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Issues based english curriculum

issues based curriculum

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Issues based english curriculum

  2. 2. “Curriculum embodies all the experiences which are utilized by the school to attain the aims of education” • - Munroe The term curriculum is derived from the Latin word ‘currere’ which means path. In this sense curriculum is the path through which the student has to go forward in order to reach the goal envisaged by education. Usually the term curriculum is understood to mean a group of subjects prescribed for study in a particular course.
  3. 3. • Subject centered curriculum • Activity centered curriculum • Child centered curriculum • Issue based curriculum • Experience centered curriculum • Undifferentiated curriculum • Core curriculum • Hidden curriculum • Spiral curriculum The different types of curriculum are as follows:
  4. 4. ISSUE BASED CURRICULUM • Issue Based Approach (IBA) to curriculum transaction is a novel and unique one in the history of school curriculum development in Kerala. • The Issue Based Approach aims to sensitize the learners about the numerous issues faced by our society through the learning material itself. • These issues are developed and sensitized using various discourses which provide a linguistically rich environment in the classroom. • Being a novel one, the Issue Based Approach poses a number of challenges to facilitators with respect to the preparation of teaching manual, lesson transaction, learner assessment etc in the classroom. • It is really a hard task to the facilitator to bring in various social issues in an appropriate form into the framework of formal education.
  5. 5. NECESSARY STEPS • While considering the level, the needs, experiences and interests of students in different levels are varied. • While preparing textbooks, we need to know what should be included in the textbooks of each level in integrated inclusive manner. • Majority of teachers who are in service at present is under the influence of a system which can be traced to the colonial past. Only by conscious and deliberate efforts that they can imbibe a new democratic spirit. • Since teachers play a pivotal role of a ‘facilitator’ in the new paradigm, the handbooks and source books become the tools to show the right path
  6. 6. Kerala Curriculum Framework (KCF) 2007, draws upon National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005, introduced the concept of issue based approach, from the academic year 2008-2009. KCF 2007 was prepared after holding discussions with academics, organizations of teachers, students, non-governmental organizations and the general public. The issue based approach aims at social reformations should provide opportunities to work for social justice, to generate better citizen, to promote a naturalistic spirit, etc. The problems are learned in such a way that the local issues should be analyzed in a global context. Critical pedagogy and issue based approach has recently in practice in the state of Kerala.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION Issue based Approach though fascinating in ideology, practicing is not so promising. Predetermining issues is as against the postulates of critical pedagogy. Practice without reflection and imposing the practice without adequate philosophical interventions are the major criticisms to issue based approach to curriculum in practice in the state of Kerala. Curriculum should be related to the dynamics of everyday life of the learners. It is based on social needs and aspirations. It may recognize the importance of cultural differences of individuals communicating across various social and political borders.

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issues based curriculum


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