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Moorings 2011 12 appeal brochure


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Moorings FY 12 brochure

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Moorings 2011 12 appeal brochure

  1. 1. The Moorings IR Habitat for HumanityMoorings Habitat Committee S ince 1999, The Moorings Community has partnered with Indian River Habitat for Humanity (IRHFH) to provide needy people in our county with a simple,Brad Burnham decent place to live. Moorings members have donated over $2 million dollarsFracoise Casale over the past 11 years and our construction volunteers have built 47 homes. ThisBill DuRie far exceeds the number of homes sponsored by any other organization in IndianBarbara Gervais River County. The strong committment of the Moorings Community has made itTodd Heckman possible for more families to benefit from the Moorings/Habitat mission.Bill LaneJoan LewickSteven Merselis Habitat is a hand-up, not a hand out!Jack MorrisJack Quindlen As IRHFH celebrates 20 years of serving some of our community’s neediestDick Sameth citizens, there are still 1,431 families in the county living in overcrowded conditionsBob Samuels according to the University of Florida’s Shimberg Center for Affordable HousingAndrea Stanley study and 827 are living under conditions that are considered dangerously unsafe.Walter Sullivan The recent economic conditions have been the most challenging the affiliate hasEileen Walsack faced since opening its doors. It seems more and more Habitat homeowners struggleDick Winkler, Chair to educate their children and maintain their homes. IRHFH strives every day to meet these challenges, but the NEED CONTINUES TO GROW. The supportMoorings Habitat Golf & received from the members of the Moorings Community is greatly appreciatedTennis Committee and we hope it continues again this year so we can build more homes and change more lives.Bill & Marcia DuRie, ChairmensWalter & Katie Nelson, Co-ChairsCharlie & Lynne ClippertMagnus GustafssonAnne HannaAnnette KrasnowLydia LanderJeff & Donna LockhartKim PalmerDick SamethBonnie SmithAndrea StanleyWalter SullivanTom ThorntonNancy WelterCraig WeyandtDick Winkler Working together to build homes and lives since 1999
  2. 2. If you asked me how Indian River Habitat for Humanity fared during fiscal year 2011 (07/01/2010 – 06/30/2011) I would sum it up as “we are doing more with less.” During the past year, we served a total of 57 families through the following programs: New Homes (20), Rehab Homes (9), NRI Repairs (22) and Recycled Homes (6). New home construction took place on individual lots in Oslo Park and at our Grace Meadows communityin Fellsmere. We also took advantage of the current depressed housingmarket with the purchase, rehabilitation and sale of nine homes. What it Takes to Be a Habitat HomeownerDuring its first year of operation the Neighborhood RevitalizationInitiative program helped 22 low-income families with minor repair, Applicants must:painting and weatherization projects. These pro-bono projects allowthe elderly and infirmed to stay in their own homes a few more years • Have a need and the ability to pay and thewithout fear of their once prized possession falling into total disrepair willingness to partner.and subsequently being condemned. • Be a legal resident of the United States.The Home Center ReStore had another million-dollar year of grosssales, which in turn helped fund eight new homes. Close to 10% of the • Be current on any non-medical debt.revenue generated by the store came from our expanding deconstructionprogram. This program is where staff and volunteers dismantle homes • Be a resident or work in IR county for at leastthat are in the process of being demolished or remodeled and “trash” that one year.would normally end up in the landfill is turned into cash. • Have an income between $17,900 toThroughout the past year, work has progressed on our new Office and $47,700 for a family of four.Training Center (OTC). A Grand Opening Celebration will take place • Be able to make payments on an intereston November 17, 2011. This beautiful facility will not only provide safe, free mortgage of approximately $450/month.decent offices for our dedicated staff, but will also be used as a trainingcenter for Habitat homebuyers and the clients of the Harvest Food and • Contribute 300-500 hours of sweat equity.Outreach and the Samaritan Center ministries in a new collaborative • Attend numerous educational classesinitiative. on topics such as home maintenance/To be able to accomplish all that we have in these very tough economic construction, budget and finances, legaltimes is a glowing testament to God’s generous bounty provided through issues and neighborhood His people. God bless you for all your support, be you a donor orvolunteer.The Moorings Community made the difference in four families livesthis past year, but the need is still great. The latest survey showed thereare over 600 homeless in Indian River County, of which more than 250are children. Besides the homeless, there are hundreds that are living indeplorable housing and over crowded situations, along with many morethat are cost burdened by excessive monthly rental payments.Please don’t grow weary of doing good. More than ever, we needyour supportive prayers along with your donation of time, talent and In today’s economic climate, Indian River Habitat fortreasure. Thank you. Humanity Homeowners beat the national and state average on mortgage default. With over 270 homes Andy Bowler completed, ONLY FOUR IRHFH HOMEOWNERS President/CEO HAVE GONE INTO FORECLOSURE. That is a rate IR Habitat for Humanity of slightly less than 1.5%. Indian River Habitat Communities Grace Grove Grace Pines Grace Meadows Grace WoodsHabitat does not receive any Federal Funds for home construction. They rely on volunteer labor, a dedicated staff anddonations from individuals and local businesses. 89% of the money received by IRHFH goes directly into the cost ofbuilding homes and the other 11% is applied towards administrative and fund raising costs.
  3. 3. Times have changed. We have changed. Due to the economic challenges that have hit our nation and spilled over into our local community, Indian River Habitat (IRHFH) has not thought twice about significantly adapting and improving our “Homeownership Sustainability Services.” IRHFH has recognized that we are not just a “Builder of Homes,” but also a “Builder of Homeowners.” Our main goal has been to provide support and assistance to enable our homeowners to stay in their homes during financial stressful times and to transform them into productive citizens within our community. In order to achieve and maintain our goals we started with the basics, food. IRHFH has a stocked food pantry where items are donated from generous donors. The pantry is available to our homeowners who need extra support during difficult times. In the future, through a collaborative effort with the Harvest Outreach Center, we will be offering classes in our new Office and Training Center (OTC) on “nutrition and diet.” Additionally, we have expanded our services to offer our homeowners the ability to participate in subsidized after school programs. Again, these are made available through partnerships with other charities in our community, such as the Boys & Girls Club and the Gifford Youth Activity Center, that specialize in these types of programs. Furthermore, through our Scholarship Program, homeowners and their children have the opportunity to earn tuition scholarships. One of the first scholarship recipients (sponsored by The Moorings), Attilla-Giovanni Gabor, just graduated from Georgia Tech last spring. With the completion of the OTC, we will expand our financial training classes from three to five and the overall classes will expand from ten to twenty-five. These classes will include, but not limited to, job search assistance, resume preparation, and will preparation. Why have we expanded our services beyond building homes? It is simple. We want to give our homeowners the opportunity for a “hand up, not a hand out” so they can become better homeowners and citizens here in Indian River County. We want to show them a path so they can break the “circle of poverty” for themselves and their children. That’s, at least in my mind, what Habitat is all about. Todd Heckman Ce Board of Directors, Chair lebrating 20 Years Moorings Member Celebrating 20 Years Cele ting 20 Years b ra ting 20 Years Celebra Number of Homes Built, Measures SuccessBeginning in 1991, Indian River Habitat built two homes in their first two years. Today, IR Habitat Celebrates 20 years andhas completed over 270 homes, both new construction and rehabs. The Moorings Community began their partnership with IRHabitat in 1999 and has since raised over $2 million, building a total of 47 homes. Congratulations Indian River Habitat! For the fourth time in five years, Indian River Habitat for Humanity has been awarded “Affiliate of the Year” by Habitat for see the Jennifer Areyan helps mom and dad build y is happy to Humanity International ing famil their new home. T he Hous take shape. new roo f based on its service ‘92 ‘93 ‘94 ‘95 ‘96 ‘97 ‘98  ‘00 to a community with a ‘99 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘10  population ranging from1991 2001 2011 50,000 - 250,000. IRHFH Celebrates 20 years
  4. 4. The Moorings Habitat StoryI t all started in the fall of 1999 when two long- time Moorings residents, Paul Fields and BradBurnham, were working at a Habitat constructionsite and decided that they would like to attempt toraise funds through the Moorings Community tosponsor a Habitat House. They enlisted the helpof the Moorings Property Owners Association andthe first appeal raised $30,000 (the cost of buildinga Habitat house at the time) and pulled in enoughvolunteers to help build the house. After PaulFields passed away in 2001, Brad Burnham alongwith his financial guru, Bob Samuels, foundedthe Moorings Habitat House Committee. Bradhad the unique ability to surround himself withdedicated people who shared the vision to help theworking poor in our county. As each year passed,the fall appeal brought in more money, the numberof volunteers increased as well as the number of The Moorings Habitat Committee, from left to right: Bill DuRie, Jack Quindlen, Billhouses built by the Moorings Community. Lane, Eileen Walsack, Jack Morris, Francoise Casale, Dick Winkler, Dick Sameth, Bob Samuels. Not pictured: Brad Burnham, Barbara Gervais, Todd Heckman, JoanB Lewick, Steven Merselis, Andrea Stanley and Walter Sullivan. rad Burnham’s shining moment came in 2007 when a commitment he had obtained fromCharlie Cary came to fruition. Upon his death, Mr.Cary left $500,000 to the Moorings Habitat Fund, O ne of the goals of the Moorings House Committee is to involve as many members of the Moorings Community as possible, whether it be as volunteers, participants in events, or donors. Last fiscal year, 155 people madewhich was used to build ten new homes. Brad cash or stock donations. The Golf Classic weekend, chaired by Bill and Marciaretired as Chairman in 2007 and Dick Winkler was DuRie, had 116 golf participants, 55 tennis participants, 155 people who ran orappointed as his replacement. walked in the New Balance 5K and over 300 attendees for the Hab-A-Cocktail Party. Additionally, 94 sponsors supported the Classic weekend events and overW hat has turned out to be our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Moorings HabitatGolf Classic launched in 2003 under the guidance 50 volunteers worked throughout the year on various committees or other areas of need such as on the construction sites. The active support of the Moorings Community resulted in the most successful fundraising year since we started theof Barbara and Don Gervais and Judy and Stan Moorings Habitat Program. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKEZiemski. It was a tremendous success and brought 2010-11 A GREAT SUCCESS!in enough money to build an additional two homes. VIn 2005, Dick and Ginger Winkler took over the olunteerism is one of the main tenants of Habitat. The ConstructionGolf Classic and with the help of Bob Samuels Volunteers have been a vital part of the Moorings Habitat Program and we areadded the Hab-A-Cocktail Party, which took place constantly looking for people to join our enthusiastic team. While all volunteersat the new Moorings Club House and to this day is are important, a special State Program remits a portion of a businesses states salethe weekend’s signature event. tax to be returned to IRHFH, if the business (Moorings) provides both charitableT donations and volunteer labor. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact he Golf Classic continued to grow under Jessica Schmitt, IRHFH Volunteer Coordinator at 772-562-9860, ext. 212. the direction of Donna and Jeff Lockhartand Lynne and Charlie Clippert. In 2008, Billand Marcia DuRie took over the Chairmanshipand expanded it to include a Tennis Tournamentand a 5K Run/Walk. In 2010, the Classic waslengthened to a weekend in which over 600 peopleparticipated.T he monies raised last year will go toward building three new homes and eightNeighborhood Revitalization projects in theupcoming fiscal year. Thanks again for thecontinued support, which has made it possible forThe Moorings to assist more and more familiesand continue our Habitat/Moorings mission. Dick Winkler, House Committee Chair Bill & Marcia DuRie, Golf Committee
  5. 5. Indian River Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Program Empowering our families to succeed in academics and lifeIndian River Habitat for Humanity established its Scholarship Programin 2008 to assist homeowners and their children in furthering theireducation. The program helps subsidize summer and after schoolcare, and IRHFH collaborates with the Boys & Girls Club and GiffordYouth Activity Center in these efforts. Funding for educationalscholarships is also available to promote higher education. Lastyear, The Moorings Habitat Committee gave $5,000 to both entities.The Moorings’ first scholarship award went to Attilla-GiovanniGabor. Attilla, the son of Habitat homeowner, Rosalinda Ponce-Gabor, graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2011 with anaeronautical engineering degree. To congratulate Attilla, membersof The Moorings Committee met with him and his family for acelebration luncheon at The Moorings Club. The Gabor familyis truly amazing. Mrs. Ponce-Gabor left an abusive family Meet Attsituation ten years ago with three young children and qualified The Moo illa-Giov rings firs anni Gabfor a Habitat home. In addition to Attilla, daughter Angelica isa senior at the University of Florida and the youngest daughter, t Scholar ship Grad or! uateAnatashia, just started her first year at U of F as a freshman. Our Committee wasso impressed by the results that we have seen from the Scholarship program that we committed$20,000 to the program this year. The Moorings has helped change the lives of 47 families. In 2009, Erica Housing found herself in a situation she had desperately tried to avoid: she and her four young children – and her own mother – were all living with her brother and his family in almost impossibly crowded conditions. As hard working as Erica was, her responsibilities as a single mom had finally overwhelmed her she could no longer pay the rent. In addition to insufficient space, the needs of Erica’s 15-year-old son, Antonio, including wheelchair accessibility, could not be properly met. Then friends told Erica about Indian River Habitat for Humanity. She immediately saw the possibilities and filled out an application. Armed with obvious need, an excellent work record with the Indian River County Utilities Department, and a recommendation from her former landlord, commenting on her “excellent ily! et the Ho usinghFaomner payment history,” Erica hoped for the best. At last, in March 2010, she Me ome w gs most rec ent received The Letter: notification that she had been accepted into the Habitat program and qualified for a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home in Oslo Park. The Moorin She worked diligently on the required 300 Sweat Equity hours, laboring on other Habitat homebuyers’ houses until, after making it through 60% of the program, she was assigned her own lot and began work on her own home, withconstruction volunteers from The Moorings (also house sponsors) working right beside her.The children, too, did their part: Through the Hours for A’s program, homebuyer children too young to work on the jobsite can earnone Sweat Equity hour for each A they earn on their report card. All four contributed: Antonio, a student at Wabasso School; daughtersJasmine and Aleah, in Oslo Middle; and daughter Ki-Iya at Highlands Elementary. Together, they had a significant hand in “building”their home, earning an amazing 127 A’s and, according to teachers’ report card notations, “Exceeding Expectations.”Friends and family, including the loving, hard-working crew from The Moorings, stood beside the little family during their homededication Dec. 4, 2010, as they received their special Bible and the key to their own front door – and an exciting new life.
  6. 6. A Salute to our Moorings Community Donors! We appreciate all our donors who have supported the Moorings Habitat Program through a variety of methods and we can’t thank you enough. Below we pay a special tribute to the Golden Givers who have donated $500 or more between July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011 and to the Steady Eddies who have made consecutive donations over the past three fiscal years, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Without our donors, we would not be able to continue our mission to build homes and lives to those in need in our community!Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Allex Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Gage Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Merselis Mr. and Mrs. John TharpeMr. and Mrs. Robbin E. Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gallery Mr. and Mrs. H. Theodore Meyer Mrs. Charles W. ThorneMr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Barrow Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Garvey Mrs. Helen F. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Coyt C. Tillman, Jr.Mr. J. Addison Bartush Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Gervais Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Montgomery, Jr. Mrs. Frank TolsdorfMr. and Mrs. Blair W. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Norbert W. Gits Mr. and Mrs. John C. Morris, Jr. Ms. Mary Louise TomlinsonMr. and Mrs. R. William Becker Ms. Ann H. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Moseley, III Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Travis, Jr.Mrs. Herman F. Becker Mr. and Mrs. John C. Goodall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Van Der VeurMr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Bell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David W. Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. John P. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Vargas, IIIMr. and Mrs. Leroy D. Bence Mrs. Sterling E. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Nelson Mr. David F. VogtMs. Helen S. Bertles Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Grainger, Jr. Mrs. Patrick C. O’Brien, Jr. Mrs. Henry Von KohornMr. and Mrs. Richard H. Binnington The Reverend and Mrs. Brendan Griswold* Mrs. Robert K. O’Connor Ms. Emily Von KohornDr. and Mrs. William W. Blackburn, II Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gulden Dr. and Mrs. Richard O. Oehme Mr. David Von KohornMrs. Donald Blair Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gundy Mr. and Mrs. John M. O’Shea Mr. and Mrs. Craig Von KohornMr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Bowers Mrs. Karin M. Gustine Mr. and Mrs. John O’Steen Mr. Jeffrey Von Kohorn and Ms. Elizabeth Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bradt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Gutmann Mr. and Mrs. J. Gary Parker BergenMr. and Mrs. C. E. Brady Ms. Anne L. Hanna Mr. and Mrs. George E. Parker, III Mr. and Mrs. Henry Von KohornMr. and Mrs. Duane H. Bredeson Ms. Barbara Harbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Jay Parsons Mr. Kenneth Von KohornMr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hausmann Mr. and Mrs. Derwyn F. Phillips Mr. Daniel W. WalkerMr. and Mrs. Robert E. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Heckman Mr. Otis G. Pike and Ms. Barbe M. Bonjour Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. WalkerMr. Richard C. Brockway Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Plym Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H. WallaceMr. and Mrs. George M. Bryant Mrs. Royce A. Hill Mrs. Stephen R. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Bruce WardellMr. and Mrs. Fred L. Buckner Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Donald Proctor Mr. and Mrs. John M. WardellDr. and Mrs. M. Arthur Budden Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Holt Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quindlen Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. WashburnDr. and Mrs. Donald P. Buebendorf Mr. and Mrs. John Howard Mr. Gerald D. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Alex WeissenbornMr. and Mrs. Bradford Burnham Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Howarth Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Repass Dr. and Mrs. Peter WelterMr. and Mrs. David C. Burnham Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hurley Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ross Mr. and Mrs. John WestMr. and Mrs. Frank Burr Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Husbands Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Verne WesterbergMr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Caldarone Mr. and Mrs. T. Lawrie Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Gavin A. Ruotolo Mrs. Norman J. WiedersumMr. and Mrs. Richard P. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John Jaeger Mrs. Richard Salisbury Mr. and Mrs. Leroy WilburDr. and Mrs. John B. Casale, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Jewett Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Salmon Mr. and Mrs. E. C. WilletMr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Ellis W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sameth Mrs. David L. WilliamsMs. Barbara A. Chapin Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kaletkowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. WinklerMr. and Mrs. Richard W. Chew, C.L.U. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. Francisco San Miguel Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. WinklerMr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Cirone Mr. and Mrs. Cadwallader Kelsey Mr. Robert M. Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. WinklerMr. and Mrs. Charles F. Clippert Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schacht Mr. and Mrs. B. Robert WoodMr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kingsbury Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schneider Mrs. Caroline WoodMr. and Mrs. Peter O. Crouse Mr. and Mrs. William F. Koegel Mr. and Mrs. John Schofield Mr. and Mrs. Irvin C. WoodsMr. and Mrs. George Darooge* Mrs. Rosemary F. Kotkowski Mr. and Mrs. William B. Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. WorthMr. and Mrs. Robert R. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Krasnow Mrs. Leah K. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. WrightDr. and Mrs. R. A Della Porta Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. LaCroix Ms. Marsha Sherry Mrs. E. Brinton WrightMr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Denny Mr. and Mrs. Delano W. Ladd, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Siebert Mr. and Mrs. Stanley ZiemskiMr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Deturris Mr. and Mrs. William W. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. SiegfriedMrs. Francine A. Devitt Mr. and Mrs. H. Vaughn Lang, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. SirichMr. and Mrs. Peter Diamandis Mr. and Mrs. John E. Larsen Mr. and Mrs. David P. Smith, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Donley Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lavins Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Smith *George Darooge, deceasedMr. and Mrs. William W. DuRie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Leary Mr. Robert H. Smith, Jr. *The Reverend Brendan Griswold, deceasedMr. and Mrs. John W. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Eldredge H. Leeming Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. SmithMr. and Mrs. Robert English Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewick Mr. Caleb H. SmithMr. and Mrs. Jack L. Ernsberger Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Little Mr. and Mrs. P. M. SnyderMrs. Ray A. Eusden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lloyd, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sorensen Special Recognition to ourMr. and Mrs. Charles P. Fanning Mr. and Mrs. William D. Luke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. StanleyMr. and Mrs. William H. Farnham, Jr. Mrs. Victor W. Lunka Mr. Philip S. Steel Major Golf Sponsors - The NewMr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Fauver Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Macomber Mr. Carl W. Stern and Ms. Holly D. Hayes Balance Foundation, John Larsen,Mrs. Lawrence T. Fette Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Malin Mrs. Leslie Stewart President of Emeritus and Mrs.Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ford Mr. and Mrs. George B. Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stratton Herman (Shirley) Becker.Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Foresman Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Sullivan, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Mathews Ms. Ethel SullivanMr. Herbert S. Frisbie Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGaurn Mr. and Mrs. Ernest SusaninMr. and Mrs. Guy A. Fritts Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. McLaughlin Mrs. David S. Taylor V O L U N T E E R S P O T L I G H T Bob & Audrey Samuels have a sincere interest Joe & Nancy Briggs have in giving a “hand up” to young people who deserve been strong supporters of the a “helping hand.” Bob has served on the Moorings Moorings Habitat Program Habitat House Committee since its inception and from it’s inception. Joe was was appointed to the Board of Advisors of IRHFH a regular at the construction in 2008. When our new clubhouse was built in site for many years and Nancy 2006, Bob and Audrey wanted to make the Hab- was a member of the team that A-Cocktail a special event. They incentivised the built the first Women Build Golf Committee by offering to donate $7,500 if Habitat house. They have beenthe committee could sell 300 tickets to the Hab-A-Cocktail party. Low and good advocates of the Habitatbehold, 300 tickets were sold and the cocktail party has become a premier mission and their strong andevent at the Moorings Club ever since. The Samuels have been major steady annual financial contributions have been a big support. Thankssponsors of the Golf Classic since 2006. Thanks Bob and Audrey! Joe and Nancy!