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Priya profile

  1. 1. Iyer ni hi rs da iyaelf. Prng mys e uciMntrod I
  2. 2. Is there a strong reason as to why you should vote ME?Intent: I have the intent to serve people being in active politics.Capable: I am qualified enough and know for sure I can administer and lead people.Resolve: I want to be in politics for long run. I want to be the face of modern politics, as we know it. By that I don’t mean just being young but trying to stand up to honesty and transparent work ethics.
  3. 3. 2. What qualities make ME better than the opponents?• Can do justice to my position, as I am confident and capable of handling positions in public administration.• My opponents have proved themselves already. Good or bad people are better judge.• I am qualified• I am accessible, humane and people friendly
  4. 4. You have promised a transparent and corruption free rule. What steps doyou propose to take to guarantee a transparent rule if you are elected.• Bring in automation of registrations of any documents.• Put-up a response team to fight bribe at all levels.• Make sure public projects details are available to people with progress status• Put-up timelines to every complaint. So that there can be cycles created with level of importance. Once unsolved the matter can be elevated and escalated for quick solution.• Keep background check on officers posted in the area have a regular and timely check.• Create task teams of the people for the people.• Have periodic meeting to improvise and keep track of the progress.
  5. 5. 4. In what way is RR Nagar benefited if you are elected.I will make sure all the basic requirements are provided first and foremost•Water•Sanitation•Curb Corruption•Stop Crimes•Development happens in the area.
  6. 6. re fo be neble. d o ssi e was po avever I h hat at rvices;w h seW mall S
  7. 7. As a lawyer• Helped in curbing crimes and prostitution in Rajarajeshwari nagar area• Provided expert evidences and helped police in solving various cases• I was member of bar association faculty. Trained the legal fraternity on forensics.• Have done lots of pro bono work for the needy who have approached me• Was the only Indian student on the panel which was invited from Coventry university for counter terrorism conference and training held in London.• Passed legal notices to prevent lakes being encroached and polluted,
  8. 8. As a Doctor:• Started mobile diagnostics• Formulated medico legal framework as a consultant for major hospitals in Bangalore.• Conducted various medical camps in rural and cities and served more than 10,000 patients.• Helped and counseled patients with HIV positive status and drug addicts.• Helped in organizing funds for cochlear implants to the deaf and dumb
  9. 9. As a person:• Tried to unite people from almost 8 religions and all echelons government officials’ industrialist and politicians under a Vishwa milanam series of programs. This was started back in 2007. (Please do not think it to be public program organized using public funds.• Provided platform to young budding artists.• Did philanthropy for the blind school children’s.• Started animal adoption in Karnataka (was the first in fact)• Provided scholarships for needy students, started the movement for news paper reading in government schools.
  10. 10. r fo nd • Principles a I st at • Honesty hW
  11. 11. ics lit • The party would explain Po their agenda nd yA • The party backs me in my rt manifesto and workPa • I respect all leaders and would not like to name or comment on anybody for good or bad irrespective of party.
  12. 12. do to • Not Name people nt I wa at • Focus on what I hW can do • And not focus on what others are doing
  13. 13. e iv e ct p rs pe to in n gs t hi t pu to le ab ou e be en k Y I h av an u l l yTh o p e f H