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Case study linkedin


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Three Key Features of Web 2.0 Product:

Multiply the User base
Generate Additional Revenue

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Case study linkedin

  1. 1. Case Study | Linkedin Inc UX Proposition for GrowthGrowth Targets:• Multiply the User base• Generate Additional Revenue Proposed by: Sandeep Supal
  2. 2. Cases covered for LinkedIn Twesume Integration LinkedIn Frames LinkedIn Ad base LinkedIn Business StrategySimilar areas for growtho Targeted Customer Groupso Interactive Dashboard like Tweetdecko LinkedIn Mobile (Web on the go)
  3. 3. Twesume Integration  Utility for 120 char headline feature of Linkedin profile.  Updates sharing partner “Twitter” .  Twesume Integration for connecting with employers and potential employees.  Twesume updates will be showcased on profile search and dedicated Twesume sorter is enabled. Profile Recruiters TwesumesTwesumes Job Job Seekers Twesumes
  4. 4. Action | User shares his Twesume
  5. 5. Stimuli | Twesume directed to Profile Headline
  6. 6. Response | IT Recruiter Searches Keyword
  7. 7. Subscribed Response | Searching Keyword
  8. 8. Twesume Behaviour Stimuli • Basic users can search• Updating Hiring status profiles through filters • Twesume on Headline• Adding Twesume • Premium users can • Twesume on Google directly search for page view Twesumes • Twesume on updates Action Response
  9. 9. LinkedIn Frames
  10. 10. Frames | Traditional Updates WindowOption tosee list viewor Framesview Rich view of the frame info with contextual actions
  11. 11. Frames | Rich Internet Application * Can be detailed out further
  12. 12. LinkedIn Ad base LinkedIn has a premium audience LinkedIn is a page-view monster According to Forrester reports, LinkedIn ads are not very effective at all. Marketers say theyre expensive and provide poor conversion ratios. Less addiction for the website from Advertising perspective Poor form factor and Ads placements
  13. 13. Proposed Ad base |Hide-able ad strips
  14. 14. Proposed Ad base | Web screen strips
  15. 15. Proposed Ad base | Ad Grid & Linkedin Bar lorem ipsum dolor sit a b amet, consectetur AD Visual adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor Ad text incididunt ut labore et areaClickable Owner Tag dolore magnaarea a b {a:b :: 1:1.6}
  16. 16. LinkedIn Business StrategyVisionTo create economic opportunity for every professional in the WorldAimTo transform the way people work by connecting talent withopportunity at massive scaleStatementNon-paying users of its social network arent the customers, theyrethe productLinkedin Business CompositionAdvertising- 30% | HR Solutions- 45% | Premium Subscription- 35% Company seems more focused on Ad- Marketing and HR solution deviating from creating a better professional networking platform as per their vision.
  17. 17. Thank You !