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Samyak veera -financing_for_small_business

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Samyak veera -financing_for_small_business

  1. 1. Financing For Small Business
  2. 2. Contents  What is Financing  Difficult to Get finance for small finance.  Creative ways for financing small business  Conclusion  Samyak Veera
  3. 3. What is Financing ?  Financing is the way of providing the working capital for the business.  It is the field that deals with allocation of assets and liabilities.  There are different area of finance i.e. Personal finance, corporate finance and personal finance.  Samyak Veera
  4. 4. Difficult to Get finance for small business  Getting small finace is one of the hardest thing.  Small business does not have perfect credit that creates problem in getting small business loans.  The main reason is that banks thinks that lending small business is the most
  5. 5. Creative ways to finance Small Business  Small Business Administration  Product Presales  Home equity loan  Samyak Veera
  6. 6. Conclusion  Financing is one of the challenging obstacles that any entrepreneur face while starting up the company.  Samyak Veera
  7. 7. Thank you  Samyak Veera  For more visit us :  veera/b/418/809