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Puma men’s power cat 4


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Puma men’s power cat 4

  1. 1. PUMA Men’s PowerCat 4.12 FGSoccerCleat,Black/White/TeamYellow,12 D US
  2. 2. Product DescriptionPuma Mens Powercat 4.12 FG Soccer CleatsDurability & Low-Maintenance at a Low Price!Anatomically shaped PowerLast design createsmasterful handling for wicked control, killerpower and supersonic speed. Puma Mens Powercat4.12 FG Soccer Cleats feature: Player Type:Entry-level player Upper: Soft synthetic leatherprovides durable wear Nylon ankle lining feelssoft against feet Outsole: Lightweight TPUinjected outsole DuoFlex technology in the solemaximizes flexibility Pointed cleat designprovides optimum traction For use on firmnatural surfaces Puma...Love Equals Soccer!
  3. 3. Details:Asymmetrical lace-up closureDuoFlex outsole with bladedstud configurationSource: Click Here