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Career Day Program 2007


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Career Day Program 2007

  1. 1. ACCOUNTING—Kevin Rosenberg, Instructor, SCC Business Program Learn about the financial world of accounting and general aspects of bookkeeping. AGRI BUSINESS/PRECISION AGRICULTURE—Adam Raub & Chuck Albright, Instructors, SCC Agriculture Programs Presenter will describe different varieties of occupations available in agriculture and expected salaries. The discussion will also include recommended training available for a career in agriculture. ARCHITECT—Dave Metzger, Owner, Metzger Johnson Architects Inc., Burlington, IA General topics of discussion will include pre-college course emphasis, basic college curriculum, process leading to registration as an architect, salary expectations, a typical workday and the advantages and disadvantages of this profession. ART RELATED—Cathleen Gordan, Art Instructor, SCC Humanities & Social Sciences Dept. Check out this session if you are interested in finding out what careers are related to the field of art. What course requirements are generally required to go into this career field? ATTORNEY—John Wright, Wright Law Firm, Ft. Madison, IA The speaker will provide a general overview of the practice of law, highlighting various areas within the field. Also a review of what is required to become an attorney will be covered. AUDIO & VIDEO INSTALLATION TECHNICIAN— Rick Danielson, Owner, Power Advantage Technology, Burlington IA Learn what it takes to be a certified installation technician, project manager or system designer in the commercial and/or residential audio/video and automation field of work. These occupations are involved in home theater installation and design, church sound and video systems, commercial digital signage systems, as well as audio and video systems for sports bars and much, much more. AUTO COLLISION—Randy Wachter & Tim Weaver, Instructors, SCC Auto Collision Repair Program & Eric Hightower, Auto Collision Painter, Collision Center, West Burlington, IA Thousands of motor vehicles are damaged in traffic accidents every day. If you are a person who would enjoy repairing and customizing vehicle bodies and frames, check out this session. AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY—Wesley Carpenter, Instructor, SCC Automotive Technology Program Like most occupations, the auto industry has been computerized. With this change, what used to be the mechanic and body man must now be the technician. This session will give insight to the job outlook, salary expectations, education background of the auto technology industry. BIOTECHNOLOGY—Brian Schasel, Technical Manager, Big River Resources, West Burlington, IA Learn about the career field Govenor Culver claims Iowa should be the leading world resource of. This is a career field that has a broad spectrum of career opportunities awaiting those who are trained for this field. BROADCASTING—KC Flemming , Radio Broadcaster, KKMI, Burlington, IA You love to communicate your ideas, passion, knowledge and information. You like to be involved with your community, to know what’s going on both locally and in the world. If this sounds like you, check out this session and learn the inside scoop of being a broadcaster.
  2. 2. CHEF— Mike Clem, Chef, Drake, Burlington, IA Here is a very creative and demanding career where you are responsible for a variety of activities. Find out what is required to be a chef, and what would be your day-to-day responsiblities. CHILD CARE—Marsha Munford, Program Director, Southeast Iowa Community Action, Burlington, IA This presentation will provide an overview of the early childhood occupational areas and the opportunities for employment. Individual traits, skills and training will be addressed. CHIROPRACTOR—David Miller , Chiropractor, Miller Chiropractic Center, Burlington, IA In today's health-conscious society, people are looking for effective health care options, turning to chiropractic for answers to neck pain, headaches, back pain, sports injuries, etc. Will discuss educational background, office management, average work day, and other chiropractic care topics. CHOOSING A COLLEGE—Nick Borders, Enrollment Specialist, SCC Student Services; College professionals will help you sort through the complex college selection process. What are the different types of colleges and advantages of each? Understanding college admissions "terminology" and what questions to ask when gathering information to make your selection will be covered. COACHING/PROFESSIONAL SPORTS—Tim Walsh, Head Men’s Basketball Coach/Director of Men’s Athletics, SCC Student Services Learn about the career opportunities in coaching and professional sports. What kind of person does it take to direct and instruct athletes in the training and preparation for professional sporting events. COMPUTER INFORMATION SPECIALSIT—Roxy Riessen, Instructors, SCC Information Technology Programs & Richard Lindgren, Administrative Computer Consultant, Great River AEA 16, Burlington, IA Learn about this broad career field that gives you the opportunity to do such things as providing technical assistance, installing the appropriate computer programs and operating systems, to designing web-sites. CONSERVATIONALIST—Kim Perlstein, Conservationist, Natural Resource Conservation Services, Burlington, IA The information presented will focus on a career in wildlife and include job description, education requirements, job opportunities and salary. Careers in related areas will also be discussed. CONSTRUCTION—Ray DeRosear, Instructor, SCC Construction Technology Programs & Karen Wilson, Assistant to the President, Carl A. Nelson & Company, Burlington, IA Opportunities and salary expectations in the construction industry will be reviewed, as well as, educational background necessary for construction management programs. The speaker will also share information about scholarship opportunities available through Southeast Iowa Builders Association Construction Management. COSMETOLOGY—Jim Dayton, Owner, Dayton's School of Hair Design, Burlington, IA This session will discuss the many areas involved in a career as a professional hair designer. Topics covered will include training, employment, and a look at the future of this career field. Also, current styles and trends will be examined.
  3. 3. COUNSELING—Peg O’Rourke, Counselor, The Personal Counseling O’Rourke Group, Burlington, IA What is involved in assisting individuals in working through their personal problems to improve upon a person’s social and personal life? Attend this sessions to become aware of what type of person it takes to become a good counselor. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS— Mike Swore, Detective, Burlington Police Department, Burlington, IA Learn about the investigation of alleged or suspected criminal violations of federal, state, or local laws. Also learn about what education and experience is needed to get into this line of work. DENTAL HYGENIST—Lauri Weichmann, Coordinator of Dental Hygienist Program, Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, IL According to the U.S. Labor Bureau of Statistics a career in dental hygiene will be one of the nation's 30 fastest growing occupations from 2000 to 2010. This career provides some of the most flexible hours in the Health Care industry. To learn more about the education required and the responsibilities of a dental hygienist, attend this session. DESIGN ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY—John Smith, Instructor, SCC Design Engineering, and Keith Nollen, Dresser-Rand Steam Turbines, West Burlington, IA Do career titles “Engineering” and “Engineering Tech” confuse you? The presenters will explain the difference between these two careers and address the job opportunities and compensation in manufacturing technology. DIETETICS— Kathy Hennemann, R.D., L.D., Dietitian, Great River Medical Center, West Burlington, IA As nutrition experts, registered dietitians apply the science of nutrition to daily living. Through four years of college courses and a period of supervised experience, dietitians learn the relationship between food and health, then they are able to educate the public to make choices that will provide their bodies with the nutrients they need for a full, active life. DRAFTING(Architectural & Engineering)—Larry Shacklett, Instructor, SCC Drafting Program, and Keith Nollen, Dresser-Rand Steam Turbines, West Burlington, IA A brief introduction to career opportunities as drafters in such fields as architecture, engineering, industrial design, and other related fields. An emphasis will be made on desired high school and introductory college courses recommended for entry into these professions. EDUCATION—Jeannette Klein, Instructor, SCC Education & English, and Theresa Ritters, Vice Principal of Danville Junior and Senior High School, Danville, IA Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of being an educator. What is the supply and demand, and salaries of teachers in Iowa and surrounding states.. Discussion will include high school programs, community college and university studies which will prepare students for teaching careers. ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY—John Lenahan, Instructor, SCC Electronic Technology Program and Chris Glasgow, Manufacturing Engineer, General Electric, West Burlington, IA Electronics has a broad application throughout business and industry. It extends out into the medical and health fields, computer applications, and the manufacturing industry. Learn about the different opportunities available to you in the field of electronic technology.
  4. 4. EMT/FIRE SCIENCE—John Cockrell, Instructor, SCC EMT Program Will cover the field of Emergency Medical Services and Fire science, and what each job entails and a description of a typical workday. Current and projected educational requirements will be discussed as well as the important personality requirements. ENGINEERING— DeEtte Delany, Industrial Manager, Hearth -n- Home, Mt. Pleasant, IA Math, science, and problem solving are just a few of the skills needed to become an engineer. Attend this session to find out about the field of engineering. Get a review of what work activities, knowledge and skills are associated with this broad career field. EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY—Chris Reed, High Performance Coordinator, Great River Medical Center, West Burlington, IA Learn about the daily activities and responsibilities of an Exercise Physiologist. Career opportunities and educational requirements within the field of exercise physiology will also be discussed. FINANCIAL AID/SCHOLARSHIPS—Ean Freels, Financial Aid Officer, SCC Student Services This session is designed to give students an overall picture of the college financial aid process and how to begin the process during your senior year. Ean will share handouts and show you websites to search for free college money. GRAPHIC DESIGN—Carlene Woodside, Instructor, SCC Graphic Communications Program: Shawn Mears, Graphic Designer, Great River Medical Center, West Burlington, IA Interested in one of the largest growing career fields? Learn how things get started in the field of graphic design. Learn some of the hottest jobs right now and in the future. Only you know what the future will bring HORTICULTURE—Steve Ritter, Ritter's, Inc. & Instructor, SCC Horticulture Program The fields of landscape design and greenhouse management will be discussed as well as educational opportunities, job descriptions and markets. HOTEL MANAGEMENT—Carol Makoui, Manager, Super 8, Burlington, IA If you are interested in a career where you are working with others planning, directing, or coordinating activities for an organization or department, attend this session. JOURNALISM— Randy Miller, Journalist, The Hawkeye, Burlington, IA Information plays a key role in our society and it is important to be able to process that information in such areas as print, broadcast and new technologies. Educational requirements and open-ended employment possibilities for the future will be discussed. LAW ENFORCEMENT—Trooper Jonah Greer, Iowa State Patrol This presentation will discuss several branches of law enforcement including accident investigations. Educational requirements and future career trends will be discussed. MARKETING/SALES & ADVERTISING—Jeff Ebbing, Marketing Director, SCC Here is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what marketing and public relations mean in the non-profit sector. The speaker will address qualities and skills needed in tomorrow's work force for marketing and public relations.
  5. 5. MASSAGE THERAPY— Angela Shipley, Massage Therapist, Stylique Salon & Day Spa, Burlington, IA Want to learn more about this very "hands-on" career? This session will explain the certification process, employment opportunities, and salary expectations in this growing career choice. MEDICAL ASSISTANT—Deb Shaffer, Instructor, SCC Medical Assistant Programs, and Lisa Bauer, President of the Shouquoquon Area Chapter for Medical Assistants Gain a better understanding about one of the fastest growing health career professions? Attend this session if you would like to learn more about the administrative, clinical and laboratory training, certification procedure, employment opportunities, and salary expectations of the versatile medical assistant. MILITARY—ARMY—SFC Abalos MILITARY—MARINES—SSGT Schissel Discussion will include what the military branch can offer you as a viable career opportunity and what individuals need to do to become members of each military branch. MUSIC— SCC Instructor You are interested in a career in music, but need a better understanding of what is available in the field of music to be successful. Learn about the opportunities that the field of music provides through music education, manufacturing and performance. NURSING—Cheryl Fye, Coordinator, SCC Nursing Program; Robin Newling, RN, Great River Medical Center, West Burlington, IA Information presented will explain the different levels of nursing (LPN, RN, BSN), along with skills and job qualifications needed for this rewarding career. Educational preparation and related employment opportunities will also be discussed. OFFICE ADMINISTRATION—Cindy Murphy, Instructors, SCC Office Administration Programs & Karen Russell, Executive Secretary at Great River Health Systems, West Burlington, IA Learn about these “office professionals” who assists executives by coordinating and directing basic office services, such as staff assignments, records management, budget control, and special management studies. Presentation will include educational requirements, necessary skills, employment outlook, advancement, and salary expectations. PHARMACY—Charlie Sharp, Pharmacist, Great River Medical Center, West Burlington, IA This presentation will highlight pharmacist responsibilities and daily activities. The necessary required college education and employment opportunities will also be discussed. PHOTOGRAPHY—Phil Pooles, Photographer, OMNI Photography, West Burlington, IA Exploration of all phases of professional photography and electronic imaging. Additional topics of discussion will include marketing, advertising and current trends. PHYSICIAN—Dr. William Daft, Physician, Burlington Area Family Practice Center, West Burlington, IA Learn about what kind of person it takes to be a physician. What are the demands and responsibilities? What are the educational requirements to become a physician?
  6. 6. PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT—Carol Menke, Certified Physician Assistant, Cleveland Dermatology, West Burlington, IA & Ted Smith, Certified Physician Assistant, Jameson Orthopedic Clinic, West Burlington, IA Overview of college course and health care related experience required for admission into a Physician Assistant Program. Career and employment opportunities for Physician Assistant will also be covered. PSYCHOLOGY—Jeni Hope, MA, LPC(Licensed Professional Counselor) Factors relating to career choices in Psychology will presented . This presentation will also include education, job prospects, salary, responsibilities and opportunities in the field of Psychology. PRECISION MACHINIST—Brad Smithburg, Instructor, SCC Precision Machining Technology Program & Bill Birdsell, Apprentice and Justin Scott, Machinist, Dresser Rand, West Burlington, IA This session will explain the purpose of a toolmaker, the educational requirements and the application of that knowledge, employment opportunities and salary expectations. Discussion will also include other employment opportunities available in the manufacturing industry for a skilled toolmaker. PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CAREERS PREP-Dan Ring, Instructor, SCC Biological Sciences. There are many professional health careers, from medicine, dentistry, clinical laboratory science, medical technology, health administration, and many more. Attend this session to learn how to best prepare for and learn the demands of these career fields. RESPIRATORY THERAPY—Stacey Sells, BHS, RRT-NPS, CPFT, Instructor, SCC Respiratory Care Program, Bryan Humphry, 2nd Yr. SCC Respiratory Care student, and Kermit Dieterich, BS, RRT, Department Director of Respiratory Care Services, Great River Medical Center, West Burlington, IA Come find out about this exciting and fast growing healthcare occupation. Stacey will also discuss responsibilities and certification requirements of this exciting health career. RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT—Dan Jensen, Manager of Gators, Burlington, IA Discussion will focus on the necessary skills to be successful in Restaurant Management. Dan will also visit about the daily routine and all aspects of working in this business. SCC CAMPUS TOURS—Jade Dillard & Adam Luloff, SCC Work Study Students, The SCC campus tour will highlight Yohe Memorial Library, the SuCCess Center, and new updated facilities. Please note that the tours are limited to 30 students and will be given on a first come, first serve basis. SOCIAL WORK—Theresa Young, BSW, Social Worker, Great River Area Education Agency, West Burlington, IA Are you a person with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives? Attend this session if you want to help people function the best way they can in their environment, deal with relationships, and solve personal and family problems. TRAVEL—Marcia Luers, AAA Travel, Burlington, IA Will address the travel industry as a whole. Topics of discussion will include flight attendants, travel agency, airline personnel, and trip itinerary.
  7. 7. VETERINARY MEDICINE—Dr. Allgood, Allgood Animal Hospital, Burlington, IA So you think you want to work with animals? Get a first hand viewpoint from someone who works with animals on a daily basis. Learn about the responsibilities, knowledge and aptitude an individual needs to be in this career field. WELDING—Jim King, SCC Welding Instructor & Dave Pratt, Welding Services Manager, Acute Technlogical Services, LLC, Huston, TX Description of welding as a career explaining oxyacetylene welding, shielded metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding. A tour of the welding shop will be given and a short film will be shown followed by a question and answer period. X-RAY TECHNOLOGY—Mike Jasper, Diagnostic Imaging, Great River Health Systems, West Burlington, IA Will highlight the role of the radiographer in the hospital and doctor's office. Licensing and certification procedures will be explained. Opportunities for advancement in the radiology sciences field will also be discussed.