Benefits of Elder Care Products


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There are lots of disease that elder person has to face. To get the solution for these diseases, read this document.

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Benefits of Elder Care Products

  1. 1. Commode Stool: A Necessity to Ensure Safety and ComfortCaring for an aging parent or elderly presents difficult challenges. Elderly are at a vulnerable stage oftheir life. They often face multiple health problems and loss of physical function. Seniors need thesupport and care of family members. They often face difficulty expressing their needs, preferences anddesires, so they need someone to proponent for them. Commode chairs and other mobility productshave come a long way to senior people to achieve independence. It is necessary to help people becomeas independent as possible for doing their day to day activities.The Role of Commode Stool in Everyday Life1. Everybody has to face elder care issues in their lifetimes. One common problem that older peopleexperience is falls. One of the most important things that can help someone with mobility problemsis to encourage physical activity. Reduced movability is a common problem faced by senior peopleas well as patients with physical disability.2. These stools are best option for people who are not able to use a regular toilet. The chairs are thebest way to assist who have limited movability due to an accident or any medical condition. Thechair enables patients to use the toilet without causing discomfort to the back and legs. It can besetup next to the bedside for ease and comfort.3. Folding commode is convenient and portable with wheels. It can be folded easily and requireminimum storage space. They are fairly comfortable and are equipped with back and arm rest thatcan be removed whenever needed. Patients who are recovering from surgery and face difficulty instanding up can easily move from the wheelchair to the stool without requiring any support.4. You naturally do not have control over accidents. Moreover, accidents can happen to anyone atanytime. Remember that bathroom is the place where most of the household accidents occur. Manyelders concerned with toileting issues due to increased urinary frequency and urgency. It is bestoption for night use as it can be placed close to the bed. Senior people with reduced movabilitywould also consider it beneficial during the daytime due to ease of access.5. It is basically a movable toilet which does not utilize running water. This is the best alternative forsenior people or patients whose mobility is affected by certain medical condition. By using this tool,people with such conditions can now perform their activities at the bedside which otherwise they dousing a traditional bathroom.Everyone would reach a time in their lives where they would need to rely on others to assist in their dayto day activities. Every person in their old age needs someone to take care of them. They need supportbecause of physical and medical conditions associated with aging, limited mobility, impaired vision,diabetes and certain other health complications. Since bathroom is one of the dangerous place for theelderly. Mobility products ensure safety in the home and prevent fall especially in the bathroom. Sousing a portable commode stool allows elderly and patients to maintain safe and independent lifestyle.
  2. 2. Incontinence: Do Not Embarrass, It is Time to Fight BackIncontinence is the inability to control the bladder or bowel. It is not just a problem for older people butit also affects men and women of any age. It should not be considered normal rather it can often be asign of other health problems. It is important that you get medical help to find out the cause so you canbe given the right treatment. Urinary incontinence is loss of bladder control. It happens to anyone, but itbecomes more common with elderly. Most bladder control problems occur when muscles are too weakor too active.Types of Incontinence1. Stress: It is the symptom of loss of urine when pressure within the abdomen increases. It is usuallydescribed as the involuntary loss of urine while sneezing, coughing, lifting heavy objects, orlaughing. The action that may trigger such condition includes a sudden cough, sneezing, laughing,heavy lifting and exercise.2. Urge: It is the condition when bladder is either unstable or overactive. It is caused by the suddeninvoluntary contraction of the muscular wall of the bladder that causes urinary urgency. If yourmuscles become too active, you may feel a strong urge to urinate that cannot be stopped. It is morecommon in elderly. It also may be symptom of urinary infection in the bladder or kidneys or mayresult from illness or surgery.3. Mixed: It is a combination of both stress and urge which may cause symptoms of both.4. Overflow: It occurs when the bladder is so full that it leaks urine. It is the condition when musclesare too weak to contract and force the urine out in usual manner, such as in neurologic disorders ordiabetes. This type of urinary problem is more common in men with prostate gland problem anddamaged bladder.5. Environmental: It occurs when a person is unable to get to a toilet on time. In such condition urinarysystem may work well, but physical or mental disabilities or maybe other circumstances preventnormal toilet usage.
  3. 3. What are the Causes?The causes which include medical conditions, medications, and environmental obstacles are as follows:Urinary tract infection and constipationDiabetes, stroke or neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s diseasePhysical disabilityMedications such as sleeping pills and anxiety reducing drugsDrinks such as cola, coffee and tea that acts as a diureticsWhat are the Treatments?Incontinence is a subject that is not often discussed about, however it is very common. Those whoexperience such condition can prevent control of bladder movements by using adult diapers. It issomething that many people face as they move towards their older years. It is a medical conditionaffecting millions of men and women. For those concerned about such condition must seek medicalattention. Meanwhile, people can use adult diapers, which can help retain sense of dignity. No matterwhat causes your loss of bladder control certain lifestyle changes will help you treat it. Avoid foods ordrinks such as alcohol and caffeine that may lead to such condition. Regular exercise and losing weightcan also help to treat it.
  4. 4. Wheel Chair: A Solution for Walking, Balance, and Coordination Problems!Before discussing about wheel chair you must know what it is, who needs and how it helps. It is amovable device consists of seat and back rest with wheels. This device is used by physically disabledpeople who have disability or illness. It is mostly used by people having walking disability. It has becomea lifeline for anyone who is mobility impaired. Humans are made to be bipeds, and when they losemobility is nearly equivalent to losing freedom. It help by allowing people the freedom to move andmaking it possible for those confined to a chair to move with relative ease.What is the Purpose of Wheel Chair?1. It is a very useful device that makes life easier for physically disabled people. They are able to gaintheir independence and are living in freedom and dignity. Mobilization is an important factor ofliving. It is true that being able to move brings so much enjoyment and satisfaction amongindividuals. There are some people who might have been born or have met an accident that causedthem to lose their freedom of mobilization. Mobility is an essential element in meeting the goals ofeveryday living. People with serious illness or injury, it prove to be a necessity.2. It not only provides you with the power of mobility but also make you independent to be able tomove on your own and you can take better care of yourself. Mobility and independence are the twoimportant things in life that everyone must needs. When a person’s movement is restricted,whether it is because of permanent disability, temporary impairment, or old age, even sometimesimple things such as going to bathroom becomes difficult too. Wheelchair with commode especiallycreated for people with limited mobility. The main purpose is to allow them safety andindependently.3. The elders are significantly the most respected members of society. They need care so that they canlive the rest of their life in a healthy manner. Seniors at this age may suffer from physical disability.Therefore, it is our duty to take care and help elderly people because at this stage they need helpand support both physically and mentally. These are used a lot by the aged people and physicallydisabled people. Using these may offer the mobility, comfort, and independence. Moreover, peoplewho have met with some kind of accident or suffering from chronic disease benefit a lot from thischair.
  5. 5. Physically disabled people and elder people depend on wheelchairs for comfort and mobility. Withoutthis they are unable to enjoy and participate in every walking activity. No one wants to depend toomuch on anyone in this world and moreover everyone wants to be independent in their lives. It is thebest way to make physically disabled and elderly independent and gives them comfort. These chairs aremanufactured with safety in mind so that the users can go on with their day to day living withoutworrying.