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Learjet professional broker


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Learjet professional broker

  1. 1. Top Ten Critical Mistakes Airplane Owners Make When Selling An Aircraft By XJet Executive Aircraft Brokers
  2. 2. Don’t lie to potential buyersJust like everything else in life, don’t lie topeople. If you don’t have the answer to theirpotential buyer’s question, tell them youdon’t know and that you will get them ananswer. The only possible exception to thisrule is the story you tell on why you areselling the airplane. Still, it’s notrecommended.
  3. 3. Know your airplaneKnowing every detail about your airplane won’tmake the sale on its own, but a potential buyerneeds to feel comfortable about spending a largeamount of money. If they feel that they areworking with someone that doesn’t know whatthey are talking about, they are likely to walkaway from a deal. Put yourself in the shoes of thebuyer.
  4. 4. A buyer can smell desperationWhen you are desperate to sell yourairplane, the buyer will sense that like an angrydog can smell fear. Even if you desperately needto sell the plane, the buyer needs to believe thatyou aren’t. Desperation will turn them off soquick you will wonder what you did or said. Thisgoes back to the exception to tip number one—have a good story for why you are selling.
  5. 5. People like to talkabout themselvesYes, even the shy and introverted people liketo talk about themselves. If you can getthem to trust you and find some commonground between you, you can get even theshyest people to talk your ear off andprovide you with everything you need to sellthem your airplane.
  6. 6. Every buyer wants to FEELlike they are getting a dealThis is a very important sales tip, whetherthey are getting a good deal or not, theyneed to FEEL like they made a good choice.They want to feel like they got a good deal.Almost all buying decisions are made withemotion, so the way they feel aboutyou, the airplane, the price or the deal, it iscritical to closing the sale.
  7. 7. Forget about other problemsJust like when you are flying,selling requires you to have yourhead in the game at all times. Youneed to have the answers, ask thequestions and be a step ahead ofyour buyer at all times.
  8. 8. Be quiet and listenYou have two ears and one mouth solisten twice as much as you talk andlearn when to be quiet and listen.Uncomfortable silences are useful tools.They either get the buyer to make adecision or lead you to their realobjections.
  9. 9. Look them in the eyesIf you have a tendency to look away whenpeople look you in the eye, it is best thatyou get over it. Most people do, but whenyou look a buyer in the eye as you speak, itgives you trust and creditability. You can alsopick up on their level of commitment andsincerity when you look them in the eye.
  10. 10. Follow UpFollow up on everything, whether it is aquick email question, a short voicemailor a full aircraft demo. Sometimes youjust have to ask for the sale.
  11. 11. EnthusiasmEnthusiasm sells more than almost anything.Make potential buyers feel like you are happy totalk to them. Don’t be phony or they will senseit, but you should be genuinely excited to talkabout your airplane, aren’t you?