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My testimony

  1. 1. Samuel-Jim-Amutuhaire | Twitter: @samueljim1 Tel: 0705605963/0781443566 MY TESTIMONY I AM JESUS IN ME
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION y name is Samuel Amutuhaire, literally meaning that “We asked for him from the Lord, and He gave him to us” derived from the book of 1Samuel1:20. It was given to me by my dear parents Mr. & Mrs. Kosam Bainomugisha, who, I believe, prayed to and believed God to have me as their first born. I was born on 24th October, 1993, in Ibanda which is currently a district. By that time, my father had been transferred to Ibanda Integrated Primary School as a head teacher and my mother as a teacher, having been newly and happily wedded in 1992. I grew up a quiet and healthy baby boy, so heavy, handsome, and never used to cry a lot. I definitely do not have an idea what happened in my life from birth up to the age I was able to attend Sunday school. While in Sunday school, I was taught a lot about God, the bible, heaven, hell, and other interesting things about life. I used to sing, act in drama, tried to lead in prayers because I was shy, it was real fun. I loved Sunday school. But of course, this was not going to be forever, time came and I had to quit Sunday school after getting confirmed, as it was the tradition. The rest of my life stories are told in the chapters that follow after this. My prayer is that you don‟t read this just for fun, let God show you how faithful, caring, loving, forgiving and enduring He is to us from the time we are born to the far that He has brought us. I admit that this is a little long, but I did it this way to show you every detail about my life. Please take your time to read, no matter how many days it takes, as long as you finish it. May be this will inspire you to write your own life story, you never know, it may inspire, encourage or save a soul out there. May God bless you as you continue to read…… M
  3. 3. PAGE 1 MY LIFE AT IBANDA INTEGRATED P/S. I started school at a very young age, things of nursery, top, middle, funny stuff, but I was six when I joined P.1. I was taught by many teachers throughout school, I might not acknowledge all of them. I enjoyed all the subjects, except Maths which really gave me a hard time. I will share about this later. I was a very innocent young boy until life began to change gradually as I continued my studies through p.2, p.3, and p.4. While in p.4, I made friends, some were good, some were not good, but all of them impacted my life, some positively, others negatively, I thank God for both groups, but in this chapter, I will talk about the “not good” group. Everyone knows what peer pressure means, that‟s exactly what was about to ruin my life in p.4. The friends I made at that age were a little older than I was, and many of the things they enjoyed doing were not all that good. They used to jazz me the movies they watch every evening after school, how they would steal, talk about the obscene language they would be using, name it. You know what happens in peer groups. Now this did not spare my innocence, I started following suit, using that language on my sibling at that time, my brother Jotham, stealing from mum and dad, and other people, enjoying the money they would give to me for offertory, I thought it was fun, but it really spoilt me. I started performing poorly in class, and Maths now was even worse. The only thing that kept me going was he background I got from Sunday school, and the constant advice I would get from my parents and teachers. My life became even worse when I reached in p.5, I became so stubborn, I was so misbehaved at home, and I started getting my parents worried. I did like my younger brother because every time I would do wrong, he would
  4. 4. PAGE 2 report me, and my mum would beat me. My friends seduced me to go to cinema halls, but I feared, I never went there, but I would steal money, buy watches, balls for friends to play, eats for them to eat, oh God, I was weird. During that time, I joined the school choir, after being inspired by my parents who were trainers in the choir, I started singing, and acting in drama, and my dad taught me how to play the xylophone. I started being proud, and as a boy, I would want girls to like me, but most of them were older than me, and I was shy, so I used to keep a distance, but when I would get chance, I would try to make votes. There is one particular thing I thank God for; I was tempted many times, at different ages to fornicate with different girls (3 in particular), but I really thank God who would never allow it to happen, and kept me a virgin till now But all this was nonsense, my parents later realized that I was losing the track, and my teachers had also started giving up on me, and so they planned to change my school. This did not take long, after my p.5, I was shifted from Ibanda Integrated School, to Mbarara Junior School, which I will talk about in the next chapter. But all in all, my life completely changed n p.4 and p.5, due to the friends I made, and the decisions I started making out of influence. And by the way at this age and time, I didn’t know how to wash clothes, cook, cleanup here and there, and sometimes I would be forced to shower, I was a terrible son.
  5. 5. PAGE 3 MY LIFE AT MBARARA JUNIOR SCHOOL. I was shifted to Mbarara Junior School at the time when I had been promoted to p.6. I passed my interviews fairly well, and by the time school reopened, I was ready to go to another school. Something I didn‟t know was that my parents wanted me to join the boarding section, and having been at home from the day I was born up to p.5, I didn‟t like the idea. So I refused to join the boarding section, in the headmaster‟s office, and my parents had no other option but to look for another place for me to stay. So stubborn. Am sure they made a few phone calls here and there, and finally, the family of my beloved uncle and auntie Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Mercy Tibendezana agreed to host me and take care of me as I went to school. Good enough they had a daughter at that time who was going to the same school, but a year ahead of me. So we used to move together to school every day. The distance from home to school was a little long, so we had to wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, cook some food to park, and then walk to school. They never had and still don‟t have a maid, so we had to do everything by ourselves. Remember I didn‟t even know how to cook water, so it was a whole new world to me this time. I felt nervous, I missed home, but I couldn‟t help it, lazy me. Day by day I started learning how to cook, wash clothes, light the stove, and many other house work activities. It wasn‟t easy, but I had to do it. My first day in class was the worst. The first teacher new my parents, and everything about me mattered to him, the first one being my hand writing. I was beaten on the first day because of poor handwriting. Oh my, I felt like flying home, the teacher made to write all the alphabets with a pen, each one filling 2 lines, until I got it right. Several days after that incident, my handwriting changed, and I remember I wrote my first letter to my parents,
  6. 6. PAGE 4 sending them greetings, with my new handwriting. The days that followed, Maths became a problem again, I couldn‟t do better, and my teacher really wanted me to perform, so he was hard on me, gosh, I hated that time. Day by day, I made new friends, I wasn‟t good at it though, but I tried, it was so interesting having new friends. I endured all the new and strange things until the term ended, thank God I was not in any trouble. I went home that time, and I was eager to tell the stories about how I could cook, wash, cleanup, name it. It was fun. Truth is that, my life started changing again, slowly by slowly, I started to learn to respect people, to behave well in public, look after myself, and generally I wasn‟t the same. I went for the second term, life at my new was not any different from trying to cope with living with a different family, adopting new behaviors, name it. At school, the administration was informed that I was in the school choir, the headmaster came to our class and asked me to join the choir immediately. I was shy, but I had to get used to the new personalities in the choir that I was going to join. I was on the xylophone again, dancing, singing and acting. It was fun, I enjoyed it. Of course there were many scandals, many of them I don‟t quite remember, but I enjoyed my time there. I remember I was given a gift of a flask for playing the xylophone, haaaa, that was one of my glorious days in primary school. I remember it was a speech day, and my mother had come and was seated in the audience, I didn‟t know, and when they read my name, I saw her come out from the many, and walked in front and hugged me, man, I felt like, yeah, that‟s my mama. I really thank God for that time. Anyway, I tried my best to make things work out in class, made it to p.7, and at this time, I had to join the boarding section. I had learnt a lot from my uncle‟s place, and I could somehow manage to take care of myself.
  7. 7. PAGE 5 I still cannot say that life was straight at my uncle‟s place, me and his children made mistakes, we messed things up here and there, but that would not go without some sort of disciplining, and am really grateful for that, it shaped us and later made us people of value. That one year turned everything around, I was completely changed, my speech, conduct and everything about me was new. I really cannot go on without appreciating this man‟s family for what they did to and for me. I can hardly forget one incident that happened while I was still staying there; one day, my cousin sister forgot to put off the stove well, so it remained with a fire. She put it under one of our beds, and we all set off for school. For the whole day, no one would go back home, all of us would go back in the evening. During that time, I had a bruise on my butt, so I just came and slept, no one knew about it. While I was sleeping, my uncle and auntie were seated in the compound, outside the house, and suddenly they saw some smoke coming out through the window of our bedroom. My uncle came in to check what was going on, he realized the smoke was coming from under the bed, so he removed the mattress, guess what, it came with fire, and the whole room was filled with smoke, as he tried to put off the fire and take the mattress out, I was suffocated and woke up coughing, he tried to make sure I moved out safely, gosh, I will never forget that day. Automatically after the incidence, they asked me why I was sleeping, because it was unusual, so I had to tell them about my bruise, and my uncle worked on it, you know those things, so painful. But generally I thank God I survived being burnt that day, and our house also survived the fire. Back to school: I joined boarding section in p.7 and tried to work hard. I was then joined by a good friend of mine at that time from my home area [Isaac] and we both struggled to get the best. We were both stubborn, and so they made us to
  8. 8. PAGE 6 sit in the second row in class. We had other 2 stubborn friends, so the teacher made the four of us to sit together on one desk, we were the only boys who were sitting together in the whole class. I still had my challenge of Maths, and every time our papers would be brought, I would be among the first people to be beaten because we would be having F9s, it was horrible, but all in all, it was a struggle. Many things happened, I can‟t remember all of them, but we read, we played, we had fun, until the long awaited day, when we finished our final PLE exam. We were so excited, they collected us from school [me and Isaac], my dad had bought a car, I didn‟t know about that until we reached home, and vacation started. Isaac and I spent the whole vacation together, riding car wheels, driving our own made cars, visiting each other, it was really interesting. My mother promised to buy me a bicycle if I got 10 aggregates and below. There was a crusade held by a group of missioners from Bugolobi, Kampala, in our home town on the 31st of December, 2005, during our vacation. All along, I had not given my life to Christ, even if I was involved a lot in Christian things. My dad drove me to town and when we reached at the crusade, he told me to remain there and wait for him, because he had to finish some business somewhere. I found my friends there making fun of what was going on, I joined them, but as time went on, God called me, I heard Him, so I moved in front, and gave my life to Christ that day. One of the missioners was my auntie, Juliet, she wrote my name and thanked me for making the decision. I didn‟t quite understand what I was going into, but I wasn‟t worried anyway. This is the one thing that would change my life forever. I, therefore, entered the New Year as a new creation. Three weeks later, PLE results came but unfortunately, Isaac and I got 13. I just loved the fact that we got the same aggregates, but I hated the fact that I missed the first grade by one aggregate. But you know, these things
  9. 9. PAGE 7 happen. My first choice was Mbarara High School, I really wanted to be there. So I trusted this God that I had accepted in my life, things were not easy for my dad to get the vacancy, but after a long struggle, I was I got one. I was so excited and happy. That was my first answered prayer. I started to prepare for the new level of education, environment and life all together. I will share more about this in the next chapter, where I believe the best about my life started to happen, you don‟t want to miss this……
  10. 10. PAGE 8 MY LIFE AT MBARARA HIGH SCHOOL My first day at Mbarara High School (Chaapa) is one of those memorable days I will never forget. It had been my long time desire to join the School, after being inspired by how they Scripture Union choir would sing and dance in church every Sunday when we would go for service [Mbarara Junior School is near Chaapa, so they would lead our service], therefore that day, I was extra thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to join that great school. We registered, went to our allocated dormitories, and settled to start school. When I reached in my dormitory, [Cairo] I was welcomed by a group of boys, who took my mattress, case and helped me to lay my bed, and organized stuff for me. I was thinking, “How can these guys be so kind?” and the next thing I heard from them was “Give us bunena” to mean popcorns… of course I was prepared for such, according to the briefing I had from relatives and friends before I left home. So I gave them and everything was fine. I had to rest, wait for supper and start experience the new life altogether. I really thank God for all he led me through as a new comer, of course we had to be teased here and there, we had to bring hot water for the old boys, wash for them, do house work, but God gave me favor, I did what I had to do, and I never issues with the boys… The first weekend after reporting, I was looking for somewhere to go, what to do, people to talk to, and when I was still in that confusion, moving on the compound, a cousin brother of mine, Mark Bijegye, found me and didn‟t even ask me if I was doing something, but told me something that kept me going throughout my school life, and he said, “Come and I take you to a place you will always be!” He took me to the dining hall where the chapel choir was practicing from. So from that day, I joined the choir, they
  11. 11. PAGE 9 welcomed me and I really felt at home. Now this was the beginning of a whole new world in my life. At that time, I was still young in age, (probably 13), and I didn‟t know exactly how to live like a Christian, I had not surrendered myself wholly to God, I had not yielded myself to Him, for his service and ministry, so I was still stubborn a little bit and still had my former weaknesses. (This was basically between s.1 and s.2) I remember I used to dodge choir practices and fellowships for football and watching, sometimes I would attend praise and worship, and then go immediately after the session, to watch movies with the other students. In the dormitory, I started getting used to the students, and so many times we would be making fun, cracking jokes, and all that funny talk…. Infact, my roommates used to say that they would love to have a lifestyle like mine if they were to be born again, just because I was living a double standard life. I had not made clear choices in life, I was both in the world and in the church, trying to satisfy my fleshly desires, thinking that life had to be like that; doing what u want, any time you feel like, no stress, no commitments, generally what many people call “living my own life!” Because of that, the devil started working out my destruction, I would dodge fellowships for soccer, cheating exams, trying to find money here and there so as to buy the luxurious things I wanted like watches, radios, and would sometimes be tempted to steal some money to buy these things. I was just a few inches from being messed up, and this faithful God we serve came to my rescue. In senior three, I decided to attend the annual scripture union regional conference, normally held at Chaapa during the second term holiday. The theme was „Equipped to transform‟, and this was when I met my revival. The messages that were preached, the facilitators, speakers, generally the whole package was prepared for me I think. By the end of that conference,
  12. 12. PAGE 10 my life had been transformed, I was made new, I saw the light, my mind was renewed, and I really appreciate that time. I then started making friends of value, I committed myself to ministry, I let go of my former ways and started a new life all together. The choice I made that time was the beginning of the kind of person I am now. I read the word of God, learnt from Him, submitted to Him, and allowed Him work within me, and within me. I joined a ministry (Hunger For Christ), which built me up in faith and ministry (thanks to Timothy Babweteera, Martin Mbaga, Collins Turyatemba). We would visit the sick in the sickbay, pray for them, we would meet on Sundays to share the word, and God really did great things in our lives through it all. The challenge I still had was with my academic performance. I still had issues with Maths, then Chemistry and Agriculture. I used to hate them since I was failing them like no man‟s business. I felt bad! By God‟s grace, in the last term of senior four, during the last month towards the final exams (UNEB), the Lord changed my attitude towards those subjects, and with the help of a friend (Arinaitwe Ernest) whom I used to sit with in class, I managed to understand the concepts, worked a little harder than before, and at the end of it all, I scored a Distinction 1 in Maths and credit 5 in both Chemistry and Agriculture (this was a performance I had never attained throughout my whole life of study), and excelled with aggregate 22. My parents were shocked, especially about the way I did Maths, but it was all by the grace of God. I even composed my first songs during that year, the first one being Provider which I dedicated to our brothers who had issues with school fees in our fellowship, then the second one was Ori Ruhanga (formerly He is Lord), which I did in my vacation, while waiting for my results. During that time, my faith was so high in that after finishing senior four, I left my property at school, because I was sure that I would be called on merit for HSC, and so it was. I was given HED/Ent, but I requested for a change and I was later given PEM/Art (not to go into so much details), I had
  13. 13. PAGE 11 not offered Art in O level, but I believed I would it. We started first term, experiencing a whole new world again. I stood for class class-monitor ship and made it. Then second term, I stood for councilor ship and made it, stood for publicity information secretary and made it on the council executive. I then got challenges in the fellowship with someone who had been mentoring and training us in the chapel choir, due to miscommunications, rumor mongering and a few misunderstandings. I never knew that god was preparing me for ministry, but after that tough time, I was chosen as the choir leader on the S.U committee, I even got an opportunity to compose the theme song for the conference that time, generally, God continued to be good in my life. Third term of S.5, I got an experience I will never forget about trusting God, because it was not easy to get promoted to s.6, but all in all, God made it for me. A few other things I thank God for during those two years of HSC include; the accident I had trying to drive my dad‟s car, I knocked our store, the car was damaged, but I was not hurt. Senior six first term, I was going to bank my whole amount of school fees (620,000shs by then), and some guy stole it from me, but still God was faithful, and He provided. During S.6, our elder sister died towards my mock exams, but still God saw us through it. We thank the people who stood with us. After S.6, I got an opportunity to go to Nairobi-Kenya for a Christian camp, I really had fun, and it empowered my life the more. After that, I got a job at Kibubura Girls School, as a librarian, and as time went on, I worked as a Computer discussant and lab attendant at the same time. It was a testing, challenging, life changing and enjoyable time there also. Being a single girls‟ school, I had to endure the stubbornness, excitement and all those experiences of working in such an environment as a young man, but God saw me through still with no spot. Am grateful to the administration and staff of the school for allowing me to work with them.
  14. 14. PAGE 12 In April 2012, when I was still in my vacation, my mother suffered a kidney failure and life was not easy from that time till early this year 2013, when she had a kidney transplant from India. We had a hard time at home, getting money to pay tuition and fees for my little sister who was starting senior one at Maryhill high school, my brother who was going to senior, and myself at campus. We serve a great God, awesome in power, and by His might, he led His people to support us in love, prayer and financially. We all got fees and needs, my mum was successfully operated, thanks to the donor, her sister. I really can‟t say it all. When I came to the university, I only had the money I had worked for during my vacation, because all the money at home was being saved for my mum‟s treatment. By grace, Brother Mark Bijegye, the one who saw me start senior one in fellowship, offered to have me stay with him, so I didn‟t have to pay rent, and up to now, am still staying with him, and God has done great things for us, together. My performance at campus has been good and I thank God for the course that am doing (Computer Science), hoping for the best out of it. My life is now a granary of favor, blessings, hope, joy and happiness. God has made me a testimony and every time, I encourage myself to be devoted to what is good, because I believethat there are people out there who are inspired by my every action, people who look up to me, people I encourage, and so my prayer is always that God should reign in me, so that all will see his goodness in me, come to know him through me, and find meaning of life through the things that He does in my life. CONCLUSION
  15. 15. PAGE 13 I appreciate the effort and labor of my parents to see me through life, like paying fees, praying for me, loving me, encouraging and teaching me, and may God satisfy them with long life. I also appreciate the friends that saw me grow in Spirit, by being patient with me in ministry, teaching me and helping me understand the word of God, loving me, praying for me, Friends who have been there for me in time of hardship and trouble, friends who care, I really do not take it for granted that God brought such people into my life. There are definitely a lot of things I did not write about because I cannot completely explain the details, [they are better said, than written] but I believe as I continue with life, the testimony will also continue to be bigger and bigger... Though, I strongly believe that what I wrote about can be helpful to someone who really has not found the real meaning of life, or someone who thinks that may be some people never do or go through certain things in life, but at the end of the day, you will find that its only by grace that we can stand.[2 Cor 12:9 But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me! AMP] May God open the eyes of your heart that you will see Him, that you will completely yield yourself to Him, so that your life will bear much fruit, and you will never remain the same. God bless you, as you also live to tell your testimony about the goodness of the Lord.