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Summary Presentation

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Eduaction English Itexpand Tl Summary Presentation

  1. 1. Education & Technology Services SPONSORED BY
  2. 2. • Who are we? • Overview of Education & Services Offered • Curriculum Description & Overview of Courses Agenda • Contact Information
  3. 3. We are based in Seattle, Washington. We provide consulting and an assortment of Information Technologies services for Small to Midsize Businesses . We are looking to expand our outreach to other States of the U.S.. And world We specialize in the Information Technology life cycle of small Business . This include requirements analysis, design, development of Intelligent Tools for implementation in their Internet Incentives. We promote Social Network Business Collaboration thru present you with IT Solutions and resources For your Business development, support and consulting services. Multiple locales serviced which ensure customers satisfaction coming from enabling progress various markets multiplying Return on Investment (ROI) We advocate Social & Economical Responsibility Thru Services Education. Life & Live Your Dreams Dream Your
  4. 4. • Overview Education & Consulting Services ITExpand Networks as a Team with Our Partners to Deliver Portal Website Education, creation, design , hosting. And The FOLLOWING SERVICES: Software/Hardware engineering. Database design. Graphic design. Internet Branding Consulting. Document Control CMS management/automation engineering. Business Rationalization Consulting. Internet Server Management. Security Consulting. Search Engine Optimization , Technical Consulting Basic to Advance Computer and Internet Education, Internet Antivirus Spyware Prevention, Backups, Management Servers, Computer Repair & Management Net Monitoring 24-7-365 Modules Firewall Management, PC Technical, Management Server -Network Support Solutions Enterprise Level CMS Content Integration Plugin/Custom Modules Collaboration/Interactive Doc/Records Management Portals Technology Advanced Security Process Automation Regulation Compliance Social & Economical Responsibility Co-Business integration • Demo Solutions: Enterprise Level CMS , Content Integration, Plug-in/Custom Modules, Collaboration/Interactive , Doc/Records Management , Portals Technology , Advanced Security, Process Automation , Regulation Compliance, Much More.... • Challenges Talent, Human Resources, Technical Consulting Collaboration And companies interested on building Creative Capitalism as means for growth into Corporate alliance • ITExpand Team Bring Operational & Intelligent Business IT Solutions to your company for A Fast, Effective Web presence. Using Less Capital & Efforts on Internet Incentives by applying Collaborating Tools Locally but Reaching Globally with Your goods! Sound Like a Future Plan? ....Start A New Day In The Life Of Web Business Associate… • Q&A Extend you A Collaborative Business Portal Website FREE Supporting Local Economy and Social Responsibility through Service Education
  5. 5. Business Pain: It’s a Complex World for Marketers to Navigate Marketing ITExpad “Where are my leads?” Customer Metrics TEAM Totally Locally Solution Campaigns “What do you mean I should “Why am I not getting the start thinking about who marketing performance to target 60 days before the I need?” drop date? I don’t even have my brief and my plan finalized.” “How am I supposed to know how to Improve my campaign “Why can’t I find BDMs who are next time?” Influencers in the database? What kind of information is “I’m spending all my time stored in our database anyways?” trying to learn about all the initiatives, tools, “How can there be so little acronyms, and work- contactable customers? Why around… I need to did all these other customers stop just trying to get opt out?” something out the door and start thinking “In my last job, we did some like a strategic cool things like using test relationship marketer.” design , analytics, and trigger-based marketing to “Is everything that we boost our performance. are doing really How can I do that here?” making an impact with our customers?” Tell us your pain points and course expectations. Slide: 5
  6. 6. We provide a full range of web development, web hosting, and web applications development services through our online division Our Approach To provide a technological solution that satisfies a business need, partnerships must be forged, relationships established. Open lines of communication, both formal and informal, between client and consultant are key to creating a world-class product. When we work on a project, we get to know our clients, not only as businesses, but also as people. Dream Your Life & Live Your Dreams
  7. 7. Consulting Antivirus Data Base Computer Disaster Recovery Positioning Software Spyware Design Administration Prevention SEO Development Prevention Integration Management Internet Offside Technical Talent, Human Content Servers Internet Marketing Backup Consulting Resources Corporate Integration Level Social & Automation Collaboration Free Website Management Interest in the Economical Computer Security YOUR Responsibility Repair CSM Internet Consulting Business Co-Business Management Portal integration Management Support Net Modules - Technology Network Software Portals / Servers Consulting for Monitoring Customized Evaluation Automation 24-7-365 Functional Network Documents Support Servers CSM Measure Plug-ins Developments Pc Network Reengineering Corporate Firewall Server Support Business Technical Email Management Management Management Processes Dream Your Life & Live Your Dreams
  8. 8. Duration: Course Overview 15 minutes Module 1 Module 2 Day in the Life of a Web Business The Associate Connection Story Module 4 Module 3 Planning Your Campaign Executing & Monitoring Your Campaign Module 5 Module 6 Measuring Your Campaign Success Campaign Workshop Dream Your Life & Live Your Dreams
  9. 9. Course Modules Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6 Day in the Life of The Planning Your Executing & Measuring Your Campaign a Web Business Connection Story Campaign Monitoring Your Campaign Workshop Associate Campaign Success 8:30-8:45 a.m. 8:45-9:30 a.m. 9:30-12:00 p.m. 1:00-2:30 p m. 2:40-3:30 p.m. 3:30-5:30 p.m. Learning Objectives Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6 • Use ITExpand & • Describe • Explain Itexpand -TL • Students will work • Introductions • Introduce job roles TotallyLocally to Ecommerce Business Analysis through a campaign • Define course basic • Explain Marketing develop targeting Execution & In- Steps scenario from end- objectives Collaboration strategy Market Mgmt. Steps • Explain Google & to-end • Set expectations Objectives • Describe advanced • Execute campaign others Scorecards • Open Portal • Facilitate “A Day in • Explain Business data models • Describe Internet Revenue Making Collaboration & the Life of Web Modular Functions • Access Campaign marketing types options Website Using Business Partner • Breakout sessions Outline Tool • Create promotional • Breakout sessions Networking Tools roundtable • Describe privacy • Create Campaigns & emails Newsletters • Explain Generating • Breakout sessions discussion guidelines Activities • Breakout sessions Leads & Dashboard • Post & Apply • Breakout sessions • Explain Customer • Breakout sessions • Define Add • Describe Customer Weekly Portal • Itexpand and Campaigns • Create Email & End Management and Intelligence reports Module Website TotallyLocally programs Actions Sys Wizard • Explain CRM & BI Functionality Learning Roadmap • Explain Business • Discuss Response • Create Presentation tools • Networks Business • Describe Modules Leverage Locally Management • Pull reports & • Use Marketing Collaboration functionality • Introduce planning Analytics Metrics Solution to Website & planning Intermediate Level • Introduce Advance • Explain Investment make business Steps & Timelines Web Business Level TotallyLocally Map Leverage decisions • Explain Marketing Associate • Social Networking fits into Business overview Module 3 Module 4-6: • Use ITExpand & TL to • Describe Ecommerce Execution & In-Market Mgmt. Steps ITexpand Mandated Steps develop targeting strategy • Explain ITExpand - TL Business Collaboration Analysis Steps 1-5 included in course • Describe advanced data • Portal Collaboration & Website Networking Tools Support Slide: 9 models
  10. 10. We combine traditional business practices with proven internet strategies and ongoing research to help clients maximize online sales and marketing. • The #1 way people find new websites is via Search Engines. • 50% to 80% of your online traffic should be coming via Search Engines. • 90% of all Internet users never view sites listed under #20 on the Search Engine Rankings. • The higher your Search Engine Ranking, the more traffic you will generate. • Most search engines update their listings about every 30 days and if you aren't resubmitting often enough you can be wiped right off the list. • You can greatly improve your Search Engine Ranking and maintain bi- weekly submissions to thousands of search engines. Dream Your Life & Live Your Dreams
  11. 11. ITExpand- TL Learning Roadmap Training Courses Campaign Business Owner & Business Planning Manager        Marketing Roles Delegation Content Manager/Support        Database Marketing Services Managers     Two Paths to TL Powered & Supported Learning By ITExpand Solution for Business Collaboration Portal Analytics Customer Campaign TL-ITExpand TL-ITExpand Welcome Business Business Campaign Planning Certification Collaboration Portal Website Associate Cookbooks Training Applications Kit Framework Web Content Business Management Deployment solutions Integrated TL- ITExpand Training Focused Modular Tools Self Training  Recommended Training  Optional Training Slide: 11
  12. 12. Technical Support Hours (M-F 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM PST) Phone number: 206.422.0772 Fax number: 206. 319.4539 E-mail address: Company Location Address line : P.O. Box 82029 Kenmore WA 98028 Call us for Directions