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Samsung galaxy s5 preisvergleich


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The Samsung Galaxy S4 has hardly sprouted any grey hairs and yet the world is already eagerly waiting for the Galaxy S5. New tech, it would ...

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Samsung galaxy s5 preisvergleich

  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs Price And Features - Samsung Galaxy S5 Preisvergleich ___________________________________________________________________________________ By Antony Asher - All the latest round ups on Galaxy S5 confirm a super Smartphone that's about to hit the market come 2014. Although all is not clear about what is actually contained in this gizmo, we have substantial gossip; a totally new thing from Samsung is lurking in the corner. Because apparently it is from very close sources within Samsung, every gossip tripling in regarding the S5 is trustworthy. However, there is still something to hold us waiting for any unforeseen surprise. What Is Samsung Galaxy S5 Preisvergleich From the external looks to internal specs and now the price, the Samsung Galaxy S5 candybar is bringing a new change in the Smartphone fronts. Talking of external looks A great change is about to happen. It is proposed that the Samsung S5 will steer away from the traditional plastic (polycarbonate) covers and adopt metallic presumably aluminum or magnesium back
  2. 2. covers. This is all in the bid to make it classier, not a budget gadget where manufacturers are concerned about saving production cost. On the front side, it's rumored to feature a 5.2 inch TFT capacitive multi touch screen with 16M colors. This further come with a display size of 720 x 1280 pixels. It will also come with various exciting colors from pure white to cool black and so on. It is therefore a gadget to introduce great changes on physical aspects. The crux of things is not external, it's internal. A keener dissection already reveals unbelievably excellent internal specs and capabilities ever known in the Smartphone history. Humongous memory Samsung knows that memory capability is very paramount when it comes to Smartphone. Nothing therefore can refute claims that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a more than 4GB RAM given that this is what some users of its predecessors S4 already requested for future releases. Samsung must therefore respond and respect by expanding the memory of the S5 to even more than 4GB RAMS. So… What’s Next ? To learn more about Samsung Galaxy S5 Preisvergleich, Click Here: