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Panpan 111


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Published in: Education
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Panpan 111

  1. 1. Writing Evaluation Name: Panpan Date: 17 June 2009 Recount: The Great Mauao Exposition: School Uniform Level: 3 Level: 3 Explanation: I can develop personally significant Explanation: I started to develop ideas and elaborate thought but can't explore a personally meaningful ideas but can't develop ideas with significant detail event and use substantial illustration to support the and elaboration. theme. I started to organize and link ideas logically and use I can use most conventions of grammar correctly. conjunction for showing result. I can use a variety of sentence structure, with some I can spell most high-frequency words correctly. short and punchy but can't shapes ideas for a meaningful effect. Writing Goals: I will try to use a variety of sentence structures for effect and selects words that clearly convey my story and felling to my audience. Personal voice apparent-conversational tone and makes attempt at imagery.