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Presntation on Yahoo


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A presentation on yahoo

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Presntation on Yahoo

  1. 1. Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
  2. 2. 1995 – yahoo Incorporated 1996 – Lucrative IPO allowed it to launch an acquisition spree that exceeded $10 billion 1997 – News delivery service, people-searching, Online gaming and e-mail. 1999 – Aggressive growth strategy, providing more content, features and services such as web hosting, internet radio etc.
  3. 3. Social Networking Yahoo mail, yahoo messenger, My Web, Flickr, Delicious Content Yahoo sports, Yahoo finance, Yahoo music, Yahoo movies, Yahoo weather, Yahoo news, Yahoo answers, Yahoo games Mobile Services Yahoo Mobile, OneSearch Commerce Yahoo shopping, Yahoo autos, Yahoo Real Estate, Yahoo travel Advertising Yahoo Search Marketing GPS GeoPlant Small Business Yahoo DomainKeys, Yahoo web Hosting, Yahoo Merchant Solutions
  4. 4.  Storing personal information and tracking usage  Co-branded Internet services  Yahoo Next  Yahoo BOSS  Y!Connect  Yahoo Accessibility  Yahoo Axis  Yahoo Search monket  Yahoo Meme
  5. 5.  88% of revenues for the fiscal year 2009 came from marketing services such as advertising.  Each search makes 2.5 to 3 cents
  6. 6.  Going Live  Reaching out Internationally  Achieving Buying In  Meeting Diverse Needs  Integrating customer Content  Customization
  7. 7.  Search Assistant  A browser helper object developed by Bejing 3721 Technology.  Auto correct options and user friendly.
  8. 8. ThankYou