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How mac fonts appear in slideshare?


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Shows how Mac fonts, and custom fonts, appear on SlideShares.

Conclusion: all fonts are okay

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How mac fonts appear in slideshare?

  1. 1. Fonts in Slideshare How Mac fonts and custom fonts appear on slideshare?
  2. 2. Gill Sans Georgia Arial Impact VerdanaTime New Roman Helvetica Courier New Comic Sans Segoe WP
  3. 3. Tahoma Trebuchet MS Chalkboard Bradley Hand Casual Copperplate GenevaHandwriting - Dakota Kokonor Letter Gothic
  4. 4. Lucida GrandeMicrosoft Sans Serif Noteworthy OCR A Std Papyrus Rabiohead Rosewood Santa Fe LET Symbol
  5. 5. ChunkFiveHVD Comic Serif Pro !