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Asset Insight


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A description of a quick hack developed in Nordea Innovation Challenge 2014 using Nordea APIs and IBM Bluemix platform (including Watson).

Asset Insight is a concept for a service where people can see their own assets, create their own investor profile and get personalized advice on investment products offered by banks.

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Asset Insight

  1. 1. Asset Insight
  2. 2. The problem • Some people want to invest but don’t know how • They prefer their own research (outside office hours) over a discussion with an advisor • They find it difficult to apply the available generic information to their individual situations
  3. 3. The solution Better tools for individual customers to find investment products that suits them best
  4. 4. By the way… By empowering the customers, the bank can increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs
  5. 5. Tina • Wants to take a sabbatical year to travel the world • Has some estimates of the costs • Expects to be saving for the trip for 5 years • “What’s the right way for me to save?” • Takes her tablet and goes to Asset Insight
  6. 6. Lisa and Jack • Lisa is leading a successful career • Jack stays home taking care of the kids • Lisa’s salary more than covers the daily living costs • “What’s the right way for us to save?” • Asset Insight
  7. 7. Harry • Near retirement • Current income exceeds expenses significantly • Worried about pension income - “Will I be poor?” • “What’s the right way for me to save?” • Asset Insight
  8. 8. Not just visualization • Asset Insight presents the banks’ financial products to users, and users may choose the ones they like • The banks will get get RFPs from users • “I want to invest $20.000 to your fund X.” • “I’d like to have a pension plan with 7 % yearly interest target.” • “I want to start saving $200 per month to a savings account.”
  9. 9. The value • For users • Simple overview of own financial situation • Personalized information about investment possibilities • Feeling of control • For banks • Nearly effortless sales pipeline • High quality leads from customers - who have already made their choice
  10. 10. Final words • This is just a concept - a quick hack developed over a weekend (where most of the time was consumed by learning the platform and getting familiar with the APIs) • The key point is that literally giving people simple tools to visualize their own situation and compare available options can be a powerful way to reach customers whose needs are currently unsatisfied.