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Equip2008 Final


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PDF version of a church conference brochure I put together.

Published in: Spiritual
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Equip2008 Final

  1. 1. “The God of This City” Real Church Tulsa, Oklahoma
  2. 2. Your Conference Hosts Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Christine and I would like to take this opportunity to personally extend to you an invitation to attend Equip 2008. This year’s conference is sure to inspire, motivate, and challenge you to grow in God and draw closer to Jesus. This year’s theme is “God of this city”. All around us and every day, we see the tragic results of sin and the desperate need for change. It is our belief and conviction that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only force for change in our families, communities, and cities. Just recently, around the corner from our downtown location; people have been shot at a seedy nightclub and a few blocks away, an adult bookstore has opened up peddling to its addicts. This is all happening in a city that proclaims itself as the spiritual capital of the Western Hemisphere. While megachurches with internationally known ministries have fled to affluent south Tulsa, Real Church has been commissioned and planted in the heart of the darkness to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the hurting and the forgotten. We believe that the time has now come for us to proclaim that God is God of the entire city. We pray that through this conference you return to your city empowered and equipped to take back and shout aloud that God is the God of your city!
  3. 3. Conference Night Services am c October 15-17 @ 7PM si re Sha u D re a M a Doc ke m ea a trine r Preac M D haW ord ? ? ng o Special Guest Special Guest S ngue a a To ing Come Give ation be the S evel Special al a R Guest! eve R 1Co 14:26 …When ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, a doctrine, a tongue, a revelation, an interpretation…”
  4. 4. Apostolic Assembly Scott/Christine Lovett Brian Hardesty James Feltner Greg/Arika Smith Paul Camuti Wednesday Thursday Friday 10-11 Five Fold Ministry 10-11 Finding Your Place in 10-11 Prayer Counseling the Body of Christ 11-12 How to Deal with 11-12 The Integrity of the Delayed Vision and 11-12 The Art of Being Still Ministry Ministry 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 1-2 Non-profit Setup and 1-2 Sermon Preparation 1-2 Glorifying the Father Tax Information 2-3 Producing Fruitful 2-3 Stick with the Word 2-3 The Apostolic Office Relationships 3-4 Seeking God’s Heart 3-4 Open Forum/Ministry 3-4 Healing Relationships Time with Authority
  5. 5. School for the Prophets Hanna Christine Sam/Susan Gould Ron Robison Phillip Stewart Linda Sodowski Ruth Mather Popkin Thursday Friday Wednesday 10-12 Prophetic Music & 10-12 Prophetic Purity 10-12 Prophetic Partners Personal Prophecy 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 1-2 Prophetic Gestures 1-2 Fruit of the Spirit 1-2 Dreams & Visions 2-3 Types of Prophets 2-3 Gifts of the Spirit 2-3 Women Prophets 3-4 Prophetic Pitfalls 3-4 Gift vs. Office 3-4 The Jezebel Spirit
  6. 6. Evangelistic Education Nick/Dana Dodson Ron Robison Patrick Loder Wednesday Thursday Friday 10-11 Fivefold Ministry 10-11 Prayer Empowered 10-11 Evangelism Gone Evangelism Evangelism 201 Wild 11-12 Prayer Empowered 11-12 Neighborhood 11-12 Tent Ministry Evangelism 101 Evangelism 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 1-2 Prayer Empowered 1-2 Evangelistic Vision 1-2 Street Ministry for Evangelism 301 Church 2-4 Witnessing 101 2-4 Witnessing 301 2-4 Witnessing 201
  7. 7. The Teachers Union Paul Camuti Alan Mather Robert Converse Wednesday Thursday Friday 10-11 Freedom From Sin 10-11 Fruit of the Spirit-Joy 10-11 Prayer Counseling 11-12 True Purpose of the Holy 11-12 Fruit of the Spirit-Peace 11-12 Restoration of Trust Spirit 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 12-1 Lunch 1-2 Fruit of the Spirit-Faith 1-2 Removal of Bitter Roots 1-2 Glorifying the Father 2-3 Fruit of the Spirit- 2-3 Hearts of Stone/Inner 2-3 Fruit of the Spirit Meekness Vows 3-4 Fruit of the Spirit-Love 3-4 Fruit of the Spirit- 3-4 Generational Temperance Sin/Healing Relationships with Authority
  8. 8. Music Ministry This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. John/Stephanie Holler Jeremiah Yocom Todd Mather Wednesday Thursday Friday 10-11 How to Read Chord 10-12 Prophetic Music 10-11 Leading Rehearsals Charts and Symbols 12-1 Lunch 11-12 B-3 Organ & Piano 11-12 So I’m a Music 1-2 Chords and Symbols 2.0 12-1 Lunch Minister…Now What?! 2-4 Choir/Band Rehearsal 1-2 Instrument Blending 12-1 Lunch 2-4 Choir/Band Rehearsal 1-2 Sound 101 2-4 Choir/Band Rehearsal
  9. 9. Youth/Children Classroom Dave/Nora Delay Sam Mather Marcus Ripp Danny Duh Clown Wednesday Thursday Friday 10-11 The Joshua Generation 10-12 Children’s Church 101 10-11 Balloon Sculpting 201 11-12 How to Win Your School 12-1 Lunch 11-12 Events That Draw Youth 12-1 Lunch 1-2 Christianity in Hip-Hop 12-1 Lunch 1-2 How to Speak to Teens 2-3 Balloon Sculpting 101 1-2 Face Painting 2-3 School Evangelism 3-4 The Urban Culture 2-3 Kid’s Gospel Gimmicks 3-4 How to Plan a Youth 3-4 Open Forum Q&A Missions Trip
  10. 10. Area Accommodations/Restaurants Hotels Comfort Inn 6730 E. Archer St., Tulsa, OK (918) 835- 4444 Super 8 Motel 6616 East Archer Street, Tulsa, OK (918) 836- 1981 Holiday Inn Express 2316 West Cameron, Tulsa, OK (877) 863- 4780 Budget Inn 1110 E Charles Page Blvd, Sand Springs, OK (918) 245- 0283 Food &Restaurants Arby’s 324 S Main 7am- 5pm (918) 585- 6954 Spaghetti Warehouse 221 E Brady St. 11am-10pm (918) 587- 4440 4 W. 4th St Subway 10am-6pm (918) 592- 0000 Fortune Chef 109 S. Cincinnati 10am-7pm (918) 582- 0280 Baxter’s Interurban Grill 717 S. Houston 11am-10pm (918) 585- 3134 Caz’s Chowhouse 18 E Brady St. 11am-9pm (918) 588- 2469
  11. 11. Register for Equip 2008 Today! REGISTER TODAY! •Join us and be a part of one of these powerful Group Sessions for only $1 per hour! • Incredible training, new ideas, and encouragement • A powerful time to grow spiritually and reignite your passion for your lost city • In your group, submit a song, a word, a dream, a doctrine, a message By Mail: • Be prepared to share your submission during the night services Equip 2008 Name/Group:_____________________________________________ 821 E. 1st Place Address:_________________________________________________ Tulsa, OK 74120 City:______________ State:____ Zip:____________ Phone:_____________ Email:_______________________________ Select your Group and how many will be joining that group: By Phone: Apostolic: Prophetic: Evangelistic: (918) 599-9002 Teaching: Music: Youth/Children: Registration is only $15/person! Make check or Money Order payable to: By Online: Fervent Fire Ministries: 821 E. 1st Place Tulsa, OK 74120
  12. 12. Real Church 821 E 1st PL Tulsa, OK, 74120 “The God of This City” REGISTER TODAY! • Join us and be a part of one of these powerful Group Sessions for only $1 per hour! • Incredible training, new ideas, and encouragement • A powerful time to grow spiritually and reignite your passion for your lost city • In your group, submit a song, a word, a dream, a doctrine, a message • Be prepared to share your submission during the night services Real Church Tulsa, Oklahoma