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This training is to train about AIESEC Global Competency Model

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  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KNOWLEDGE, SKILL & COMPETENCY Knowledge: Information that has to be learned and is recalled to carry out a job. E.g, a person can know how to use a particular piece of computer software – but not necessarily be able to do it.  Skill: The application of that knowledge in a practical way to achieve a result. E.g, continuing the above example, the person may be able to use a keyboard and by doing so apply their knowledge of the software and produce a document. Competency: The application of that skill&knowledge in a way that the results in work done to specified standard. Most importantly, the competency will be defined so that it includes a number of statements describing how well the job must be done. E.g, the person can use his skill and knowledge of software to produce a letter in company format without any mistake and in given time. 
  • If train for leaders, we will mention about the current Competency Framework of AIESEC Vietnam. It’s easy to understand, however, after nearly 2 years, it shows that ( after the feedback from many leaders): we are not clear about what kind of people we want to develop and our members are not different from other students from other clubs/orgs. That’s why we start using the most updated GCM in our development processes to make sure we are developing the right talent in AIESEC and change agent for society.(AI also suggest us to use the GCM in development process only.
  • GCM training

    2. 2. is it?use a competency model?do we use it?
    3. 3. A characteristic and measurable pattern ofbehaviours, knowledge and skill that contributes tosuperior job performance. Or more simply put, acompetency describes the behaviour or actions thatcan be seen when a job is being done well.
    4. 4. The essential behaviors which people develop at eachstage of the AIESEC experience and in different roleswithin the AIESEC experiences for their personaldevelopment and AIESEC’s success to become thechange agents that we wish our people to be.
    5. 5. The competencies placed in AIESEC CompetencyModel are the reflection of people we want to have inour organization: change agents. The GlobalCompetency Model (GCM) is a set of 5 competenciesthat we want to develop in our members. Thesecompetencies can be described in 4 level (foundation,knowledgeable, proficient, advanced).
    6. 6. 1. Personal development: Gives structure and professional tool for personal development2. Organizational Common language: Everyone speaks and understands common language when it comes to personal development and organizational values/people characteristics.3. Organizational vision fulfillment: So we can become the change agents we want to see in the world
    7. 7. 1. You know your strengths & weaknesses better (self evaluation and 360° feedback)2. You see a clear progress in your development3. You can wisely plan your further development4. You know which next activities to take in AIESEC
    8. 8. StructureThink about the Parthenon of Ancient Greece.It is a building that has survived the test of time tobecome one of, if not the, most recognized structure inthe world. It has lasted the test of time for severalreasons – strong foundations which support solid pillarswhich hold up the roof. Without them, the roof couldnever have stood for the length of time that it has.Likewise AIESEC can be viewed in a similar. We have afoundation which has remained fairly stable during the60 years of existence and we have an overall dream ofwhat we want to achieve – Peace and fulfillment ofhumankinds potential. What for has been needed toevolve is the pillars which connect and support thefoundation and the roof.
    9. 9. International platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to provide impact on societyOur organization is an INTERNATIONAL PLATFORMfor young people to explore and develop theirleadership potential to provide positive impact onsociety. Using this platform, our members develop 5competencies that helps them with their personalgrowth.
    10. 10. • We are an international platform, which due to itshistory and scope provides the ability to thinkworldwide, therefore develops Global Mindset.
    11. 11. • We are focused on activating leadership, and we seethe need of driving change through a new generationof leaders with an innovative and EntrepreneurialOutlook.• We want to make a positive impact in society andevoke long-term change by demonstrating SocialResponsibility.
    12. 12. • We are young people, who are growing up whilecreating networks and authentic relationships witheach other, becoming more open, respectful, andtherefore building our Emotional Intelligence.• We explore and develop our own abilities throughProactive Learning and therefore unlock potentialof ourselves and others.
    13. 13. Structure
    14. 14. Takes an active interest in, and constantly increases awareness about, othercultures and world affairs by seeking information, opinions, and ideas fromdiverse sources;Seeks to enlarge personal & professional network by interacting with peopleof diverse cultures and backgrounds;Works effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, styles and abilities,capitalizing on their insights and ideas;Shows openness and flexibility towards differences in opinion, andchallenges own opinion;Demonstrates ability to adapt and adjusts to new situations/ places/ people.
    15. 15. Scans their environment, looking out for challenges and opportunities, andways to capitalize on them;Comes up with innovative ideas/ solutions/ approaches in order to increaseperformance (of self/others/organization);Achieves results by managing resources (material and personal), processesand risks effectively;Works to achieve goal in spite of barriers or difficulties; actively works toovercome obstacles by changing strategies, increasing efforts, using multipleapproaches, etc.Builds on interpersonal relations to engage and build ownership from otherstowards achievement of common goals.
    16. 16. Takes decisions keeping in mind the long-term consequences of presentactions;Identifies and acts keeping in mind the bigger picture and how differentfactors interconnect and relate to each other;Demonstrates personal commitment for tasks and deliverables, and inspiresothers to take action/responsibility;Looks for and implements innovative solutions to address societal needs andissues;Accepts responsibility for outcomes (positive or negative) of ones work.
    17. 17. Shows ability to empathize and sense others feelings and perspectives (“puthimself/herself in other’s shoes”);Actively listens to others; correctly interprets messages and respondsappropriately;Communicates about own feelings and emotions and takes responsibility tomanage them;Demonstrates consistency in speech, responses and actions (“walk your owntalk”);Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued,appreciated, supported and involved.
    18. 18. Is aware of his/ her own strengths and capitalizes on these in variousactivities;Seeks and uses feedback and other sources of information to identifyappropriate areas for own development, and sets development goals to workon these areas;Puts acquired knowledge, understanding, or skill to practical use in dailyactivities; furthers learning through trial and error;Facilitates development of others by helping them to identify their strengths,and opportunities to capitalize on them;Works with individuals to identify areas for development, understand needfor improvement, and set specific development goals.
    19. 19. Agents of Positive ChangeThe 5 competencies that are developed within ourmembers who complete unique AIESEC eXPeriencesmake them to become Change Agents. Input Process Output Young Change @XP People Agents Competencies’ Based on GCM Development Description
    20. 20. Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s PotentialWhile becoming Change Agents, our members cancreate positive impact on society and realize ourdream of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’sPotential.Therefore, our GCM helps us to fulfillour global vision!
    21. 21. @XP describes the PROCESS, GCM describes the finalRESULT of this process and guides your developmentwhile you are going through this process. Change You @XP Agent You joined You got new You became AIESEC eXPerience Change Agent while getting new eXPerience You developed special competencies
    22. 22. TM processes: Other activities:1. Member education cycle: 1. Job description makingall competencies based skill 2. Personal developmenttrainings will lead to develop talks: between VPs andlevels of competencies members2. Performance Appraisal 3. LCM: promote about GCMand Competency Assessment: 4. National conferencesManual assessment andsystem assessment (myaiesec.net)
    23. 23. This 5 competencies determinate you as a ChangeAgent. Each competency has behaviors that representit and each behavior can be observed and measuredwith the help of a Competency Assessment Tool.( myaiesec.net My experience My competencies)You need to go through:1. Self assessment2. 360 contributor: invite others to do the assessment for you from their perspectives.