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The Growing Neighborhoods of NYC


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Sam Zherka shares insight on some of NYC's up-and-coming neighborhoods. He touches on areas from Brooklyn to Queens. Check it out to see if your neighborhood made the list!

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The Growing Neighborhoods of NYC

  1. 1. The Growing Neighborhoods of NYCB Y : S A M Z H E R K A
  2. 2. be in the know Across the bridge from Manhattan lies the blooming borough. Known as the "hipster" place to live. The heart of it all. Although prices remain steadily high, certain neighborhoods are starting to stand out Across the river from midtown this borough is developing every day.  BKLYN MANHATTAN QUEENS
  3. 3. bushwick Move over Williamsburg! Affordable accommodations New hipster scene Welcoming and communal feel Vintage stores, cafes and bars Appeals to the artistic crowd
  4. 4. astoria Queens becoming the new Brooklyn for affordable living? Located on the water Breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline Easy commute to Midtown
  5. 5. greenpoint Another potential Williamsburg takeover Beautiful brownstones Unique boutiques Electric nightlife Reasonable costs of living Strong community atmosphere
  6. 6. 01 02 03 keeping up with NYC Keep and eye out for neighborhoods you may have once dismissed (no one gave Brooklyn a 2nd thought until recently) Venture to as many neighborhoods as possible and talk to those who live there. Read up on the real estate and trend that influencers in the industry are writing about.
  7. 7. "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." BENJAMIN FRANKLIN
  8. 8. thanks for your time!W W W . S A M Z H E R K A . N E T