The Morals of the Punk Community


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Slide 1: My name is Sam Swanson; I’m in my third year here at Full Sail University. When I was in seventh grade, my best friend was a year older than me and I spent that entire year trying to get her friends to like me – to absolutely no avail.
That was the first year I ever cut myself, a habit that took me five years to break.

Slide 2: After that year, I decided that there were things much more important than trying to make other people happy, and I started concentrating on making myself happy. I started wearing clothes that expressed how I felt and bands that I liked and trust me, none of those kids I was trying to impress looked at me after that. But I had found something more.

Slide 3: Contrary to popular belief, the morals and practices within the punk community are incredibly upstanding, and far more commendable than they’re given credit.

Slide 4: As hard as that little knowledge pill might be to swallow, I’m going to follow it up with a big glass of water. (Or beer, if it’s more to your liking.) Before you avert your eyes or turn up your nose, give the punk community a chance. We’re not so different from you – we’re just more open in our expression.

Slide 5: The punk community is rich with morals that we adhere very strongly to by
1) Upholding certain standards of manners and charity similar to/and yes, even surpassing the rest of the population,
2) accepting people from all walks of life, without prejudice, and fighting for their rights to stay true to themselves, and
3) maintaining a level of community seldom found in other realms of society.

Slide 6: The amount of manners and charity present within the punk community could very well shock you. But we are held together by the respect and support of the people around us, and that’s a fact we work hard not to forget.

Slide 7: My boyfriend has been a part of our local music scene for the past five years, and to this day makes sure that every member of his band stays to watch every set played at one of their shows, even if they were the first band of the night. It’s a courtesy to the people on stage that’s always appreciated and often reciprocated.

Slide 8: Our charities are abundant, but I’d like to quickly name a couple.
Shallow Water is a clothing company started by Dan “Soupy” Campbell, vocalist of the band The Wonder Years.

Slide 9: His idea was to create limited edition shirts, designed by new artists every month, to raise money for charities of the artists’ choosing. Among them has been the Livengrin Foundation for Addiction Recovery, Music for a Cure, and Mass Equality.

Slide 10: Andrew Shiraki, or Koji, is an artist known not only for his beautiful musicianship but also for his kind spirit and innate desire to spread peace. Over the years, Koji has partnered with organizations such as RESOLVE and The Voice Project, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale of his first full length are being donated to 350.o

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The Morals of the Punk Community

  1. 1. The Moralsof the PunkCommunityAn Ignite Presentationby Sam SwansonPhoto courtesy of John Neitge
  2. 2. Photo courtesy of Sam SwansonPunk is selfexpression
  3. 3. Yes, They ExistAnd They Just Might Surprise YouTHe Moralsof thePunkCommunity
  4. 4. me help youwash down thisnew pill ofknowledge
  5. 5. 1: Manners andCharity2: Acceptance3: Community
  6. 6. MannersandCharity
  7. 7. MannersPhoto courtesy of Sam SwansonMy boyfriend’sband, R-Dentperforming at thePhoenix Taproom
  8. 8. CHarITYPhoto courtesy of Sam SwansonDan “Soupy”Campbell of TheWonder Years,wearing a ShallowWater shirt whileperforming a weekbefore theorganization waslaunched in 2012
  9. 9. CHarITYPhoto courtesy of Sam SwansonShallow WaterFebruary 2012design forMass Equality
  10. 10. CHarITY performingin Harrisburg, PADecember 2011
  11. 11. ACCEPTANCE
  12. 12. Jane Graceperforming withAgainst Me!July 2012
  13. 13. -Hostage Calmvocalist Chris“Cmar” Martin“Let this be a way for our punkcommunity to show our support:support for individuality, equalityand the ideals that are foundationalto the hardcore scene.”
  14. 14. Community
  15. 15. Photo courtesy of Sam SwansonOutside my house with members ofthe band Handguns after housingthem last February
  16. 16. (screenshot taken of this URL)Step 1: Brag about being a thief on the internetStep 2: Get caught and tracked down by fans
  17. 17. and fans
  18. 18. Find my friends and mein these pictures,Courtesy of Ally Newbold
  19. 19. Dan Campbellof TheWonder Yearsand BrettJones ofFireworksPhoto courtesy of Ally Newbold
  20. 20. Photo courtesy of Ally NewboldThe Wonder Years,Fireworks, Hostage Calm,and Misser tour family