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  1. 1. ODA DERM ALERT August 1, 2009 1) Highlights of July 8, 2009 Board Meeting 2) 2009 Annual Meeting 3) Position on Procedural Dermatology 4) Physician Extender Membership 5) 2009-10 Trustee Candidates 6) ODA Newsletter 7) Letter to OSMA regarding need for peer review at OSMB 8) HB 173 – Tanning Bill ****************************************************************************** 1) Highlights of board meeting  Internet voting since April board meeting: o Acknowledged acceptance of the following new members: Drs. Eric Baud, Allison Moosally, Daniel Stewart, Ann Kooken, Kathryn Boyse, Jorge Garcia- Zuazaga, and Justin Woodhouse o Passed motion that Ohio legislators declare May as Melanoma/Skin Cancer Prevention Month o Passed motion that ODA support OSMA regarding the bill prohibiting unilateral material contract amendments o Passed a motion that Dr. Gottwald draft a letter in opposition of the sub- certification in procedural dermatology and send to Dr. Sheldon Horowitz, Special advisor to the President, American Board of Medical Specialties  Terminated contract with lobbyist J. Donald Mottley, Esquire and hired Jeff Smith and Tim Maglione of OSMA to be our lobbyists  Selected Dr. Mark Bechtel as the recipient of the second annual ODA Distinguished Service Award to be presented at the annual meeting in October.  A letter was sent to Roy Thomas, MD, President of the OSMA, regarding peer review by the OSMB  Per Dr. Herron, there have been no problems with Cigna to date related ton 25/59 modifiers
  2. 2.  A “key contact” list will be created. A survey will be sent to all members asking if he/she is acquainted with one of our Ohio legislators.  Fee schedule for annual meeting: ODA member - $250; Non-member - $750. This has been modified to encourage membership in the ODA.  A job fair is being planned in conjunction with the exhibit area at the annual meeting this year.  Dr. Amy Helms of the UH Case Medical Center was selected as the 2009-10 ODA Resident Trustee.  Motion passed that there be no travel reimbursement for board members, as this is a voluntary service and greatly appreciated. 2) 2009 Annual Meeting  October 16-18, 2009 at the Hilton Columbus at Easton. Group/Convention Code = ODA…$184/night…614.414.5000. Registration materials will be mailed mid-August.  Visit our website www.ohderm.org for program schedule and other pertinent information  SILENT AUCTION – Please give serious consideration to making a donation to this fun event. In the past we’ve had a week-long time share, sports tickets, artistic glassware, medical textbooks, baskets of all kinds, framed posters, designer bags, and priceless wine!! Contact Dr. Joel Herron joelherron@msn.com or Cynthia Bartunek ODAExec@neo.rr.com . Also, speak with your pharma reps…donations of products such as fillers or a basket of cosmetic items are great for the auction. Thanks in advance!!  The Third Annual Resident Poster Competition will be held. Please encourage your residents to participate. Contact our Resident Trustee, Dr. Novie Sroa at novie.sroa@osumc.edu for information.  We will be including a Job Fair within the exhibit area this year. If your facility is looking for a dermatologist, please consider participating. Registration forms can soon be found on the website www.ohderm.org > Meeting Planning & Forms > Job Fair (this may not be up and running until 8/6/09…please be patient). Table fee is $100 plus an additional $35 for each electrical outlet needed.  DR. WALTER SHELLEY…As you know, Dr. Shelley passed away on January 30, 2009. The ODA Board would like to include a tribute to him in this year’s annual meeting booklet. If you would like to make a contribution to this page, please send your thoughts to Cynthia at ODAExec@neo.rr.com . 3) Procedural Dermatology  As previously mentioned, the ODA Board of Trustees voted to oppose the procedural dermatology certification. Dr. Gottwald sent a letter to Dr. Horowitz of the American Board of Medical Specialties.
  3. 3.  A copy of letter from ASDS July 8, 2009 ASDS Board Acts on Proposed Procedural Dermatology Certification Dear Dr. Herron, Last night, the ASDS Board of Directors met to discuss our position and possible action on the proposed Procedural Dermatology Certification by the American Board of Dermatology. The Board discussed the pros and cons in detail. Every board member was present at the session and was given time to express their views. Great emphasis was placed on several factors, including: o ASDS membership survey results and emails; o the American Board of Dermatology's application to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), including the proposed grandfather clause and qualifying case table; o the actions of state and national dermatologic societies; and o the current realities and evolving dynamics of dermatologic surgery. The very significant level of ASDS member protest weighed heavily on the Board's decision. I am writing to inform you that the Board voted to oppose the proposed Procedural Dermatology Certification in its present form. A motion was approved to allow me to express our concerns in writing and in person at the August 7th ABMS Committee on Certification, Subcertification, Recertification and Maintenance of Certification (COCERT) Meeting in Chicago, IL. While we continue to strive to raise the bar for excellence in dermatologic surgery and to seek new opportunities to demonstrate our expertise in surgical procedures, it is the Board's opinion that neither the current proposal with the exclusive grandfather provisions, nor the term "procedural dermatology" helps to achieve these goals. Dermatologic surgery, in addition to Mohs surgery and reconstruction/repair, encompasses all of skin surgery including cryosurgery, lasers, chemical peels, botulinum toxins, fillers, phlebology, liposuction and many other procedures most of which dermatologic surgeons developed. The ASDS Board decision was also based on the fact that the proposed certification is not inclusive of these procedures to the extent it should be and therefore does not truly reflect the current practice of dermatologic surgery. As the single largest dermatologic surgery organization in the country, the ASDS has a particular interest and expertise in the proposed Procedural Dermatology Certification and any future opportunities to demonstrate our expertise in dermatologic surgery. Thanks to all of you who took the time to share thoughtful and detailed opinions about this issue that is very important to the ASDS, its members and the dermatology community at-large. As we move forward to developing better pathways toward demonstrating and certifying our surgical expertise, I encourage you to keep in touch with me regarding your viewpoints on this issue. Sincerely, Robert A., Weiss, MD President, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery
  4. 4. 4) Physician Extenders At the ODA Annual Business Meeting in September 2008, the membership voted to accept physician extenders (PE) as ODA members. Please visit our website www.ohderm.org >member info for an application. The membership fee for a PE is 75% of a Fellow member, which presently equals $187.50 ($150 for general membership and $37.50 for special assessment). Applications are being accepted for 2009-10. Beginning with the 2010 annual meeting, the fee structure will follow that of a member/non-member. The bylaws section pertaining to physician extenders reads as follows: F. Physician Extender - Any individual meeting the following criteria: (1) hold a license from the Ohio Medical or Nursing Board to practice as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner and (2) is currently employed by a physician who holds Fellow or Associate membership in the ODA. If the individual ceases to be employed by a Fellow or Associate member of the ODA, they shall be automatically dropped from the roll of the Corporation. They shall immediately be eligible for membership if employed by a Member or Fellow of the ODA in the future but must pay a new membership fee. Physician Extender members may not hold office in the Corporation but may serve on committees at the discretion of the President. 5) 2009-10 Trustee Candidates…Ballots will be mailed late August District 1: Drs. Guillermo Sicard, James Libecco, Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga, and Jonathan Bass District 2: Drs. Linda Rupert, G. Scott Drew, and Michael Conroy District 3: Drs. Karl Kellawan and Jennifer Ridge 6) The ODA Summer Newsletter (July 2009) was mailed about ten days ago and should have been received by all members. If you did not receive one, please notify Cynthia at ODAExec@neo.rr.com 7) Need for peer review at OSMB. June 16, 2009 Roy H. Thomas, MD, President Ohio State Medical Association The Elyria Eye Clinic, Inc. 850 East Broad Street Elyria, OH 44035-6559 Dear Dr. Thomas: On behalf of the Ohio Dermatological Association, I am writing about an issue, which affects all physicians in Ohio: the need for reform of the Ohio State Medical Board (OSMB). Several of our constituents have reported concerns regarding the current functioning of the Board, specifically about the process with which it investigates physician complaints and the lack of an appropriate peer review process for such.
  5. 5. Currently, any individual or group can anonymously register a complaint to the OSMB against a physician for any reason. While this protects the reporting party against fears of retribution or other consequences, it also allows reporting for reasons that may or may not be founded. For instance, dissatisfied patients, disgruntled employees and/ or competitors involved in the investigation. This includes typically only one or two experts within the medical market can form such a complaint with possible secondary motives of malice, political or economical gains and so forth. Once a complaint is registered, a very small group of people is then witnesses, and an individual in charge of oversight of the investigation, appointed by the OSMB. The latter is not a physician, and may or may not understand all the medical ramifications of the case. Subsequently, any investigation of a complaint against a physician’s license is one that can cause significant stress, expense and time. The concern of the Ohio Dermatological Association is that there is no peer-review process as part of an investigation stemming from standard of care complaints. Without knowledge of a specific medical specialty, it can be difficult if not impossible to determine the relevance of a complaint, especially if extenuating circumstances exist. Peer-review would therefore assure reasonable cases with justifiable merit pass to the hands of the Board for further action. Currently, Ohio is in the minority; it does not initiate a peer-review process, unlike the majority of other states. It is suggested by the Ohio Dermatological Association that the implementation of a peer-review process be implemented by the Ohio State Medical Board. This is to benefit not only those within our specialty, but across all specialties that are not represented on the Ohio State Medical Board proper by its physician members. The Ohio Dermatological Association would strongly like to work with and encourage the Ohio State Medical Association to take up the mantle of pursuing peer-review as a process to evaluate complaints against the licensure to the Ohio State Medical Board. Such a change can only be positive for our state. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further. Thank you for your consideration and the work you do on behalf of the physicians here in Ohio. Sincerely, Lorie D. Gottwald, MD ODA President 8) Tanning Bill HB 173 All of you have received the email from Dr. Barich requesting you to write to your legislators and to the Consumer Affairs and Economic Protection Committee, which is where the bill is now, regarding the passage of HB 173. Please do not hesitate to write a letter today. Below are the names/addresses of the committee members. All USPS addresses are 77 High Street, (add floor #), Columbus, OH 43215. Matt Lundy, Chair – 614.644.5076 – District57@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 12 Michael Skindell, Vice Chair – 614.466.5921 – District13@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 13 Ted Celeste – 614.644.6005 – District24@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 13 Denise Driehaus – 614.466.5786 – District31@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 13 Steve Dyer – 614.466.1790 – District43@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 12 Dan Stewart – 614.466.1896 – District25@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 12
  6. 6. Vernon Sykes – 614.466.3100 – District44@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 13 Shannon Jones – 614.644.6027 – District67@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 10 Kevin Bacon – 614.644.6030 – District21@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 10 Bill Coley – 614.466.8550 – District55@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 10 Bob Hackett – 614.466.1460 – District84@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 11 Cliff Hite – 614.466.3819 – District76@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 11 Jim Zehringer – 614.466.6344 – District77@ohr.state.oh.us - Floor 11 A letter can also be sent to: Chairman Matt Lundy and Members Consumer Affairs and Economic Protection Committee 77 High Street, Floor 12 Columbus, OH 43215 Speaker Armond Budish and Members House of Representatives 77 High Street, Floor 14 Columbus, OH 43215