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Newsletter for a church I produced and edited.

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News Jan08 1

  1. 1. Fervent Fire Ministries/ Real Church Volume 1 Issue 2 Spring 2008 The Fire Flyer A Night of Vision event. Dur- Fervent Fire Ministries ing the eve- hosted “A Night of Vision” ning, New Year’s Eve night at Inside this issue: guests Real Church in downtown were ex- Tulsa. Apostles Scott and plained the Christine Lovett invited 2 Apostles Acclamation vision in a several special guests and power point supporters of Fervent Fire 2 Prophets Proclamation presenta- Ministries to hear about tion along the vision of Fervent Fire with praise and how that vision is pro- 3 Evangelists Exhortation and wor- gressing along. Guests 3 Teacher’s Treatise ship music was given a gift basket out 4 Music Notes of Fire with the Real of their appreciation. Each Church praise table was hosted by a lady team. Apostle of Real Church who pro- Scott Lovett vided fine china and deco- also recog- rations. Real Church Youth nized several functioned as servers and different sup- waiters for each table. Sev- porters for eral church and ministries their continu- were represented including Special Articles ous and faith- One Body Fellowship in of Interest ful support of Tulsa pastored by Erica the ministry over the years. and Greg Smith, New Hope were treated to a catered 8 Kenya Orphanage One such supporter at- Fellowship with Melvin and multi-course meal pre- tends Real Church and pared specifically for this Continued on pg 5 8 Missionary to China Christmas Communion Service 9 It’s A Wedding! Real Church held a special elements and Apostle 23, 2007 to commemo- communion service on Scott Lovett preached a rate not only the birth of 12 mes- Jesus Christ but Calendar of Events sage on also how his birth com- led to His death munion and our re-birth. unlike Each department many in participated, the con- even the chil- dren. Elder Alex lit the candles Sunday morning December and prepared the Continued on pg 5
  2. 2. Page 2 Apostolic Acclamation: Don’t be Caught Dead in That Apostles How many of you have hood. But we do. How do I Col 3:5-8. “So put to death kept clothes from your know because the Lord the sinful, earthly things childhood and still put magnified an old spiritual lurking within you. Have them on? I wish I could still garment of mine to me nothing to do with sexual wear clothes that I wore that needs to be burned. I sin, impurity, lust, and when I got married, but reacted to a certain situa- shameful desires. Don’t be that’s another issue. The tion in my life in a way that greedy for the good things point is I don’t think one of I had done on several oc- of this life, for that is idola- can put on clothes from casions in the past and try. God’s terrible anger our childhood and still look knew was wrong but this will come upon those who Scott and Christine Lovett right or feel comfortable. time, it felt so disappoint- do such things. You used But in the spiritual things ing, ugly, despicable and to do them when you life of life too many of us are uncomfortable and I knew was still part of this world. going to our spiritual clos- it had to go. One way I can But now is the time to get ets and putting on our personally describe it is rid of anger, rage, mali- childish attitudes, lusts, that it was like wearing cious behavior, slander, reasoning’s reactions, ac- something from my child- and dirty language. Don’t tions, patterns, hurts, hood closet, way too tight, lie to each other, for you etc…. It makes about as uncomfortable and some- have stripped off your old much sense for people thing I should not be wear- evil nature and all its walking with the Lord to ing anymore. I could not wicked deeds. In its place continue to go back and shake the way I had re- you have clothes your- put on the old things of our sponded. That’s when the selves with a brand new lives as it does to put on Lord began dealing nature that is continually our clothes from our child- strongly with me through Continued on pg 4 Prophetic Proclamation: It’s A New Gate in 2008! Prophets Christ Himself (Rev 3:12). wilderness, and rivers in One of the most profound God is a God of the living the desert.” (Isaiah 43:18- things Jesus did was to not the dead. When some- 19). introduce mankind to a thing or someone is alive, new era, a new way to get there is always a newness One of the ways that God to God, a new testament of and freshness to its life. chooses to use me is Gods plan. through writing poetry. I Animals shed skin periodi- have always loved reading We see the word new over cally and seasons change. and writing and enjoy a and over again in our New All of these things were good play on words. I hap- Samuel and Susan Gould Testament. We see we created by God to bring pen to also study a multi- have newness of life forth newness. God is al- ple of languages and am (Romans 6:4), newness of ways interested in starting captivated on the various spirit (Romans 7:6), are a sounds of words and how something new. new creature (2 Corin- they flow together in a thians 5:17), speak with The prophet Isaiah tells us rhythm. new tongues (Mark 16:17), to not focus on the old but live a new way (Hebrews instead get ready for and It just so happened that as 10:20), and finally at the embrace the new. I was praying about what culmination of all things a “Remember ye not the the Lord would want to say new heaven and new earth former things, neither con- about the coming year I (2 Peter 3:13), with the sider the things of old. Be- began to hear the Holy capital city of New Jerusa- hold, I will do a new thing; Spirit speak to my heart lem (Revelation 3:12). We now it shall spring forth; about a new gate in 2008. will also at that time be shall ye not know it? I will given a new name by Jesus even make a way in the Continued on pg 6
  3. 3. Page 3 Evangelists Exhortation: Renew the Relationship Evangelists I normally don't hand write out talking about whatever school so everyone else is anything, but on this day, and the baby screams to still asleep except for Ja- Monday, December kob. The sound of 10, the power is rain, perhaps freez- out, so no typey- ing rain, hitting the typey on the com- vent on the roof is puter. It's interest- about the only ing how quiet it is sound. There are without the noise of no lights to turn on, Nick and Dana Dodson the TV and com- so I'm writing this by puter. Typically in the light coming in our house, Joy, my at the window be- 4 year old, is watch- hind the couch. ing some DVD in her Funny how in dark- room, Jubilee, the ness we can find a 16 month old, is light to work by. I watching something read my Bible today on the TV in the after waking up to living room, and turn on the cook either music or stove for heat. I some random video had gotten out of from stage6, YouTube or celebrate everything Elmo the habit of reading just to GodTube is playing on the does. find out something new. I computer. Then, of still read, everyday, multi- course, Joy comes in and But today there is no Continued on pg 7 Teacher’s Treatise: All Things Are Become New Teachers/Counselors eating properly in January? fixed purpose to bring new- Once again we are at that Once Valentine’s Day ness and to renew. time of year when every- comes around the resolu- one makes their “New tion to eat healthier is his- Genesis 1:2-3 reads, “And Year’s Resolution.” Of tory. the earth was without form course, within a few and void; and darkness months, if not weeks or One of the many meanings was on the face of the even a few days, many of to the word “resolution” is deep. And the Spirit of us if not all of us will slide firm determination or firm- God moved upon the face back into the old patterns. ness of resolve. A few of of the waters. And God Paul and Deborah Camuti the meanings to the word said, Let there be light: Two areas that are clear “resolve” is determination and there was light.” examples of this are diet or fixity of purpose. As and exercise. Go to any Born Again, Holy Spirit The next verse goes on to fitness center in January. filled believers, Christians say that God separated the Everyone and his uncle is should have a corner mar- light from the darkness. pumping iron, running the ket on the “New Year’s Think about it. The earth treadmill, plodding on the Resolution,” DAILY as op- was in disorder and chaos stair-stepper and sweating posed to yearly. Why? (the actual meanings of like pigs. By February Because we have the Spirit void and without form). most of the members are of the Living God dwelling Darkness was on the face the old dedicated reliable in us that raised Christ of the deep. God did folks. The “resolution” from the dead (Romans something new. He cre- folks are practically non 8:11). The very nature of ated order from disorder, existent. God is that He is resolute, created order from chaos. determined and has a How many people start Continued on pg 7
  4. 4. Page 4 Don’t Be Caught cont... Pastors being renewed as you lous he looks and that he cuses, reasoning’s of why learn more and more cannot wear it to the wed- you continue or remember about Christ, who created ding. The attitude of her how you used to be able to this new nature within was, you wear that, you fit into it, the Word shows you.” We are to take off the won’t be going. Well, the you otherwise. It is time to old things just like taking attitude of the Lord is you put on new garments. Look off old clothes that don’t wear that, you won’t be at Colossians 3:12-15. fit. Attitudes, lusts, pat- going to THE wedding. “Since God chose you to terns of this world should People of God we cannot be the holy people whom not fit us anymore as Chris- continue to wear our past He loves, you must clothe Scott and Christine Lovett tians. I was reminded of garments and be invited to yourselves with tender- the movie, “Father of the the wedding. They no hearted mercy, kindness, Bride” and the scene longer fit. Look in the re- humility, gentleness, and where the Father informs flection of the Word and patience. You must make his daughter and wife that see that the way you treat allowance for each other’s there is no use in him rent- people, the way you look faults and forgive the per- ing a tux because he can at people, the way you talk son who offends you. Re- wear his old one from his to and react to people, the member, the Lord forgave Pastor wedding. He goes to put it things you do in secret, you, so must forgive oth- on in his attic, and he the anger, bitterness, jeal- ers. And the most impor- thinks he still looks good ousy you hold in your heart tant piece of clothing you even though it’s outdated, and your disobedience must wear is love. Love is too tight and too short. Of does not look good on you. what binds us all together course when his wife sees No matter how much you in perfect harmony. And let it she tells him how ridicu- dress it up with your ex- Continued on pg 6 Music Notes of Fire: It’s A Girl! Music Pastors This month, Real Church tions and 2 1/2 months of music pastors John and bedrest, they actually Stephanie Holler proudly chose to induce me into announce the birth of their labor! God has a sense of daughter Rachel Anne Hol- humor! We thank God ler born on December 3, every day for the miracle of 2007 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. our little baby girl. I am Rachel Anne Holler came thankful for good doctors, into this world amidst diffi- but I know that many John and Stephanie Holler cult circumstances. At 21 prayers saved my baby's weeks into the pregnancy, she was located in my life. Rachel is quite an I was told there was a high womb. At that time, there amazing little girl. She is possibility that she could was little to no chance of very alert and bright and come at any time due to survival. So they checked she has begun to figure my anatomy and where me every week, performed out the cause and effect of tests and gave me various things. This includes show- shots and pills. They de- ing Daddy that she wants cided the first week of Sep- him to make that funny tember that I needed to go sound again by sticking on strict bedrest, getting her tongue out and blow- up only to use the rest- ing. She likes to move a lot room. Later on they al- so we may have quite an lowed me a little more active little toddler! I can freedom, but not now only begin to under- much. After 2 hospitaliza- stand how much children
  5. 5. Page 5 Night of Vision Cont... to share and pass on the vision of Fervent Fire Min- istries in downtown Tulsa. If you would like more in- formation on how to get “Fervent Fire involved with this dynamic Ministries...plans to vision, contact us at Real Church and be sure to make this an annual check out page 13 of this event...” newsletter to help us. Queen Johnson of Tulsa, Fire Ministries New Beginnings Church in and Real Perry, OK with pastors Church plan to Lynn and Linda Sadowsky, make this an Missionary Cynthia Huff annual event with Harvest International for all the sup- Ministries and Richard Pew porters of the of Emmanuel Chapel in ministry and as Coffeyville, KS. Fervent an opportunity Christmas Communion cont... Lovett with Christmas gifts. gregation had ever heard. Apostle Scott had been After the message, the using a com- puter monitor “The congregation filed that was blurry and difficult to in line…to use. The lead- partake...together in ership pooled resources to- holy communion” gether and purchased a brand new HP several different gifts from flat screen for the congregational mem- him to use in bers. his office. Pas- congregation filed in line to receive holy communion. After the service, Real Church leadership pre- sented Apostle’s and Pas- tor Christine also received tor’s Scott and Christine
  6. 6. Page 6 Don’t Be Caught cont... the peace that comes WE have to put them on. Jeremiah 31:20. “Is not from Christ rule in your We have the choice every- Israel still my son, my dar- hearts. For as members of day people of God to leave ling child? Asks the Lord. I “...Don’t be caught one body you are called to our clothes hanging in the had to punish him, but I live in peace. And always closet or to put them on, or still love him. I long for him dead wearing those old be thankful.” It’s time that even to dig up old clothes and surely will have mercy clothes…” we clean out our old gar- from our past and put on him.” You might be ments in our them on. kicking yourself now for closets, re- Some of us things that you’ve done, place it with may be feel- and you may receive cor- holiness ing the rection from God, but stop clothes and chastise- your pity party, turn off the put them on ment of the tears after you’ve had daily. It would Lord lately. Godly sorry which is repen- be great in At times it tance and know He still our minds to may feel as loves you. He will show be able to though it’s mercy and He wants to do wake up a never something new in you. Go every morning ending bat- to your heart and ask God without hav- tle, but re- to show you what doesn’t ing to go to joice in the fit you any longer and let our spiritual closets to “put fact that He chastises you, them be consumed by the on” our spiritual clothes. because the Word tells us fire of the Holy Ghost. And We want everything to be that He chastises those don’t be caught dead automatic. But the truth is that He loves. Read wearing those old clothes! Prophetic cont... For several days, I medi- tated on this thought and in prayer I got little bits and “Time to walk through, pieces of what God was walk through My New wanting to relay to me. I came across the scripture Gate.” Jeremiah 26:10 that spoke about a new gate. What is interesting is that in some A New Gate in 2008 translations, they capital- ize New and Gate which Behold, you stand at a new gate implies Deity. A gate at the end of a path both narrow and straight Do not hold back, be slow or even hesitate On December 31, 2007, It’s time to walk through, walk through in 2008! God spoke to me to write out this prophetic poem This is your season, your year, yes even your fate and I wanted to share it Time to walk through, walk through My New Gate with all the supporters of For you will see change in your city and in your state Fervent Fire Ministries. If you walk humbly and go through in 2008! I read this poem at the The time is now, today is the set date Night of Vision and the So come on through, hurry and do not be late response was very positive For it is on Me, that you do serve and do wait and spoke to many hearts. For I tell you says the Lord that in 2008, I pray it speaks to you as Will be a time for all of you to celebrate well as you enter 2008.
  7. 7. Page 7 Evangelist cont... ple times, but it's for study, WOW!!! Why would we do prep for a sermon or get- that? Because of the rest “tribulation produces ting a truth clear with lots of the verse-tribulation of Cross references before produces perseverance, perseverance, that that leads to character, Sunday school. leads to character, that that leads to hope. Hope encourages us because But God is so good. Today leads to hope.” I just had time to read for the love of God has been poured out by Christ Jesus relationship again. You know-to get to know Him through the Holy Spirit. So we really quot;gloryquot; in the love better. That's missing in of God NOT the tribulation most Christian's lives. itself. Lines up Hebrew 13:15 that says the fruit of It’s very quiet. Very peace- our lips is to give praise to ful. And then God speaks. God continually. Romans 5:1-5 is awesome! The best and the worst this It speaks about having world has to offer cannot peace with God and how compare to the love of we glory in tribulation. God. Christians that are atten- tion whores and whiners do not live this Word. It says that we quot;gloryquot; (KJV) joicequot; (NIV) in suffering. in tribulation or quot;re- Teacher’s cont... Too many of us have not “only human.” We God created light and “As Born Again, Holy bought into that old line, have the Spirit of the Living separated it from dark- Spirit filled believers, “I’m just a sinner saved by God dwelling in us-how can ness. From the very begin- grace,” and, “I’m only hu- that be “only human?” ning we get a revelation of Christians should have man.” If we read Romans the nature of God as being a corner market on the chapters six, seven and Another familiar scripture a Person of order, light and eight, we will find that we is found in II Corinthians newness. In the creation “New Year’s WERE-past tense-sinners 5:17 which says, story each day something Resolution....” saved by grace, but NOW “Therefore, if any man be new happened. we are free from sin being in Christ, he is a new crea- our slave master and lord. ture: Old things are (not As mentioned earlier this is We are NOW servants of will be) passed away; be- the same Spirit that dwells righteousness, children of hold, all things are (again, in us. We can walk in new- God saved by grace. We not will be) become new.” ness every single day. Of- have newness of life. It is tentimes we just do not try. not something that is com- In this New Year season let ing when we leave this life us join together as broth- In Romans 6:4 the Apostle and go to heaven, or hap- ers and sisters in Jesus, to Paul writes, “Therefore we pens whenever Jesus re- resolve, to have a fixed are buried with Him (Jesus) turns. It is something we purpose, of living in the by baptism unto death: have right here in the newness of life by the that like as Christ was “nasty now and now.” power of His Spirit. Let us raised up from the dead by live BEING the new crea- the glory of the Father, It is time for us to live in tures that we are, like even so we should walk in the newness of life as if we never before. newness of life.” believe we have it. We are
  8. 8. Page 8 Real Church Supports Orphanage in War-torn Kenya Supporters of Fervent Fire Children’s Centre Pastor taken up special offerings Ministries and Real Church Domnic Ocho was super- for this orphanage. How- “Since the election need to know and realize ever, in recent weeks, a that their support is not terrible civil war has bro- results have been just for the vision here in ken out in the once stable announced, the country the United States, but that nation of Kenya and has Fervent Fire Ministries and spread throughout the has been in turmoil...” Real Church regularly sup- country. Pastor Ocho has ports a children’s orphan- made it known that as a result of the civil war, more orphans are arriving weekly and the need is naturally lead to and brought to Real Church where he met with the leadership team and im- mediately there was a spiritual bond and connec- tion. The Spirit of God di- rected the Real Church age overseas in the nation leadership to become a of Kenya. In the summer of supporter of this work and 2007, around the time of outreach. Since that time, very great and desperate. Equip 2007, the founder there have been numerous “Since the election results and director of Bala Mercy times that Real Church has Continued on pg 9 Real Church Missionary to China: Cynthia Huff velous things in the Far very long way in providing Real Church supports sev- East and is excited to be assistance to multiple eral mission works around “Your support goes a going back soon. While works and outreaches. It is the world including the very long way in there, Cynthia has led sev- part of the vision of Fer- former Soviet Republic of eral vent Fire Ministries to raise providing assistance to women’s up other ministers and multiple works and Bible study send them forth into the classes and harvest field of souls. Cyn- outreaches.” has minis- thia Huff is just one exam- tered to ple of how this is being women to accomplished. If you would find salva- like more information on tion and the Cynthia Huff’s ministry, be Baptism of sure to contact us at Fer- the Holy vent Fire Ministries or at Ghost. Fer- Real Church. vent Fire Ministries and Real Church believes Georgia and China through that when you give into missionary Cynthia Huff. this ministry, that some of Cynthia recently returned that seed needs to be from China and was pre- planted into other minis- sent to speak at the Night tries around the world. of Vision at Real Church. Your continued and faithful Cynthia reported that God financial support goes a is doing amazing and mar-
  9. 9. Page 9 Kenya Orphanage cont... were announced the coun- buildings and there is sim- try has been in turmoil with ply not enough facilities for violence everywhere. Over the growing demand. In “...Some classes are 200,000 displaced, over fact, some classes are held outside under little held outside under little more than lean- more than a lean-to…” tos and sheds. When Pastor Ocho came to Real Church last summer, he was not Children’s Centre c/o Bala asking for money, in Faith Christian Outreach fact he did not even Centre, P.O. Box 438 Hom- ask to speak at the abay, Kenya 40300. The church but Real ministry also has a website Church responded to at 300 people dead, and half the need immediately at http://www.freetocharities. a million people in need of hand. If the Holy Spirit is relief. We lack food, fuel prompting you to give and where you can find more and medicines, water. Five support this worthwhile information about the min- churches have been and incredible ministry, istry and their needs as burned with people inside, you may contact us at Real well as read incredible the orphanages are af- Church for more informa- testimonies of how God fected, so are the pastors tion or you may contact has been moving in the and their families.” The him directly at: Pastor lives of children in this war- orphanage has only a few Domnic Ocho Bala Mercy torn part of the globe. Real Church’s First Wedding! Scott Lovett joined them “Apostle Scott Lovett both together in a beautiful cere- joined them both mony which was together in a beautiful followed by a warm reception ceremony...” in the fellowship hall where the bride and groom greeted their Real Church celebrated a guests. Guests were showered with many gifts major milestone on the served with cake and and presents. Shortly after afternoon of January 19, punch and the bride and the ceremony, the newly- 2008 when youth pastors groom were blessed and weds got news that their Dave and Nora DeLay oldest son was involved got married in the sight in a car accident around of God and dozens of the corner from the witnesses. The wedding church, but the Lord marked the first time a was faithful and he was marriage ceremony was released from the hospi- conducted at Real tal just a few hours later Church. The sanctuary with no major injuries! was ornately decorated Praise the Lord! God is by the hospitality group so good to us all, Halle- of the church. Apostle lujah!
  10. 10. Page 10 Academy of the Arts, located at 821 E 1st Place in the heart of Tulsa, OK, offers exceptional private, traditional, and con- temporary studies for the musician desiring to increase their confidence and strengthen their skills.