Moorings 2010 11 appeal brochure


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Moorings FY 11 brochure

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Moorings 2010 11 appeal brochure

  1. 1. The Moorings and Indian RiverHabitat for HumanityWorking together to build homes and lives. 1999-2010
  2. 2. Moorings Habitat Homeowners 2009-10 Congratulations to Indian River Habitat! For the third time in four years, Indian River Habitat for Humanity has been awarded “Affiliate of the Year” by Habitat for Humanity International based on its service to a community with a population ranging from 50,000 - 250,000. 2
  3. 3. Indian River Habitat for Humanity est. 1991Indian River Habitat for Humanity In 2007, IRHFH built the first(IRHFH) provides safe and Habitat home in the State of Floridaaffordable housing to those who to be certified via Florida Greenqualify and helps them become self Building Coalitions Green Homesufficent citizens. Approved Habitat Standard and since, has receivedhomeowners receive an afforable, no several Aurora Awards for theirinterest mortgage, home management green construction efforts.skills and follow up support systemsto ensure that they maintain the Today, all IRHFH homes are builtcommunities they live in. with “energy efficient” solar hot water heaters and energy starSince 1991, IRHFH has built 250 appliances. In doing so, Habitathomes, most of which are in five homeowners are able to benefit fromcommunities: Grace Oaks, Grace the reduced energy costs.Grove, Grace Meadows, GracePine and Grace Woods. These Another green effort by Indian Rivercommunities are located in Oslo Habitat is its Home Center Store.Park, Gifford, Vero Beach and Opening the doors in SeptemberFellsmere. of 2005, the Home Center has sold 4.5 million dollars of donated itemsDuring the past couple of years, and furnishings, enough to build 35IRHFH has acquired abandoned homes.houses and partially built homes atbargain prices. Once acquired, theyhave been able to rehab them at amuch lower cost than building abrand new house.This is a win-win situation becausethe homeowner gets a house for agood price and the neighborhoodbenefits from the conversion ofa vacant property into a liveablehome.Habitat does not receive any Federal Funds for home construction. They rely onvolunteer labor, a dedicated staff and donations from individuals and local businesses.89% of the money received by IRHFH goes directly into the cost of buildinghomes and the other 11% is applied towards administrative and fund raising costs. 3
  4. 4. Becoming a Habitat HomeownerHabitat is not a hand-out, it is a hand-up!THE NEED IS GREAT. It is estimated that there are at least 1,400families living in dangerously unsafe or overcrowded conditionsin Indian River County without heat, water or adequate plumbingand almost 15,000 who are paying rent in excess of 30% of theirmonthly income. This year, Indian River Habitat plans to build20 new homes plus 10 additional rehab homes in order to help asmany families as possible become homeowners and live in safeand secure conditions. Homeowner Applicants must have a need, the ability to pay and the willingness to partner. Applicants must also: • Be a legal resident of the United States • Be current on any non-medical debt • Be a resident of Indian River County for at least one year (or work in IRC) • Have an income between $17,900 to $35,760 depending on family size • Be able to make payments on an interest free mortgage of approximately $450/month • Contribute 300-500 hours of sweat equity • Attend 11 educational classes on topics such as home maintenance/construction, budget and finances, legal issues and neighborhood relations In today’s economic climate, Indian River Habitat for Humanity homeowners beat the national and state average on mortgage default. With roughly 250 homes completed, ONLY THREE IRHFH HOMEOWNERS HAVE GONE INTO FORECLOSURE. That is a rate of less than 2%. 4
  5. 5. Moorings’ Homeowners Since 1999 Dorsett Williams Holloman Garcia Cooler Exatus Walsh White Ramos Hill Irving Wallace Gines Nelson Howton Stewart Christino Chery Fyke Kirk Lopez Jones Thomas Douzable CesileyLemons Whylly Mitchell Wordell Wheeler Frost Powell Jefferson Hunt SpikesAnderson Franklin Butler Lantz LaPorte Bell Rochefort Harrington Collins Grace Grove Grace Pines “Grace Meadows” Grace Woods 5
  6. 6. 1999-2010 For the past 11 years, The Moorings Community has partnered with Indian River Habitat for Humanity to provide needy people with a simple, decent place to live. Since 1999, over $2 million has been raised and 44 Habitat homes have been built. This far exceeds the number of homes sponsored by any other organization in Indian River County. To achieve such high numbers, The Moorings Construction Volunteers worked a total of 732 building hours in 2009-10. Because Moorings’ volunteers build our homes, 100% of the money raised by the Fall Appeal goes toward the building costs. Volunteers are an essential part of our program. Some volunteers work at the Habitat Home Center Store or in the main office helping with administrative tasks. Others work long hours on the golf and tennis committees. The House Committee does the planning and prepares the Fall Appeal. Volunteers are always welcome so please help if you can. The Moorings Golf Classic & Hab-a-Cocktail Party, which was initiated in 2003 has been expanded to include the Von Kohorn Memorial Tennis Tournament and 5K run. With approximately 400 participants and volunteers, this year’s event was the most successful thus far. Not only being one of the most premier social events of the year, this event enables sponsorship of two additional homes each year. Moorings Habitat CommitteeBrad Burnham Steve MerselisTony Caldarone Jack MorrisFrancoise Casale Jack QuindlenBill DuRie Dick SamethBarbara Gervais Bob SamuelsTodd Heckman Andrea StanleyBill Lane Walter Sullivan 6
  7. 7. Moorings Habitat Golf and Tennis Classic Committee Bill & Marcie DuRie, Chairs Dr. Joe and Ann Vargas, ChairsDave Body Kim PalmerCharlie Clippert Katie RosatoLynne Clippert Bonnie SmithAlet Filmater Walter SullivanTammie Glaser Tom ThorntonMagnus Gustafsson Karen WadeAnne Hanna Nancy WelterStacey Hockenull Craig WeyandtLydia Lander Dick WinklerJeff Lockhart Nancy YarboroughDonna Lockhart Committee Volunteer of the Year Charlie Clippert has been a stalwart on the Moorings Habitat Golf Committee since 2008 where he served as a Co-chairman. The following year he, along with his wife Lynne, took the reins as Committee Chairman. During his tenure, Charlie not only developed some innovative ways of obtaining additional sponsorships, but also hosted a very successful tournament. This past year, Charlie graciously agreed to serve on the committee again to assist the new Chairman, BillDuRie. Charlie’s dedication to the Moorings Habitat Golf Classic’s success isgreatly appreciated. THANKS CHARLIE FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE! 7
  8. 8. Moorings Habitat Construction VolunteersHarold Argue Robert HusbandsJohn Beatty Francisco MiguelPeter Benedict Walter NelsonEugene Billero John O’SheaFrancoise Casale Jean Ross* **Mary Graham William SharpCyndy Hazlewood** Bob WalsackTodd Heckman From left to right: John O’Shea, Bob Fred Weber Walsack, Fred Weber, Don HickeyDon Hickey Dick Winkler * Office Volunteers ** Worked 40+ hours Construction Volunteer of the Year Cyndy Hazlewood has been an extraordinaire Indian River Habitat for Humanity construction volunteer since 2004. As part of the Women Build Team, Cyndy has put in some 400 volunteer construction hours every year. Women Build consists of a group of women who take pride in building their own Habitat houses without help or interference from their male counterparts. However, they would never exclude anyone if they were up for the challenge. If you come out to the job site, you can often see Cyndy pounding nails on a roof or making headers out of 2x6’s. We are very proud to have her as a member of the Moorings Community. THANKS CYNDY FOR SHOWING THE GUYS HOW TO BUILD HOUSES! Every year we recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to the success of the Moorings Habitat Program and in turn, have made a huge difference to so many lives. Last year we recognized Charles Cary (deceased) for his $500,000 grant and Moorings members Don Proctor, Peter Kleinknecht and Brad Burnham who were recipients of awards from the Association of Fundraising Professionals for their work with Habitat. This year, Brad Burnham was also honored by MPOA as their “Man of the Year” for 2010. Congratulations Brad! Continued on Page 9. 8
  9. 9. Special Contributions, Special People John E. Larsen Reverend & Mrs. Shirley Becker Brendan Griswold John E. Larsen John is the past President of New Balance Athletic Shoe Company and currently the President Emeritus. He is also considered the “Godfather” of the Moorings Habitat Golf and Hab-A-Cocktail Classic. In 2003, John secured the funding from The New Balance Foundation to enable us to sponsor our first Golf Classic. John of course wanted to be a part of this initial tournament and managed to put together a winning foursome! The event was a great success raising over $50,000 and each year since has gotten bigger and better. The New Balance Foundation has continued to be involved with the Classic by contributing money and prizes every year. As a result, the tournament has grown and has become an enormous success. Last year, the 7th Annual Golf Classic raised over $100,000. The Moorings Habitat House Committee extends our sincere thanks to John and The New Balance Foundation for the tremendous support they have given to our program. Reverend & Mrs. Shirley Becker Brendan Griswold In memory of her beloved husbandThe Moorings Habitat Committee Herman Becker, Shirley Becker ofwould like to recognize and thank Lake Chargoggagoggmanchaugga-Brendan and Adelaide Griswold of goggchaubunagungamaugg, MASouth Dartmouth, Massachusetts who decided to sponsor a golf hole in the 2006have been amongst our most ardent Habitat Golf Classic. She also invited several friends to play in the supporters every year since Being an avid golfer, the Habitat Golfthe program began in 1999. Because Classic became an annual ritual for herof their and other Moorings’ residents’ and her numerous golfing buddies. Whilegenerous financial support we have she has yet to win the tournament, shebeen able to build 44 homes for people has been gracious enough to become theneeding a “simple, decent, place to major tournament sponsor for the lastlive.” three consecutive years. Thanks Shirley! 9
  10. 10. Indian River Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Program Empowering our Families to Succeed in Academics and lifeIn 2007, Indian River Habitat for Humanity (IRHFH) initiated the ScholarshipProgram to offer homeowners’ children, who are focused and committed totheir futures, the opportunity to further their education beyond a high schooldiploma or GED certificate.As the program continues to grow, IRHFH has realized that there is also a greatneed for after school and summer care assistance. Many Habitat Homeownershave either lost their jobs or have experienced pay cuts as a result of the economyand can not afford these types of services on their own. Thanks to Gifford YouthActivity Center and other local organizations who have partnered with IRHFH75% of these costs are paid for and the parent pays the remaining 25%. Keepingthe focus on education, approximately 30 students received subsidy funds toattend summer educational programs this past year, and proudly, some of thetutors at these programs were Moorings Volunteers.Since the inception of this initiative, IRHFH has expanded its mission to includeScholarships for qualified high school graduates who plan to attend post-secondary education. Last year, eight students received scholorship assistancefrom funds raised by various Habitat fund raising events such as the annualHabiTrot 5K walk/run. 10
  11. 11. The Moorings’ Scholarship RecipientsThis year, for the first time, the Moorings Habitat House Committee made thecommittment to support the Indian River Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Program.The Committee voted to allocate $10,000 to the Scholarship Fund. $5,000 went tosupport the summer educational program at the Gifford Youth Activity Center and two$2,500 education scholarships were awarded to Habitat students. Below are this year’sMoorings’ scholarship recipients and their plans for the future. Attilla-Giovanni Gabor After applying to several universities and being accepted to all of them, my final decision was Georgia Tech. I chose Georgia Tech because of their consistent top five national ranking in Aerospace Engineering. Thanks to various local organizations, especially The Moorings and Indian River Habitat for Humanity, I have been the recipient of financial scholarships, which has helped me fund my education. If it were not for the generosity of these organizations, I would not have been able to attend Georgia Tech and I am truly thankful to them. My plans are to graduate this Fall with a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering and I hope to find a job where I can gain more experience in the design and fabrication of aerospace products. A lofty goal of mine is to be able to work for a company like Scaled Composites (founded by Burt Rutan, designer of SpaceShipOne, which won the Ansari X-Prize in 2004). Outside of academics, I enjoy several hobbies including martial arts, religious activities and playing a military simulation game called “Airsoft.” Angelica-Naia Gabor If there was one thing I was certain about after I graduated from high school, it was that I was going to attend the University of Florida. I had always dreamed of pursuing a career in theatre, but originally deemed it impractical. After going through three diligent auditions, I was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) theatre program. I was extremely anxious and excited. This Fall, I enter my third year at UF and since that time, have been cast in numerous plays such as MacBeth, A Streetcar Named Desire, Oedipus, and The Women. This past summer, I had the opportunity of a lifetime, touring for two weeks in Europe for UF’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I had the time of my life! I am so thankful to various local organizations, especially The Moorings and Indian River Habitat for Humanity who have made it possible for me to continue my education. As far back as I can remember, my family has struggled financially and my mother single-handedly took care of three children while working multiple jobs just to keep food on the table. I hope someday to be able to help another family just as you have helped mine. After graduation, my plans are to pursue an acting career wholeheartedly. Whether I end up in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, only time will tell. 11
  12. 12. The Moorings Habitat Story I t all started in the fall of 1999 when Brad Burnham, a long time Moorings resident was working at a Habitat construction site along with Paul Field. Paul suggestedto Brad that it would be wonderful if they could somehow interest members of TheMoorings Community to form a partnership with Habitat to build an affordable housefor a needy family. They then formed a committee of Moorings residents to explorethe possibility of raising $30,000 (the house sponsorship fee at the time). They enlistedhelp of the Moorings Property Owners Association and in March 2000 the committeesent out a brochure explaining the concept of partnering with Habitat to build a house.The response was overwhelming, both in donations and in people willing to volunteerto help construct the first house. U nfortunately, Paul Field passed away in 2001 and did not live to see his dream come true, but Brad Burnham picked up the torch and with the aid of his financialguru, Bob Samuels, he took over the reins of the Moorings Habitat House Committee.Brad had the unique ability to surround himself with dedicated people who saw theneed to help the working poor of our community. He enlarged the number of peopleserving on the House Committee, established an Annual Fall Appeal, encouraged morepeople to volunteer to build houses and attended every wall-raising and ribbon-cuttingceremony. I n 2003, with the help of the Moorings Club and the leadership of Barbara and Don Gervais and Stan and Judy Ziemski, the first annual Moorings Habitat GolfClassic was launched. It was a tremendous financial success and has continued to raiseenough money to build two additional houses every year. P rior to retiring as Chairman of the House Committee, Brad had obtained a committment from Moorings’ resident Charlie Cary to leave Habitat in his will.Charlie Cary passed away in 2007 and made good on his promise leaving $500,000 tothe Moorings Fund. The money was used to build 10 new houses. Brad retired shortlyafter and handed the torch to Dick Winkler. Dick followed in his mentor’s footstepskeeping the community’s mission alive with the main goal to help those in need of asafe place to live. He thanks everyone involved for their hard work and perseverance.The strong committment of the Moorings community has made it possible for moreand more families to benefit from the the Moorings/Habitat mission. Dick Winkler, Chair