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Enhance offline experience


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Offline experience (eg. live bands in pubs, DJs in music festivals, concerts) lacks a DIGITAL experience. Gen-z gonna use their mobile phones anyway, so why not accept this behaviour, and enhance the whole experience further?

A business idea generated while in Antler, Singapore, 2020.

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Enhance offline experience

  1. 1. Enhance offline experience
  2. 2. Problems • Missing digital online experience in offline • Gen z will use their phones anyway • Examples: Pubs, basketball games, concerts, music fest, conferences, F&B, campus events
  3. 3. Solution • Digital space for a physical space/event • Online chat room • Search for loner/single/drinking buddy -> chat offline
  4. 4. Solution: Organiser • Organiser can send announcements, promotions • Performers eg. Live band/singer/DJ can be tipped, have song requests, interactions • Receive feedbacks realtime • Organize contest, trivia quiz, poll -- add more FUN • Live stream, share -> attract people in • Post-mortem -> attract customer back
  5. 5. Why Now? • The experience economy • The gen z needs digital experience • More sales by repeating customers true fans 
 (unlike current tech play by offering discounts)
  6. 6. 每屏秀秀 (vxiaocheng) "很多消费者坐在酒吧⾥仍然是低头族,难以跨越陌⽣社交的⼼理 障碍,酒吧场景⾥缺少帮助他们破冰的⼯具"
  7. 7. Stadium as a platform "Concerts offer the most compelling example... demand a new kind of venue to connect with fans: not just the physical stage, lighting, and AV system, but a digital stage"
  8. 8. Go-to-market • Work with performers instead of venue • Value: Receive tips, realtime feedbacks, engagements • While they help to promote app installs • Target 1: Live bands in pubs • Target 2: DJs in nightclubs
  9. 9. Difficulties • Market risk • Unclear product placement