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Moorings fy13 appeal


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Moorings FY 13 brochure

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Moorings fy13 appeal

  1. 1. Working together to build homes, communities and hope. HOUSE Fa1 ily, 2001 # tt m -Dorse The Dixon HOUSE #5 The Weir F 0 amily, 201 2Since 1999, The Moorings Community has built 50 homes.
  2. 2. Construction Volunteers of the Year The building of Habitat houses by our construction volunteers is a vital part of our Habitat commitment. This past year our crew of Gavin Ruotolo, Jim Gregg, Fred Weber, Greg Peters, John Beatty, Francoise Casale, Walt Nelson, Richard Binnington, Cyndy Hazlewood, John Morris, Anthony D’Elia and Dick Winkler, built 3 homes! 2008 2009 Bob Walsack John Beatty 2010 2011 2012 Cyndy Hazlewood Fred Weber Gavin Ruotolo Community Contribution Tax Credit ProgramThe State of Florida’s CommunityContribution Tax Credit Program(CCTCP) not only enables adeserving family to get a home, buta portion of The Moorings Clubsales tax is returned to Habitat. Thisis a result of many of our membersspending hours toiling under thehot sun building affordable housesfor deserving families. Over theyears, the CCTCP tax refund checkmade out to Habitat has averagedover $100,000.
  3. 3. The Moorings Community is a Very Special Community Our affiliation with Indian River Habitat for Humanity (IRHFH) started in 1999 when a small group of our members raised $30,000 to build one house. The chart below depicts our 13 year history. A lot of time, sweat and effort has been expended by our members to attain this achievement. This past year, 172 people donated to the Annual Appeal; 170 players participated in the Habitat Golf and Tennis events; 70 athletes walked or ran in the 5K; 60 players participated in our inaugural bridge tournament; and, 325 people attended the Habi-Cocktail party. We also had 12 construction volunteers build 3 houses and over 50 members worked on various committees. 2001 2007 2012 $195,331 $182,943Funds Raised $30,000by The MooringsNumber of Donors, 166 433 609Volunteers & ParticipantsCost* to Sponsor a Habitat $30,000 $47,000 $50,000Home (*sticks and bricks)Number* of Homes Built 1 25 50*by The Moorings (*cumulative) *10 homes sponsored by Carey Estate Bequest Affiliate of the Year for the 5th Time The Moorings is proud to partner with Indian River Habitat for Humanity. Once again, Andy Bowler and his dedicated staff have been named “Affiliate of the Year” for the 5th time in the last 6 years by Habitat International in the medium-sized category. Indian River Habitat is by far the most distinguished affiliate in the country.
  4. 4. Working together, making a difference.It is impossible to recognize everyone who has contributed to the success of this programover the past 13 years. Pictured below are some folks who have been instrumental inThe Moorings’ success. Thanks to all who have made contributions, big or small! The Moorings Habitat Committee Cary’s Cove: Charlie Cary passed away in 2007 and made good on his promise, leaving $500,000 to the Moorings Fund. The money was used to build 10 new houses. Thanks Charlie!
  5. 5. Bradford Burnham 1921 - 2011With deep regret, we say farewell to ourfriend and Habitat Hero, Brad Burnham whopassed away on December 21, 2011. Brad,who started the Moorings Habitat Committeeback in 1999 along with Paul Field, played ahuge role in getting the Moorings Communityinvolved with Indian River Habitat forHumanity (IRHFH). From the get-go, Bradjumped right in and recruited committeemembers, established an Annual Fall Appeal,encouraged more people to volunteer andattended every wall-raising and ribbon-cutting ceremony he could. On March 24, 2012, IRHFH rememberedBrad by renaming its office and trainingfacility “The Burnham Center.” We miss youBrad, but you will be forever in our heartsand those whose lives you have touched. Brad’s wife, Joan and family stand by the new IRHFH office and training center sign.
  6. 6. What it Takes to Be a Habitat Homeowner Applicants must have a need, the ability to pay and the willingness to partner. They must also: • be a legal resident of the United States. • be current on any non-medical debt. • be a resident or work in Indian River County for at least one year. • have an income between $16,150 to $43,100 for a family of four. • be able to make payments on an interest free mortgage of approximately $450/month. • contribute 300-500 hours of sweat equity. • attend numerous classes on topics such as home maintenance/construction, budget and finances, legal issues and neighborhood relations. In today’s economic climate, Indian River Habitat for Humanity Homeowners beat the national and state average mortgage default rate. With over 300 homes completed, only five IRHFH homeowners have gone into foreclosure. That is a rate of 1.6%, which is much lower than the national and state average. THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Indian River Habitat for Humanity established its Scholarship Program in 2008 to assist homeowners and their children in furthering their education. The program helps subsidize after school and summer care as well as educational scholarships for homeowners and/or their children.In 2008, the Moorings Committee gave $5,000 to the Scholarship Program. Our firstscholarship recipient was Attila Gabor (pictured above, far left), a recent Georgia Techgraduate with an aerospace engineering degree. Attila now works at Piper Aircraft. OurCommittee was so impressed with the success of the Scholarship Program, we nowallocate 10% of the money we raise each year. Also pictured above is the rest of theGabor Family. Angelica (to the right of Attila) just graduated from the University ofFlorida, Anastasia (far right) just completed her first year of college at the University ofFlorida, and in the center, Rosalinda, proud mom and Habitat homeowner, who worked hand-out,two jobs to make sure her children would have a better life! Habitat is not a it is a HAND-UP! 6 Gabor family Photo taken by Benjamin Hager, Vero Beach 32963