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Psycho geographical project - part 2


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Psycho geographical project - part 2

  1. 1. Windermere StreetThis mood continued throughoutnext street, and clearly by thegraffiti on the gates and the shoeson the electrical wire, we can seethat it was not a respectable area.
  2. 2. Grasmere Street We could not escape the labyrinth of winding streets.
  3. 3. Jarrom street Which once again left us feeling vulnerable. Even the churches had graffiti smeared on the windows.
  4. 4. Ullswater street The area was summed up by a factory we found … Working class
  5. 5. Back onto Upperton RoadEven within central areaswith work places that givea sense of middle classjobs, graffiti is stillprevalent.
  6. 6. Just off Western BoulevardA sense of liberty fell upon us as weviewed an area that was much moreopen and less claustrophobic.