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Christopher columbus


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Christopher columbus

  1. 1. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)
  2. 2.  Born:• Before 31 October 1451 Genoa, Republic of Genoa, in present-day Italy
  3. 3.  Name: Cristoforo Colombo Parents: Domenico Colombo Susanna Fontanarossa Nationality : Italian Religion: Roman Catholic
  4. 4.  Spouses: Filipa Moniz Perestrelo Children: Diego & Fernando Education: University Of Pavia Occupation: Explorer, Navigator, and Colonizer
  5. 5.  Childhood:• Bartolomeo, Giovanni Pellegrino, and Giacomo were his brothers• He also had a sister named Bianchinetta• Columbus claims to have gone to the sea at the age of 10• He Worked in Father’s weaving business
  6. 6.  Voyages of Christopher Columbus:
  7. 7. :• His First Voyages was started on 3 August 1492• Three Ships• They were called Nina, the Pinto, and The Santa Mario• He discovered America in 12 October, 1 492• He also discovered Hispaniola and Cuba
  8. 8. :• 2nd Voyages was in 24 September 1493• He sailed with 17 Ships• Discovered a new island and named it Dominica• That voyage seemed to be very successful
  9. 9. • 3rd voyage was started on 30 May 1498• This time he had only six ships• Discovered the continent of south America• He also discovered Trinidad
  10. 10. :• 4th and last voyages was on April 2, 1502• This time he had only four ships• But the voyages was very fruitful• He discovered central America• Also discovered Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama
  11. 11.  Stuck In Jamaica:• Columbus ran into a Strom during his last voyage• His ship were damaged• He was Stuck in Jamaica for a year• In 1504 he left from Spain for the last time
  12. 12. Died In 20 May 1506 Valladolid, Crown ofCastile, in present day Spain