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From Development to Production


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An introduction to elements to take into account when taking your software to production. How is a production environment different than a development environment? Advice and list of tools to check. It was prepared as the basis of a 3-hour hands-on introductory training to the topic.

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From Development to Production

  1. 1. Text From Dev to Production navigation guidelines Samuel Fuentes for Startup Institute - 2014/06/13
  2. 2. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Topics Choose infrastructure Automate deployment Prepare for continuous integration Mind performance Monitor your platform Don’t forget security
  3. 3. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Choose Infrastructure Pick server stack: nginx, unicorn… Infrastructure Heroku - out of the box solution Amazon Web Services - easy and powerful Self-managed - full control Hybrid approach Load balancing (HAProxy). Mirroring Document it!
  4. 4. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Automate deployment Why? Speed Repeatability Capistrano for R&R Docker SaltStack
  5. 5. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Continuous Integration What? Automate build, test, lint Why? QA Jenkins Travis
  6. 6. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Mind performance Why? Guarantee good UX Caching and compression Separate statics. CDN Use server compression functionalities memcached. Varnish Browser cache. ISP cache Cache invalidation Remember mobile clients and 3G Load testing. Bottleneck identification
  7. 7. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Monitor your platform Why? Availability. Performance. Quick response to incidents. Debugging Availability Pingdom Availability. Debugging. Alerting New Relic Server metrics Munin Alerting Nagios Web performance Yottaa
  8. 8. Samuel Fuentes, 2014 - @samufuentes Don’t forget Security Why? Data theft. Fraud. Privacy OWASP top 10 SQL injection Broken auth XSS Insecure references to objects Insecure configuration Sensitive data exposure Missing access control in server - forged requests CSRF Using components with known vulnerabilities Unvalidated redirects and forwards PCI compliance DDoS
  9. 9. Questions? Samuel Fuentes VP Engineering Delivery Hero ! @samufuentes ! !