////// (kiss) his mother every morning.45. She always ////////////////////////// (wait) for me in front of school.46. Karen and I ////////////////////////// (do) our homework together.47. She always ////////////////////////// (miss) the school bus.48. She ////////////////////////// (brush) her hair before going to sleep.F) Escolha a alternativa correta, explique sua escolha e traduza as sentenças.1. I (work / works) downtown.2. She usually (talk / talks) to him.3. John (love / loves) you.4. He often (wait / waits) for me.5. The old man ( like / likes) fish.6. The boys (swim / swims) every day.7. We (buy / buys) apples at the supermarket.8. I (like / likes) bread and butter.9. Dr. Wood (keep / keeps) his money in the bank. 6
  7. 7. 10.You always (take / takes) the wrong bus.G) Complete as lacunas com os verbos do “box” e traduza as sentenças. eats – have – make – drink – like – speaks – play – leaves – visits - plays1. We ////////////////////////// breakfast at 7 o´clock.2. They ////////////////////////// to study English.3. That girl ////////////////////////// French well.4. The plane ////////////////////////// at 10 o´clock.5. The children ////////////////////////// in the park every day.6. John ////////////////////////// the piano perfectly.7. You always ////////////////////////// delicious cakes.8. She ////////////////////////// her parents every Sunday.9. They usually ////////////////////////// much wine.10. Little Peter ////////////////////////// fruit every morning. MODAL VERBSA) Utilizando os verbos modais estudados em sala, complete as sentenças etraduza-as.1. You are sick so you ////////////////////////// take medicine.2. He ////////////////////////// play soccer.3. He ////////////////////////// swim when he was young.4. You ////////////////////////// stay in bed because you are sick.5. I ////////////////////////// not hear what they were saying.6. ////////////////////////// you hear me?7. Marian ////////////////////////// feel that something was wrong.8. Tim ////////////////////////// play the piano.9. John ////////////////////////// walk when he was one year old.10. I ////////////////////////// run faster than my brother.11. My brother ////////////////////////// drive.12. I passed my exam ! You ////////////////////////// be very happy.13. I was tired but I ////////////////////////// not sleep.14. I ////////////////////////// not hear you.15. Linda ////////////////////////// not go to the meeting because she was ill.16. Before living you ////////////////////////// not forget to turn off the lights.17. The windows are very dirty. You ////////////////////////// clean them.18. It´s a fantastic film ! You ////////////////////////// see it.19. I don´t have any money so I ////////////////////////// go to the bank today.20. You ////////////////////////// see castles and lakes from the mountains.21. In this places you ////////////////////////// not smoke.22. We ////////////////////////// obey the traffic laws. 7
  8. 8. 23. When I was young I ////////////////////////// fish in the lake.24. Tourists ////////////////////////// not stand in the boat.25. ////////////////////////// you speak a foreign language?26. I ////////////////////////// see you tomorrow if you like.27. When John was 16, he was a fast runner. He ////////////////////////// run 100 metres in 11 seconds.28. The birds ////////////////////////// fly.29. Cowboys ////////////////////////// ride horses.30. Guga ////////////////////////// play tennis well.31. When I was young I ////////////////////////// carry a lot of things.32. You ////////////////////////// be carefully.33. It´s raining now. You ////////////////////////// take an umbrella.34. The fishes ////////////////////////// swim.35. Steven Spielberg ////////////////////////// make great movies.36. ////////////////////////// you sing?37. Alice ////////////////////////// drive.38. He ////////////////////////// cook.39. They ////////////////////////// be quiet in the library.40. ////////////////////////// I sit down?41. ////////////////////////// I use your phone?42. I was feeling sick yesterday. I ////////////////////////// not eat anything.43. ////////////////////////// I turn off the radio?44. He plays the flute and the ////////////////////////// also play the piano.45. ////////////////////////// I see your ticket?46. You ////////////////////////// study always.47. We ////////////////////////// see the trees from our bedroom window.48. Sue was not at home when I phoned but I ////////////////////////// contact her at her office.49. I looked very carefully but I ////////////////////////// not see nobody.50. I ////////////////////////// climb the mountains.51. You ////////////////////////// not touch things in the museum.52. When I was young I ////////////////////////// walk fast.53. When my grandmother was 22, she ////////////////////////// sing very well.54. I do not have sugar, so you ////////////////////////// buy some sugar.55. Oh my God ! It´s late ! I ////////////////////////// go now.56. Babies ////////////////////////// not walk at 2 weeks.57. Children ////////////////////////// smile when they are happy.58. Tom Cruise ////////////////////////// speak English.59. Babies ////////////////////////// not drive cars.60. If you want to be rich, you ////////////////////////// work hard, or win the lottery.61. Pay attention ! You ////////////////////////// not leave the class before 1 o´clock.62. We ////////////////////////// not climb mountains when we were kids.63. You ////////////////////////// run faster if you were not so lazy.64. I ////////////////////////// not forget to do my homework. 8
  9. 9. 65. That´s a secret ! You ////////////////////////// not tell anybody.66. He speaks a lot of languages but he ////////////////////////// not speak Chinese.67. I´m in terrible shape ! I ////////////////////////// exercise more !68. If you go sailing, you ////////////////////////// wear a life jacket. The sea is very dangerous.69. ////////////////////////// you lend me your phone?70. I ////////////////////////// not remember his name.71. You ////////////////////////// not be so agressive. You will end up killing someone.72. Do you know if Mark ////////////////////////// sing?73. Sally ! You ////////////////////////// not say rude words.74. You ////////////////////////// not be horrible to your sister. It makes her very sad.75. The baby is sleeping. You ////////////////////////// be quiet.76. The teams ////////////////////////// not have more than 11 players on the field during a match.77. He ////////////////////////// not see me yesterday.78. Players ////////////////////////// not hold an opponent.79. How ////////////////////////// your learn English fast?80. We are very busy. You will have to wait. You ////////////////////////// be patient.81. This is a really useful dictionary. You ////////////////////////// have it.82. My father ////////////////////////// speak eight languages but he ////////////////////////// not write any of them.83. I ////////////////////////// walk when I was one year old but I ////////////////////////// not talk until I was three years old.84. ////////////////////////// you understand what is she saying?85. That woman ////////////////////////// not see. She´s blind.86. I ////////////////////////// play frisbee when I was young.87. When I was a child I ////////////////////////// spend my vacation in Hawaii.88. She spoke in a very low voice, but I ////////////////////////// understand what she was saying.89. We ////////////////////////// do what we wanted. PAST OF BEA) Complete as sentenças com was ou were e traduza-as.1. The weather ////////////////////////// good last week.2. You ////////////////////////// late yesterday.3. When I ////////////////////////// a child, I ////////////////////////// afraid of dog.4. Why ////////////////////////// you late this morning?5. Where ////////////////////////// Ann yesterday?6. This time last year I ////////////////////////// in Paris. 9
  10. 10. B) Coloque as sentenças abaixo nas formas negativa e interrogativa.1 – George was bed.2 – Ted was at work yesterday.3 - They were here last Sunday.4 – She was tired. PAST SIMPLE AND PAST OF BEA) Coloque as sentenças nas formas interrogativa e negativa usando os temposverbais Past Simple e Past of Be e traduza as afirmativas.1. The Arabs were the masters of Spain in 1492.2. They stopped the ships.3. You enjoyed the party very much.4. It was very cold last night.5. They left in the morning.6. They were at the party with John.7. He went to work by car.8. Paul cleaned his teeth.9. Terry worked in a bank from 1986 to 1993.10.Lucy knew this hotel two years ago.11.John spoke with his mother.12.Linda answered all questions.13.She lived with her mother.14.He was an good engineer.15.They were much tired.16.Janet knew all about me.17.They won the game.18.The birds flew to South.19.The telephone rang.20.They put the cake on the table.21.You drank a lot of water.22.He fell on the sidewalk.23.Joana found her book.24.The plane flew over São Paulo.25.You forgot your purse.26.You got a new car.27.She gave all her money.28.They went to a nice party.29.Emily had a beautiful hair.30.They heard a Christmas music.31.Helen knew all the answers.32.Tomy sold his videogame. 10
  11. 11. 33.July sat on the grass.34.Susy slept too much.35.They were to my house.36.She was very ill.37.My mother answered all questions.38.You played yesterday.39.Sally told fary tales.40.They wanted to rob the ships.B) Complete as lacunas utilizando os verbos entre parênteses no Past Simple etraduza as sentenças.1. I ////////////////////////// my leg. (break)2. Carmem ////////////////////////// a red dress. (buy)3. I ////////////////////////// to my house yesterday. (come)4. John ////////////////////////// much wine. (drink)5. Paul ////////////////////////// his wallet. ( find)6. My mother ////////////////////////// her keys. (forget)7. The students ////////////////////////// poems. (write)8. The baby ////////////////////////// during all night. (sleep)9. The dog ////////////////////////// on the grass. (sit)10. My parents ////////////////////////// with me last night. (speak)11. I ////////////////////////// a lot of stars in the sky. (see)12. Barrichelo ////////////////////////// the race. (lose)13. The spectacle ////////////////////////// in the circus at 10 o´clock. (begin)14. I ////////////////////////// my homework. (do)15. The engineer ////////////////////////// an edifice in the town. (build)16. I ////////////////////////// my friends yesterday. (meet)17. I ////////////////////////// to the cinema last week. (go)18. I ////////////////////////// a gift to my girlfriend. (give)19. The plane ////////////////////////// yesterday. (leave)20. The children ////////////////////////// a cake. (eat)21. The police ////////////////////////// the thief. (catch)22. My mother ////////////////////////// my son to home. (bring)23. I ////////////////////////// for this book seven dollars. (pay)24. Clovis ////////////////////////// on the floor. (fall)25. The birds ////////////////////////// to South. (fly)26. Antonio ////////////////////////// shouts. (hear)27. I ////////////////////////// help. (get)28. My mother ////////////////////////// stories to me when I ////////////////////////// a child. (tell/am)29. I ////////////////////////// my watch on the table. (put)30. Julio ////////////////////////// clothes. (make)31. I ////////////////////////// to my boss that I ////////////////////////// tired. (say / am)32. Janet ////////////////////////// a lot of books. (read) 11
  12. 12. 33. The telephone //////////////////////////. (rang)34. Chris ////////////////////////// all about me. (know)35. Sally ////////////////////////// her car. (sell)36. My father ////////////////////////// late from the bed yesterday. (stand)37. I ////////////////////////// a fever. (have)38. My father ////////////////////////// his hammer. (take)39. They ////////////////////////// the game. (win)40. Paul ////////////////////////// about his mother yesterday. (think) PAST CONTINUOSA) Complete as lacunas utilizando os verbos entre parênteses no Past Simpleou Past Continuos x Past Simple e traduza as sentenças.1. Where ////////////////////////// you ////////////////////////// in 1990? (live)2. She ////////////////////////// for a train. (wait)3. They //////////////////////////. (wait)4. I ////////////////////////// a drink with some friends. (have)5. She //////////////////////////. (swim)6. She ////////////////////////// the newspaper. (read)7. She //////////////////////////. (cook)8. She ////////////////////////// breakfast. (have)9. She ////////////////////////// the radio. (listen)10. ////////////////////////// it ////////////////////////// ? (rain)11. Why ////////////////////////// Ann ////////////////////////// so fast? (drive)12. ////////////////////////// Tim ////////////////////////// a suit? (wear)13. They ////////////////////////// an ice-cream. (eat)14. You ////////////////////////// an umbrella. (carry)15. We ////////////////////////// a bicycle. (ride)16. They ////////////////////////// a film. (watch)17. Tom ////////////////////////// . (drive)18. I ////////////////////////// yesterday. (study)B) Complete as sentenças utilizando os verbos entre parênteses no PastContinuos x Past Simple e traduza.1. It ////////////////////////// last night. (rain)2. ////////////////////////// it ////////////////////////// (rain) when you ////////////////////////// (arrive) there?3. I ////////////////////////// (work) a lot last night.4. She ////////////////////////////////// (work) when you //////////////////////////. (arrive)5. I ////////////////////////// (live) in that house two years ago.6. I //////////////////////////////////// (live) there when I ////////////////////////// (know) my girlfriend.7. We ////////////////////////// (study) for the geography test yesterday. 12
  13. 13. 8. ////////////////////////// you ////////////////////////// (talk) with Jim when I //////////////////////////? (arrive)9. I //////////////////////////////////// (watch) TV when I ////////////////////////// (hear) shouts.10. I ////////////////////////// (lose) my keys last night.11. What ////////////////////////// you ////////////////////////// (do) at 2 o´clock a.m. while I //////////////////////////? (sleep)12. I ///////////////////////////////////////// (work) when I ////////////////////////// (see) Alice.13. Yesterday Sue /////////////////////////////////// (walk) along the road when she ////////////////////////// (meet) Jim.14. We /////////////////////////////////// (play) football while Bob ////////////////////////// (play) chess.15. The race ///////////////////////////////////////// (begin) while Jonny ////////////////////////// (make) at dinner.16. The baby ////////////////////////////////////////// (cry) while Mary ////////////////////////// (tell) fary tales.17. The kids //////////////////////////////////////////// (run) when John ////////////////////////// (break) his leg.18. I ////////////////////////// (give) a gift to my father.19. I ///////////////////////////////////////// (eat) pop-corn when the film //////////////////////////. (begin)20. Mary////////////////////////////////////// (cry) when his father //////////////////////////. (leave)21. The man //////////////////////////////////// (eat) when his son ////////////////////////// (say) goodbye.22. I ////////////////////////// (write) many poems.23. My mother ////////////////////////// (buy) five cars.24. Janet ////////////////////////////////////////// (do) her homework while Sally //////////////////////////. (sleep)25. I ////////////////////////// (go) to my house yesterday.26. I ////////////////////////// (see) Junior yesterday.27. You /////////////////////////////////// (drink) wine while Robert ////////////////////////// (drink) water.28. We ////////////////////////// (take) the hammer to sell.29. We ////////////////////////// (hear) Alice to cry.30. ////////////////////////// the movie ////////////////////////// (play) when you ////////////////////////// (buy) the tickets?31. I ////////////////////////// (eat) when they //////////////////////////. (vomit)32. The killer ///////////////////////////////////// (scape) when the police //////////////////////////. (arrive)33. My mother /////////////////////////////////////// (cook) when the phone //////////////////////////. (ring)34. I ////////////////////////////////////// (watch) TV when Mary //////////////////////////. (kiss)35. I //////////////////////////////////////// (go) to the airport when you ////////////////////////// (go) to my house.36. The bus /////////////////////////////////////// (run) when I //////////////////////////. (jump)37. I ////////////////////////// (read) a lot of horror books.38. He ///////////////////////////////////////// (smoke) a cigar when his baby//////////////////////////. (born)39. The plane ////////////////////////// (go) to São Paulo.40. She ////////////////////////////////// (dance) when her dog //////////////////////////. (die) 13
  14. 14. 41. I ////////////////////////// (go) to the bathroom after dinner.42. I ////////////////////////// (study) hard to pass the test.43. We //////////////////////////////////////////////// (eat) when my brother ////////////////////////// (kick) the table.44. My father ///////////////////////////////////////////////// (work) while I ////////////////////////// (wait) for him. 14