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School of Health Sciences


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School of Health Sciences

  1. 1. TOURO COLLEGE School of Health Sciences Manhattan Campus Physician Assistant Program 27-33 West 23rd Street New York NY 10010 Telephone: (212) 463-0400 Ext. 551 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS This application for admission to the School of Health Sciences at Touro College must be completed by all prospective students. The PA Program has a rolling admissions policy, so early submission of the application is beneficial. Completed applications and all supporting documents should be sent to: Touro College School of Health Sciences Office of Admissions - PAM 27-33 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10010 This application should be filled out in its entirety, signed and dated. The $50.00 application fee in the form of a check or money order should be made payable to Touro College. Social Security number and PA Program must be written on the face of the check. This fee is not refundable or credited towards tuition. Under separate cover, submit official copies of transcripts from all undergraduate institutions you have attended. Requirements for admission include 60 transferable credits in liberal arts and sciences. Grades of “C” or better are transferable, grades of “C-” are not. High school Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be considered only upon submission of official scores, which must be 4 or 5. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by one of the following evaluation services: World Education Services International Education Research Foundation, Inc. P.O.B. 745, Old Chelsea Station POB 66940 New York, NY 10113 Los Angeles, CA 90066 (212) 966-6311 (213) 390-6276 You must submit three letters of recommendation. Letters should be on letterhead, and should indicate your relationship with the person giving the recommendation. The letters can be submitted with the application in sealed envelopes, or mailed in separately. Along with the application, you must submit a typed personal statement. Documentation of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores should be sent to the Office of Admissions. Touro College's score report number is 2902. Students whose native language is not English may be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and submit their scores to Touro College. The College's score report number is 2902. A minimum score of 550 is required for the paper-based TOEFL; a score of 213 for the computer-based TOEFL. Please note that theTOEFL exam does not satisfy the 6 credit English requirement. You must provide documentation of a minimum of 100 hours of healthcare experience. Selected applicants who have completed their admissions file will be invited for a personal interview. Student selection for the Physician Assistant Program is based upon the completed application, personal statement, letters of recommendation, cumulative GPA, science GPA, healthcare experience, and personal interview.
  2. 2. TOURO COLLEGE School of Health Sciences Manhattan Campus Physician Assistant Program 27-33 West 23rd Street New York NY 10010 Telephone: (212) 463-0400 Ext. 551 Application for Admission YEAR OF INTEREST : FALL 200 STUDENT ID# (OFFICE USE )___________________ STUDENT INFORMATION Last Name First Name Middle Initial Please note: Your application will be processed under the name given above. If you were registered under any other name at another institution, or use any variation of that name, please write that name below. Maiden/Other name Social Security Number - - Gender:  Male  Female Permanent Address Number and Street Apt. # City State Zip Day Phone # ( ) Evening phone # ( ) Current Address (if different from permanent) Good Until: / / Month Day Year Number and Street Apt. # City State Zip Day Phone # ( ) Evening phone # ( ) Place of Birth (City, State, Country)______________ Optional Questions: Date of Birth: / / Month Day Year Ethnic Origin:  American Indian/Alaskan Native  Asian or Pacific Islander  African American (Non-Hispanic)  Hispanic (regardless of race)  White (Non-Hispanic)  Other (please specify) Marital Status:  Single  Married Spouse’s Name __________________________________________ Name any members of your family who are Touro College students or alumni: Name Relationship to you Are you a NY State resident?  Yes  No If yes, since / / Month Day Year Citizenship:  United States  Specific Country:________________________ If not a U.S. citizen, please complete the following questions: Are you a permanent resident?  No  Yes If yes, alien registration #
  3. 3. If not a permanent resident: Visa type Expiration date / / Month Day Year
  4. 4. EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION Secondary School/High School School Name City State Year of Graduation Standardized Tests (Official results must be sent)  SAT (indicate dates taken) ______________ Scores: Verbal ____ Math ____  TOEFL (indicate dates taken) ____________ Scores:  Paper ____  Computer ____ COLLEGE LEVEL STUDIES (List all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended in chronological order. Official transcripts must be sent.) NAME OF I NSTITUTION CAMPUS / # OF GPA MAJOR DATES ATTENDED DEGREE DATE CEEB LOCATION CREDITS GRANTED GRANTED/ CODE # STATE Mo/Yr Mo/Yr EXPECTED (Office Use) to to to to HEALTH CARE EXPERIENCE WHERE (HOSPITAL/CLINIC/OFFICE) WHEN (DATES) # OF HOURS IN WHAT CAPACITY? PAID/VOLUNTEER to to to Physician Assistant Shadowing Who Where When ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Have you, since admission to college, been on probation, suspended or dismissed?  Yes  No If yes, please explain: List honors, scholarships or awards received both in and out of school: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List the significant activities and organizations in which you have participated both in and out of school and offices held, if any: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If some time has elapsed since you last attended school, explain why and indicate how you have spent this interval: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION List the names of three people who will be submitting letters of recommendation on your behalf. These individuals should include someone who can evaluate your personal background and academic experience, and someone who can evaluate your knowledge of and potential for the Physician Assistant profession. They may include, but are not limited to, instructors, supervisors, etc. They should not include personal friends. Letters of recommendation should be on letterhead, and should indicate your relationship with the individual giving the recommendation. Name Name Name PERSONAL STATEMENT On a separate sheet of paper, type an essay discussing your aims in seeking admission to the Physician Assistant Program. Include such items as your personal and academic background, your career goals, experiences which nurtured your interest in the health field and in the PA profession specifically, your “shadowing” experience, and any other factors which you feel are relevant to admission. (no more than 2 pages) HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT TOURO COLLEGE? Please specify if possible  Newspaper  Your School  Radio  Friend  Agency  Other SIGNATURE My signature below indicates that all information given in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. SIGNATURE DATE TOURO DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR, SEX, AGE, DISABILITY, OR NATIONAL OR ETHNIC ORIGIN IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF ITS ADMISSION POLICIES. PAM.APP3/03
  6. 6. Record of courses taken to fulfill prerequisites: (This page must be completed in its entirety. Include courses completed, in progress or projected. Grades must be C or better to transfer (C- will not transfer). Requirements College Completion Course Name Course Credits Grade Date No. General Biology I & II for majors w/lab 8 credits General Chemistry I & II for majors w/lab 8 credits Upper level Biology and/or Chemistry 6 or 8 credits English Composition/ Literature 6 credits Psychology and/or Sociology 6 credits Mathematics ( Pre-Calculus or Statistics) 3 credits Humanities 6 credits Liberal Arts and Sciences 17 additional credits