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  • The people appear to be a family and they seem to be quite common from their accents yet they are dressed quite smart which shows they are possibly attending a special occasion.
    Boy is in very casual clothing and appears to be as if he doesn’t want to be there – no effort - also he has on black clothing which makes him appear as if he could be quite bad and cruel
    Woman is quite cheerful- her light clothing and her positioning of center frame makes her the main character
    Man is fidgeting as if he is quite uncomfortable
    They are a stereotyped family as of the common English accent also as the son is a typical young boy who likes to be away from the family and likes to be with friends
  • Has boxing gloves, boxer shorts and a champion belt on – shows he may be a boxer for a living, good because of the champion belt
    Plays around punching in the air, looking very aggressive, then pulls a pose with fists on hips giving him a broad look – champion
    Lighting shines on his body also he looks quite sweaty as if he’s been fighting also the light shows the definition of his muscles more
    As he is shown fighting and posing from this he appears to be quite vain and that he thinks he’s very good at what he does and he likes to look good
  • She is clearly recognised as a nurse as of the uniform, her hair is tied back and she is standing upright with a straight face and this shows her professionalism of being a nurse, appearing to be very professional allows you to believe she is a good worker therefore good at what she does.
    In the scene she is standing with a chair in front of her and she is holding onto the back of it and it looks like someone should be sitting on it such as one of her patients, right behind them caring for them.
  • The woman in the scene is wearing white which represents cleanliness and purity.
    The baby appears as if it is new born as it looks very young and it has no clothes.
    The lady and the baby are very well light and as she is in white it is made to look as if they are angels or they’re in heaven.
    The woman looks down on her baby with a smile; she looks very happy and proud.
  • The dog in this clip is the main object as it is placed directly in the middle and it is the only thing mainly in the shot. The woman in this clip is clearly the owner of the dog as she shows care for the dog as she wants it to look perfect and we can tell this as she constantly is trying to groom the dog. Also she is wearing a jumper which has a dog print on the front which makes it clear to us as an audience that she is a big dog lover. The stand which the dog is laying on is red and the woman also wears a red tracksuit which kind of shows she wants to match even though she is not in the picture about to be taken and this shows she is quite obsessive with her dog.
  • The lady and the cat in this short clip are the main focuses as they are having the picture taken together. Even though we don’t know this old lady in the clip is single it would be very stereotypical of an old single lady to have a cat as this can be quite common as if it replaces a partner in their life. This appears to us that this may be the case and the old lady cares very much about her cat as its fur looks very clean and brushed perfectly. Also the cat is the one sitting down on a chair and the woman is standing up which seems as if she cares and respects the cat a little more than herself. Finally there is a ribbon attatched to the chair which makes the cat look elegant.
  • The man in this clip is dressed very smart in a suit and his hair is slicked back perfectly and he is sitting up very straight which gives him an upper class appearance except he does not sound as if he is from an upper class background as from his accent as it is an Indian accent mixed with a common British accent. As he is dressed this way but seems to actually be quite common this shows he is most likely to be attending a special occasion as is unlikely to dress like this all the time. From his body language brushing his hair, making sure he looks perfect and his straight face (facial expression) makes him appear to be quite nervous.
  • From this mans outfit he appears to be foreign as it is not at all British and is quite strange as he is wearing a unusual red hat but then from his accent he seems to be very English so he may be dressed like this for a comedy act impersonating a foreign person.
    He has got very big and bushy eyebrows with a large moustache which makes him to look quite strange or at least not to British people.
    There is main lighting which comes from the flash on the camera used.
  • The three women look very revealing as they are wearing short tops and blouses which are unbuttoned halfway which shows their underwear
    They seem to be quite low class women as they look very tarty and silly.
    They have their tongues poking out which shows for them to be quite childish also it could be to give a sexual look to them
  • The little girls are the main focus as they are in the middle of the frame.
    The mother to the right appears to be very happy and smiling as if she is proud of her girls.
    The three little girls in the clip seem to be very bored as they are standing quite still whilst looking around around the room and at their mother.
    Also there are spotlights which are the back lighting coming from either side shining onto the girls making them the main focus and to make it appear as if they were on a stage.
  • As the little boy is set in the middle of the frame and in the clip for the longest he is clearly the main focus.
    He’s picking his nose which shows he is not bothered about being there
    He is dressed very smart in old fashioned British clothing so it shows he is probably from quite a wealthy, posh, British family and his mother is quite well spoken so it shows she has probably been also brought up from a wealthy family.
    The chair also is a very typical old fashioned English style chair.
  • The woman in this clip is in lingerie which is nightwear but she is wearing high heel shoes as if she were going out
    and there is a plant in a pot which tries to make it look as if she’s outside and dressed like this gives her a tart look. By looking at her herself and her voice she seems to be to be a middle class lady but dressing as she is here shows she is lowering her class.
    The plant pot is a light colour and the base beneath her is white and she is then dressed in black which is very opposite.
  • The 5 men in the scene are all dressed very smart and tidy
    The camera is looking slightly up towards these men which gives them a status off them being high class as they are looking down on the viewer(s)
    The man on the chair is clearly the main person in the frame as he is the only person positioned at a different level than the others also he is wearing a three piece suit
    One of the men looks at his watch which shows he is quite impatient as if he needs to be somewhere
    Two of the men have their hands in their pockets which makes them a little more common
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