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Candidate Attraction Brochure


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How I find you Sales people

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Candidate Attraction Brochure

  2. 2. IT IS NO lONgER RElEvANT TO “pUT All yOUR EggS IN ONE bASkET” THE CIpD ESTImATES THAT 82% Of COmpANIES STRUgglE TO fIND THE pEOplE THEy REqUIRE. AND WITH CURRENTly HIgH vOlUmES Of CANDIDATES ACTIvEly lOOkINg fOR WORk, lOCATINg AND ATTRACTINg TAlENT WITH THE RIgHT SkIllS AND COmpETENCIES IS HARDER THAN EvER bEfORE. THE ART Of SElECTINg THE RIgHT INDIvIDUAlS TO SUCCEED WITHIN yOUR ORgANISATION IS mUCH DEbATED, AND WHIlST ASSESSmENT CENTRES AND SElECTION TOOlS WIll HElp yOU TO DETERmINE THE STRENgTHS AND WEAkNESSES Of yOUR TAlENT pOOl, THE qUESTION STIll REmAINS; HOW DO yOU gET THE RIgHT pEOplE TO Apply IN THE fIRST plACE?HOW TO AppROACHCANDIDATE ATTRACTION…There is no doubt that candidate attraction ▪ How well known is your brand? ▪ What location constraints exist, if any?is a minefield. Countless solutions exist, ▪ Is your employer brand well regarded ▪ How specific are your requirements?both on and off line, to help you attract and positioned in the market?people to your business. In the past, ▪ What is your track record? As pastorganisations tended to adopt a “silo” ▪ What is your competitive landscape? behaviour is a great prediction of futureapproach to candidate attraction opting for behaviour, what methods have worked ▪ How competitive is your job offering?strategies that relied on one single method for you in the past? ▪ How rare are the candidates you areof attraction, such as press advertising. Only once we consider all of these factors, looking to attract? can we propose a talent attraction solutionIt is no longer relevant to “put all your ▪ How large is the potential candidate that is right for you.eggs in one basket”. A combination of pool?well-balanced solutions relevant to therole you are recruiting for is the optimal ▪ How specialist is the role you areapproach and at Hudson, we determine looking to fill?which attraction methods will achieve your ▪ How important is employer brand to youobjectives by considering the following: and the reputation of your recruitment process? 3
  3. 3. gETTINg THE bAlANCE RIgHT bETWEEN CANDIDATE vOlUmE AND qUAlITy IS THE kEy TO SUCCESS,IT’S A bAlANCINg ACT…Ensuring that, by the end of the 1,000 applications on a generalist jobrecruitment process, you end up with a board if your role is highly specific and onlystrong enough short-list from which to 5 people could be your final placement is all about Getting the balance right betweengetting enough candidates flowing through candidate volume and quality is thefrom the start. key to success, and as such we assessSimilarly, the quality of candidates you the attraction needs for each clientattract via various methods is of critical independently.importance; there’s no point in attractingHUDSON OpTIONSHudson offers modular candidate offering are combined to produce theattraction solutions and elements of the optimum strategy for each individual client. press advertising ambient advertising hudson database referals & networking offline candidate pool online hudson website job board advertising client microsite your hudson portal other online4
  4. 4. 2.3 mIllION vAlIDATED CANDIDATES WORlDWIDE.HUDSON DATAbASE ANDNETWORkINgHudson’s recruitment database features Unlike any of our competitors, we have and thoroughly than traditional recruitment2.3 million validated candidates partnered with google to develop a database searches. It also enables us toworldwide. This extensive database is a bespoke system that uses their technology find “hidden gems” – as we are able torich source of candidates for our clients, to power the search functionality of our search on the full content of a Cv, not justand also provides our consultants with an candidate database. This enables us to standard search fields.excellent basis for networking and finding search candidate records far more quicklycandidates via referrals.pRESS ADvERTISINIgAs one of the most traditional methods based on demographics and key statistical job advert and full creative solutions, andof candidate attraction, press advertising data. As regular buyers of media space, will handle the entire process for you;(whether in specialist, national or local we have secured preferential rates with from media booking, through copywriting,press) is still an effective medium, all major national, local and specialist response monitoring and assessment.especially when combined with other press. We are able to offer both standardonline methods of attraction.Hudson partners with oneof the leading advertisingagencies in the Uk to sourcethe best advertising options, 5
  5. 5. HUDSON WEbSITEThe Hudson candidate website is a rich The website also boasts a portal – We are able to offer advertising on thesource of advertising for clients. With Candidates who register Hudson jobsite as well as promotion ofthousands of job seekers accessing the with us access this portal to search for your jobs direct to our candidate databasesite each week, applications received jobs, manage their applications and get via the job alert and job radar functionsfrom the site are generally of high quality advice on career progression and other of the portal, proactively marketing yourand are well suited to the positions we work related issues. The my.hudson portal opportunity to candidates who may or mayadvertise, due to the specialist practice- is ground breaking in that it also gives not be currently looking for work.based nature of our business. candidates clear visibility of the recruitment process. Candidates feel that their interaction with Hudson is significantly enhanced which in turn reflects favourably on the clients that we recruit for.jOb bOARD ADvERTISINgperhaps the most complex and to advise our clients on the best online job Our job board packages may be Hudson orover-crowded job advertising medium, the board advertising solution to them, and client branded. They are created accordingvast array of generalist and specialist job put together bespoke job board packages to specific criteria such as industry, publicboards on offer is now extensive. In this to ensure we reach the largest and most sector/private sector, location or job level.over-crowded environment, it becomes relevant pool of online job seekers. Additionally, some of the best people aredifficult for businesses to select the most As we purchase vast quantities of job not actively looking for employment, theyappropriate, cost-effective solutions for board credits on an annual basis, we are need to be found. Searching through thetheir recruitment needs. That’s where we able to handle job board packages for our myriad of candidates registered on jobcome in. clients at a significantly reduced rate. Our boards is a lengthy task, but necessaryWe have extensive experience of in-house job board advertising team will to attract passive candidates to youradvertising, tracking and monitoring the then assist you to write, efficiently post and opportunity.results of all major and specialist job monitor your job adverts throughout theboards on the web. We use this knowledge duration of your campaign.6
  6. 6. ClIENT mICROSITEA microsite is a client branded website ▪ Detail the application and assessment built and managed by Hudson, a micrositecreated solely for the purpose of process is an excellent solution for organisationsadvertising your current vacancies and wishing to profile their employer brand. ▪ Showcase current employee successenhancing the employer brand. Within the It may also be used as a cost effective storiesconfines of a standard job advert (online solution where an organisation has multipleor offline) it is sometimes very difficult to ▪ Sell themselves as an employer of vacancies.get across everything our clients want to choice, using material they would not necessarily want to use on their main To view Hudson’s library of microsites,say. By using a recruitment microsite, site please visit our client micrositeyou can begin to build a real picture of showcase at:what it’s like to work for your company, microsites usually form part of athus enticing candidates further to apply combination approach to candidate your role. attraction, and are used to capture the response from other forms of advertising.Our clients use microsites to advertise their pay-per-click campaigns may also bejobs, but also to: recommended to optimise web hits to▪ profile their company culture, and the site. add “personality and colour” to the employer brand by USINg A RECRUITmENT mICROSITE, yOU CAN bEgIN TO bUIlD A REAl pICTURE Of WHAT IT’S lIkE TO WORk fOR yOUR COmpANy, 7
  7. 7. yOUR HUDSON pORTAlConsidered by us as “the next generation kEy fEATURES: easily extractable into a format thatof microsites” we are able to offer clients suits youthe opportunity to develop a full, client ▪ The portal features a status dashboard ▪ The portal provides a snapshot ofbranded recruitment portal. of job activity, allowing you to check, at diversity information of all applicants a glance, your recruitment activities andThe Hudson client portal offering is a who have applied to your jobs the status of your campaignsdesignated, client branded, secure online ▪ It gives you the ability to make bothsite offering a further communication ▪ The portal allows you to review on and offline advertising requests forchannel that gives you full disclosure to appropriate applications and skill specific vacanciesall aspects of your recruitment campaign. matches to your roles, request psychometric tests and view applicants’ ▪ The portal can be branded with yourvia the portal, you can access current details logo so that employees see it as anvacancies, the status of applications, view extension of your own hiring activitiesapplicant profiles, read your consultants ▪ The portal complements the SlAnotes on the candidates, and extract review process by providing up to the The portal can be supplied as part of themanagement information on all aspects of minute data on Hudsons performance standard Hudson recruitment offeringthe recruitment process. information, offering you greater and for the most part is complimentary; insight into the delivery of your although any specific customisation to recruitment supplier the portal would attract a development and implementation fee. We provide ▪ It provides a status reporting facility, 24/7 maintenance featuring full back-up services, archiving and recovery.8
  8. 8. OTHER ONlINEThe arrival of social networking has many social networks will now allow Hudson regularly integrates socialbroadened the opportunities for online you to actively promote your brand and networking methods of promotion intocandidate attraction. Specific business your opportunity to candidates within candidate attraction strategies.networks can be incredibly fruitful in the network.producing an excellent pool of candidatesfrom which to network. In addition,COmbININg ATTRACTION mETHODSfOR OpTImUm RESUlTS…The vast array of options available forcandidate attraction may appear daunting,but importantly, we will select the rightcombination of attraction modules to suityour requirements.Occasionally, but rarely, is one attractionmethod appropriate for the roles werecruit. The highly specialist nature ofour business, and the roles we recruit formean that finding the best talent requirescombining multiple attraction methods foroptimum results. 9
  9. 9. CONTACT USaberdeen birmingham dublinHudson Hudson Hudson4/5 golden Square victoria Square House 10 lower mount StreetAberdeen victoria Square Dublin 2Ab10 1RD birmingham United kingdomUnited kingdom b2 4Aj Tel: +353 (0)1676 5000Tel: +44 (0)122 462 0262 United kingdom fax: +353 (0)1676 5111fax: +44 (0)122 462 0362 Tel: +44 (0)121 633 0010 fax: +44 (0)121 633 0862edinburgh glasgowHudson HudsonCaledonian Exchange madeleine Smith House19a Canning Street 6/7 blythswood SquareEdinburgh glasgowEH3 8Eg g2 4ADUnited kingdom United kingdomTel: +44 (0)131 555 4321 Tel: +44 (0)141 221 8182fax: +44 (0)131 555 4224 fax: +44 (0)141 248 600810
  10. 10. leeds london manchesterHudson Hudson Hudsonjosephs Well Chancery House The ChanceryHanover Walk 53-64 Chancery lane 58 Spring gardenspark lane london 5th floorleeds WC2A 1qS manchesterlS3 1Ab United kingdom m2 1EWUnited kingdom Tel: +44 (0)207 187 6000 United kingdomTel: +44 (0)113 366 3267 fax: +44 (0)207 187 6001 Tel: +44 (0)161 832 7728fax: +353 (0)113 297 9547 fax: +44 (0)161 839 1375milton keynes readingHudson Hudson500 Avebury blvd greyfriars gatemilton keynes 5-7 greyfriars Roadmk9 3bE ReadingUnited kingdom Rg1 1NUTel: +44 (0)1908 547 995 United kingdomfax: +44 (0)1908 547 987 Tel: +44 (0)118 939 1003 fax: +44 (0)118 939 3331