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Gaps in Medical Science Liaison Training


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There is clearly a gap in the training offered Medical Science Liaisons.

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Gaps in Medical Science Liaison Training

  1. 1. Gaps in MSL training As the number of MSLs has exploded over the last several years, the need for MSL specific training is on the rise. An MSL needs to be an expert in their therapeutic area as well as a wide range of skills in which they are often not trained. Medical Science Liaisons play an increasingly important role in the success of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Over the next two years MSL teams are expected 20% to grow As the prevalence of the role increases, Specific training has not. 52% 60% Only slightly more than half of MSLs reported that their company offers a formal onboarding MSL training program. 80% However... of all MSLs reported they would like to have formal training in presentation and communication skills MSL Activities 97% Delivering scientific presentations 76% Identifying and Training speakers 92% 82% Despite the wide range of activities in which MSLs participate, or activities they are expected to perform, MSL-specific soft skills training is minimal. Many MSLs rarely see other team members or managers in person, making training more difficult. 98% KOL relationship management Educating KOLs and other Healthcare professionals 97% Attending medical conferences Support advisory boards Live and online training is now available through the MSL Society. Emotional Intelligence for MSLs Test drive our first online course “Emotional Intelligence for MSLs” with many more to come! The MSL Society is committed to providing global training for MSLs. The MSL Society is the ONLY 501c3 Non-Profit organization exclusively dedicated to serving as the voice and advancing the global MSL profession. The Society provides resources for those interested in the MSL role, as well as, professional growth and development opportunities for current MSL Managers and individual MSLs. Data Source: Global Survey of MSLs (330 MSLs in 31 countries), MSL Society, 2013