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Turtle Mountain Community College - Medical Billing and Coding


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Turtle Mountain Community College - Medical Billing and Coding

  1. 1. MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING Turtle Mountain Community College BIA #7 – POB 340 Belcourt, ND 58316 701-477-7862
  2. 2. Course Description  The medical industry is experiencing a high demand for individuals with knowledge of medical office operations, transcription, billing and coding. The business office of every health care provider must submit the proper documentation to a number of insurance companies and Federal agencies for reimbursement in order to financially succeed and avoid fraud charges
  3. 3. Course Description  The requirement has created numerous opportunities for trained individuals to be employed in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies and do home-based opportunities  Students will receive a working knowledge of medical billing and reimbursement as well as national diagnostic and procedural coding systems. An introduction to medical office computer and medical billing software with a home-based business section is also part of the curriculum
  4. 4. Course Completion  Upon completion of the course, the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist will:  Be proficient in communication, equipment and organizational skills  Be knowledgeable of medical coding (CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS), medical billing and completion of insurance forms  Be able to input patient information for coding and billing using medical software  Be knowledgeable in starting a home-based business in the medical billing and coding field
  5. 5. Course Information  The course is designed in two-phases. The first phase is the 9-month certificate as a Medical Administrative Assistant and the second phase is the 18-month program Associate of Applied Science degree. Upon completion of the Associates curriculum, the student will be eligible to take the National Exam to become certified as a National Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist
  6. 6. Industry Requirements  As the industry grows, more demands will be placed on hiring individuals who are certified in medical billing and coding as well as medical transcription.  It is expected that employers will seek individuals who hold a degree in medical billing and coding due to salary expectations in the medical industry and as reimbursement laws and regulations become more constringent.
  7. 7. Course Requirements  The listed curriculum is for the 18-month program:  Medical Office Procedures  Medical Keyboarding  Medical Terminology  Health Structure and Function  Health Care Records Management  Medical Insurance  Survey of Pathology  CPT-4 and HCPCS II, III  Healthcare Law and Ethics
  8. 8. Course Requirements  Basic Coding ICD-9-CM  Advanced Coding ICD-9-CM  Basic Pharmacology  Medical Transcription  Externship  National Exam  General Education Requirements  (9) credits for completion of 9-month Certificate  (15) credits general education
  9. 9. Contact Information  To contact the faculty member who coordinates and instructs the program, please use the link:  coding.html  Phone Number: 701.477.7827