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Community sustainableenterprise


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Presentation in support of proposal to establish a Sustainable Community Enterprise within Otago Polytechnic.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Community sustainableenterprise

  1. 1. SustainableCommunity Enterprise Proposal August 2012delivering real change
  2. 2. Teaching/Learning Community/Institution Operations/Teaching Teaching/Research Doing/Learning Open/Profit Work/Educationbarriers to real change
  3. 3. Everything is a learning opportunityEverything is an opportunity to engageEverything is an opportunity for positive partnershipsEverything is a revenue generation opportunityEverything is an opportunity for communicationEverything is an opportunity to lead in being good... Sustainable Community Enterprise
  4. 4. SustainableCommunity Enterprise Learning Community Operations
  5. 5. Alternative Energy Community Facilitation
  6. 6. Port Chalmers Community Development
  7. 7. eWaste as resource
  8. 8. Sustainable Community Enterprise Transform learning Bring new revenue streams Deliver on strategic social good and sustainability goals
  9. 9. Samuel MannJoe DavyOtago PolytechnicAugust 2012