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Argan Oil Treatment


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Argan Oil Treatment

  1. 1. Argan OIL Treatment
  2. 2. BENEFITS OF A HOT OIL TREATMENT: Oil · It helps to add shine to your hair and lock in moisture. · It helps to prevent breakage and reduce frizz. · It helps with dry scalp conditions including dandruff. When doing a hot oil treatment my 3 favourite oils are Argan Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut oil (sometimes I make a blend of all three) but 9/10 I use Argan Oil. Different oils have different benefits so results can vary depending on the oils you use. Hot oil treatments can also be done pre & post shampoo. Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E, contains omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids which provide nutrition for your hair. Other properties of Argan Oil that help to; · Hydrate your hair · Add shine to your hair · Penetrate the hair shaft – it absorbs straight away · Repair damaged hair follicles. · Restore moisture to your hair · And one of my favourite…its non-greasy!
  3. 3. Argan Oil can be used in: •Facial serums •Massage oils •Face creams •Cuticle balm •Hair/scalp treatment I get my Argan oil from non other than Just finished a bottle (old label), had to open a new one. After a co-wash I like following up with a hot oil treatment if I have time My routine is very simple. On damp hair, I part my hair into 2 and apply 2 handfuls of Argan Oil to each section – from root to tip. Your hair really does not need to be drenched in oil.
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