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Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. Keeping up to date with fashion is a must have with Sunaina as she feels out of place when wearing something unfashionable. She loves socialising with friends on the internet and going onto Facebook. She buys VIBE magazine and she buys Vogue magazine and she loves to keep up to date with fashion and the music industry. She would love a magazine which combines the two together and this is what Replay magazine is made to achieve. She loves shopping in Topshop and loves shopping in River Island, she also loves shops which are unique e.g. Wardrobe. She loves T.V programmes such as Cribs, Shameless, Hollyoaks, Eastenders and Friends. Works at River Island and has massive passion for Hip Hop, Rap and R&B music. She loves going to Concerts such as, The Game and her musical Preferences are Hip Hop, R&B and Pop. She idolises T.I, Eminem, Jay Z, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Her media consumer habits are that she always waits for CDs to come out rather than downloaded songs before the album comes out. She absolutely loves fashion and is always up toThe target audience for my magazine is 16 – 28. date with is and is always buying new garments, she lovesIt targets mostly female but also male too, it setting trends and being individual and unique with hertargets mostly female because of the colours used clothing. She has a Facebook account where she socialises withand the girl model. Sunaina Kumar always has friends and she also has a twitter and a blogger account. Sheher music on and is always up to date with music, really likes fashion, art, setting new trends, listening to music,she loves R&B music and Hip Hop loves gym, textiles, unique in style, getting the latest fashion first,watching the music channel. She loves going to having items which have very little stock or are limited edition.Hip Hop dance classes where she frequently goes She really dislikes fakes and copies of items and really hatesto. She loves going to festivals, shopping and rock music, she really hates items which everybody has forkeeping up to date with fashion trends. She really example, superdry as she hates other people which have theloves artists such as Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and same clothing as her. Rihanna.