Name:_Date:_Physician Training Post Quiz 1.


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Name:_Date:_Physician Training Post Quiz 1.

  1. 1. Name:_____________________ Date:______________________ Physician Training Post Quiz 1. Your “Home Page” that appears when you sign in is known as the: a. Results Review b. Message Center c. PowerOrders d. Proxies Window 2. You can only send a message to one other user at a time? a. True b. False 3. Orders sent to your Inbox to be signed, are: a. All orders written by you b. Medication orders only c. Verbal and Telephone orders d. All the above 4. When dealing with documents in your Inbox, you can: a. Sign it b. Refuse it c. Forward it d. All the above 5. When finding a patient in ICIS for the FIRST time, you can search using: a. Patient’s last name b. Recent drop down arrow c. Relationship list 6. You must assign a relationship between yourself and the patient: a. The first time you open a patient’s chart b. Every time you open a patient’s chart c. Never 7. A Relationship List will display all patients with whom you have established a provider/patient relationship. a. True b. False 1
  2. 2. 8. To review a patient’s demographics: a. Click on “Patient Information” within the Menu b. Click on “Results Review” within the Menu c. Click on “MAR Summary” within the Menu d. Click on “Review Chart” within the Menu 9. To finalize an order, the correct sequence is: a. Orders for Signature, Sign, Refresh Screen b. Sign, Refresh Screen, Orders for Signature c. Refresh Screen, Sign, Orders for Signature d. Orders for Signature, Refresh Screen, Sign 10. PowerPlans: a. Are linked together as a set of orders b. Can be managed together c. Can be discontinued together d. Are distinguished by a special icon e. All the above 11. A Blue Circle with a White “X” indicates: a. Buried treasure b. Missing order detail c. The order is a PowerPlan d. The order is a Care Set 12. You can create a Favorites Folder of frequently used orders. a. True b. False 13. Problems and Diagnoses are completely separate within ICIS and are managed independently by nursing, ancillary and physicians. a. True b. False 14. State law requires that a provider reviews and adjusts all patient medications (Medication Reconciliation) upon: a. Admission b. Transfer/Post-op c. Discharge d. All the above 15. NEVER modify any signed order, EXCEPT a: a. Radiology Order b. Lab Order c. IV rate d. Medication time 2
  3. 3. 16. A PowerPlan allows for easier management of orders. a. True b. False 17. When you take time off and have another physician manage your patients, you must: a. Grant Message Center Proxy to the receiving physician b. Grant Patient List Proxy to the receiving physician c. Give a verbal report to the receiving physician d. All the above 18. If requested, a physician will have remote access to ICIS, for both himself/herself and office staff, provided free of charge by SACH. a. True b. False 19. ICIS user names are specific to each end user and allow for: a. Tracking a user’s activities b. Maintaining a patient’s confidentiality c. Review by administration and regulating agencies d. All the above 20. Physicians can be held financially responsible up to $250,000 for any HIPAA violation committed by themselves or their staff. a. True b. False 3