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Japan summer expedition


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Japan summer expedition

  1. 1. Japan Summer Expedition 2012
  2. 2. 2nd August – 13th Augustw/ extension option(Total Days, incl. flight: 14 days)
  3. 3. $1800 - $1900** Includes accommodation, safety coverage, flight tickets & bicycle luggage* Assumes current airfare price ($600) subject to increments* Excludes food and insurance expenses. (Food Expense estimate: $50/day for 14 days) (Insurance estimate: <$100)
  4. 4. Total expected expenditure:$2,500 - $2,600
  5. 5. LEGEND:Red Icons: Uphill climbsYellow Placemark: Daily StopoversVolcano: Mountains
  6. 6. Average steepness: 2 degrees (flyover is 4-5 degrees)*Mostly long climbs with moderate steepness and downhill thereafter.*1220m climb would take ~ 6 hours with two/three 15mins rest.
  7. 7.  2nd Aug: SIN-OSAKA (Kansai Int’) 3rd Aug: Arrival @ Osaka and preparations 4th Aug: Start of cycling  Start (Osaka) – Tsu – Nagoya – Iida – Nagano – Fujiyoshida – Yokohama – Tokyo (End)  7 non-consecutive days of cycling  3 days R&R @ Nagoya, Nagano & Fujiyoshida 12th Aug: End of cycling (at Tokyo) 13th Aug: TOKYO(HND/NRT) – SIN** R&R extension possible.
  8. 8. Due to extensive mountainous uphill terrain, <beginner and intermediate> participants need to train: Twice a week in May Twice a week in June Thrice a week in July Biking team provides training sessions but participants are responsible for attending.*Footnote: Participants who are ill-prepared will be denied cycling during parts of the trip to ensure safety and smooth operations.
  9. 9. Hong 4560