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How to Guide

  1. 1. Sam Jones<br />P5<br />Honors- World History<br />How to Conquer an Empire Like a Mongol<br />
  2. 2. Land to conquer<br />An army with thousands of cavalry and infantry<br />Siege weapons, such as catapults <br />Artillery weapons<br />Javelins <br />Giant crossbows<br />Weapons to arm soldiers and cavalry<br />A method of training<br />Leadership skills<br />Felt Tents<br />Spies<br />Time<br />You will need…<br />
  3. 3. Choose an empire to conquer. This empire may have attacked you once before, or maybe you wish to seek revenge for a past grievance. <br />To better understand your enemy and their defenses, send spies to map roads and determine how well they are equipped. <br />TIP- Send spies at least a year in advance of the invasion. This would allow time for the spies to travel to the enemy, observe, and make the journey home to report their findings.<br />Step 1- Planning<br />
  4. 4. Using the information gathered by your spies, decide how large of an army you will take to invade, and what the force will consist of. <br />Make sure you have enough troops at your disposal to attack and conquer your enemy.<br />TIP- Choose your army carefully. If your enemy has an army of only soldiers, cavalry will destroy their organization and easily win the fight. However, if the enemy’s terrain is difficult to cross, infantry would be best. <br />Step 2- Preparing Your Army<br />
  5. 5. Organization is very important for any army, and, without it, your invasion will fail.<br />Personally choose your Commanding Generals and Commanders, based on experience and ability. This will ensure that your Commanders are capable of fighting effectively. <br />One way to organize an army is to use the number 10. Start with your largest units, numbering about 10,000 troops. This unit should be broken down into 10 regiments of 1,000 troops. Each regiment should consist of 10 squadrons of 100 troops, and each squadrons should have 10 squads of 10. <br />Step 3- Organization<br />
  6. 6. Train your army well to make sure they are deadly when fighting. Use hunting as a way to practice horsemanship and archery. <br />Use catapults and other artillery that can be broken down and transported easily.<br />Arm your army effectively. Give five or six members of a squad bows, and the rest lances. This way, long range and close combat can both be carried out by any number of soldiers.<br />TIP- When arming soldiers with bows, arm them with two types of bows; a light bow, for shooting from a horse, and a heavy bow to be used on the ground.<br />Step 4- Training and Arming <br />
  7. 7. Mobility is a key factor in a successful military victory. Being able to travel long distances in short periods of time can surprise your enemy.<br />Using cavalry will make your army very mobile, as they can travel faster than infantry.<br />TIP- If you are trying to make your army as mobile as possible, make sure your siege weapons and artillery can either be carried easily on horseback, or can be taken apart to be moved.<br />Step 5- Ensuring Mobility<br />
  8. 8. When your plan has been made, and your army trained and armed, it is time to attack.<br />Have your archers, whether on horseback or on the ground, aim for the enemy horses. Regardless of the amount of armor the enemy soldiers might have, knocking their horses out will slow their movements and attack.<br />TIP- If it appears you may soon be overrun, retreat. The enemy will follow, causing them to spread out. Then, launch another attack, destroying the enemy in small groups.<br />Step 6- Attack!<br />
  9. 9. If you are aiming to conquer the enemy civilization or empire, keep fighting. You may lose some battles, but every mile gained is another mile your empire has grown.<br />When you conquer your enemy, congratulations! You have completed your goal and gained land to expand your empire. <br />Step 7- Conquest<br />
  10. 10. When you succeed in conquering your enemy, your empire will grow, adding the newly conquered land to your territory. However, you may not have the manpower to control all of this land.<br />Hire foreigners to work as tax collectors, or to help control newly conquered land.<br />You can pay those who help with riches gained from your conquest.<br />Step 8- Controlling a Conquered Empire<br />
  11. 11. You have now conquered your enemy and have more territory to add to your empire!*<br />*If all steps have been followed properly, and your army wasn’t slaughtered in battle…<br />Congratulations!<br />
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