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  1. 1. Snohomish County Health Services Careers Partnership (HSCP) Work Team Meeting Minutes Education and Training Work Team Friday June 20, 2003 1:30-3:30pm Snohomish County WDC, Large Conference Room Work Team Members in Attendance: Connie Sheran, Kristen Gillisse, Lynn Jacobsen, Liz Patterson, Nancy Hamilton and Sue Ambler. Guests in Attendance: None Meeting Objective(s): 1) Available Healthcare Education Options Snohomish County Region 2) Develop standard meeting agenda 3) Review outcomes and timelines for team Topic #1: Discussion: Presentation by Liz Patterson, Edmonds Community College, regarding allied health programs at EdCC. Liz described that the county health education model it is based on the Maricopa Model. Edmonds Community College Healthcare Programs require the same 5 prerequisites which are considered “Core Courses”:  The Human Body  The World of Healthcare  Basic Medical Terminology  PC Basics  HIV/AIDS and CPR for Healthcare professionals The above 5 courses are targeted to people with little or no healthcare background. CNAs coming into one of the EdCC’s programs can sometimes opt out or test out of some of the prerequisite classes. Students can take some prerequisites and CNA classes at the same time
  2. 2. Edmonds Community College and Woodway HS have articulation agreements. Students in the Edmonds Health program can articulate all of their classes to EdCC, except for the Anatomy/Physiology course. (total of 15 credits articulated) EdCC’s next project is to develop articulation agreements with the Sno-Isle Skills Center The students who are taking the Nursing Assistant course at EdCC are also encouraged to take perquisite classes for LPN or RN programs. The group discussed the Rad Tech program being offered through Bellingham Tech. Core courses have also be designed to compliment the pre requisites for BTC Rad Tech program. There is a 6 community college consortium of Whatcom CC, Skagit CC, Bellingham Tech, Peninsula, Everett CC and Edmonds CC and will be adding North Seattle Community College in Winter 2004. Liz mentioned that equipment manufacturers have helped to provide needed equipment. The allied health programs offered at EdCC include: Patient Care Technician Certificate:  Certificate Program  Start by taking the 5 prerequisite programs  Can be completed in 2 quarters if going full time  This is basically an Acute Care CNA program. It is based on a national model and is currently used by Overlake and Virginia Mason in our region  A Patient Care Assistant is basically the same as a Patient Care Technician.  Patient Care Technicians and Patient Care Assistant are care assistants. The UW and Harborview call them Hospital Assistants.  A handout was passed out, describing the different modules within this program.  After the prerequisites, the 4 modules include:  Nurse Assistant- 90 hrs of clinicals. They have had 6 students in this module- no attrition, yet.  EKG Technician- 40 hours of clinical. They do 25 EKGs, low attrition rate- lost 2 students. They usually do their clinicals once per week.  Phlebotomy Technician- 120 hours of clinicals- have early morning shifts/ clinicals. Higher attrition rates- lost 25% (student’s didn’t like idea of drawing blood). This module may be created with a variable credit based on less hours.  Advanced Nurse Assisting Skills- 48 hours of clinicals
  3. 3. The biggest challenge to the above modules is the coordination of clinical sites. They have been doing some evening and weekend clinicals, which are working out well. Health Information Technology:  One year certificate  This Program involves health information management and includes courses in medical transcription, pharmacology, medical billing, medical document processing, etc) Pharmacy Technician  In addition to producing graduates that may work in a pharmacy environment, this could also be a good training program to produce a Medical Research Interviewer (handle legal issues, clinical trials, interview patients, work with FDA, etc) Topic #2: Potential Programs for EdCC to offer The group discussed the UW Physician Assistant program. It was suggested that EdCC create courses or a full program that could be used as a stepping stone for the UW Physician Assistant program. It was suggested that trained Physician Assistants could assist in meeting the workforce needs in the imaging field. At Prov-Everett, Physician Assistants are being placed into Radiology to work. Connie mentioned they already have 3 in the department. Action Item: Liz Patterson will talk with the UW PA program to find out all needed information: requirements for entrance, etc. The team discussed other programs that EdCC may want to consider starting: Health Unit Coordinator (EdCC already discussing this possibility), Medical Sonography, Cardiovascular Technician, Advanced Ultrasound Practitioner Program, and Surgical Technology. (Are there licensure issues with this one? Would this be a good apprenticeship opportunity? The group discussed the creation of an x-ray program, and how there may be push-back from the community. A one year certificate may be an option to train people in this area. It was mentioned that some Medical Assistants are taking x- rays without any formal training. You can receive a WA State Technician License to take x-rays in our state, very easily. It does not prove competency in the field.
  4. 4. Liz mentioned about wanting to further develop a Medical ESL Program. Topic #3: Partnership Outcomes and current projects Sue Ambler discussed the idea of the HSCP hiring a Career Specialist to spread the word about available careers and educational programs in the county. Action Item: Kristen will email a PowerPoint to the team, that was emailed to her by a Healthcare Employment Specialist who works out of the Tacoma WorkSource center. Discussed Education & Training Work Team outcomes and timeline. Action Item: Kristen will look into the wording of Outcome #7, and others that may need to be changed to reflect the idea that the Marketing team will be making the final versions of some resources Action Item: All members are to look at the action items and the timeline, and provide changes to Sue Ambler, prior to July 9th. Action Item: Sue will put together the proposed changes to the outcomes and send back to group for review by July 11th. The group discussed some approaching deliverables:  Research existing nursing refresher programs available and  Research current non-traditional programs offered, including the research of distance learning opportunities. Action Item: Nancy to research Nursing Refresher Training Programs (Programs discussed included WSU, BCC, Everett CC, and S. Dakota program)