Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App


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As a business owner. Are you tired of traditional marketing without getting results?
Having an app for your business and using mobile marketing will allow you to market directly to your clients smart phone. To have your present clients coming back more often and spending more, as well as increasing the amount of referrals you receive.

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  • Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

    1. 1. www.apptodoit.com Dominating Business at the Push of a Button
    2. 2.  “Why Would I Ever Consider Having An App For My Business” ? IsYour Present Marketing Working For You Now ? And How Much Are You Spending On Your Marketing, And What Kind Of Return Are You Getting From It ? Can You Track It’s Effectiveness ?
    3. 3.  One on One Intimate Communication with Customers. PUSH Notifications. Send Direct To Your Clients Specials , Discounts , Coupons , Reminders , Etc. with 97% Open Rate Compared to 4% Email Open Rate. PUSH Messages Are Free And Unlimited. Constant Branding – Right On Your Customers Smart Devise 24 / 7
    4. 4.  Viral Marketing – Lets Your Client Base Share Your App With Everyone Else. GPS Directions To Your Business From Anywhere In The World ! Integrate You Tube Videos Into Your App + A Whole Bunch Of Features Unmatched In Any Other Form Of Marketing.
    5. 5. This is Sally…
    6. 6. Sally has a Smart Phone
    7. 7. Sally wants to go to the Gym
    8. 8. So she Clicks onthe Gym App
    9. 9. …and instantly makes anappointment with her trainer
    10. 10. Sally’s meeting some friendsfor lunch after the gym…
    11. 11. Where should she go?
    12. 12. Perhaps theIrish Pub?
    13. 13. How aboutCafé Mumbai?
    14. 14. What aboutthe new littlecafé calledFood for Me?
    15. 15. Let’s look at theLunch MenuMmmm….Delicious!
    16. 16. Wait! She just got acoupon…
    17. 17. for the Salon– Studio JShe probablywould neverhave thoughtto go there ifthey didn’tsend her thecoupon
    18. 18. Next, she maywant to findout the latestinformation onshoes news…
    19. 19. Or get updated on prescriptioninformation from her pharmacy…
    20. 20. Or see what’s on sale at herfavorite boutique…
    21. 21. Finally, Sally has 1 moreapp to click on beforeshe heads home…We’ll get back tothat in a moment
    22. 22. But 1st, let’s look at the majorshift in the way people nowaccess the Internet
    23. 23. From large screen laptop anddesktop computers…
    24. 24. To portable deviceslike mobile phones and tablets
    25. 25. There are 5.3 Billion mobilesubscriptions.(The International Telecommunications Union – October 2010)That’s over 77%of the world’sPopulation.
    26. 26. Almost 1 in 5people haveaccess to fastmobile Internet(3G or Better)services.(The International Telecommunications Union –October 2010)
    27. 27. There are currently over 940million 3G subscriptions (that’s18% of total subscriptions).
    28. 28. In some countries, there aremore mobile subscriptionsthan there are people(Source: Mobile Marketing Association)How can this be?It’s because somepeople own morethan one mobilephone.
    29. 29. There are 5 times morecellphones in the world asPC’s (Impiger Mobile)
    30. 30. There are 6.8 billionpeople on the planet.5.1 billion of themown a cell phone…Yet only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush. (Source: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry & Mobile Marketing Association Asia)
    31. 31. On average, Americans spend2.7 hours per day socializingon their mobile device.That’s over twice the amountof time they spend eating…and over 1/3 of the time theyspend sleeping each day.
    32. 32. Alright, so now we see thattechnology is everywhere, it’sshaping our everyday life…but how does it affect yourbusiness’ bottom line?
    33. 33. 9 of 10 mobile searches leadto action, over half lead topurchase. (Source: Google)
    34. 34. 70% of MOBILE searches leadto action within one hour… 70% of general online searches lead to action within one month. (Source: Ogilvy)
    35. 35. Mobile coupons receive 10xhigher redemption rates thanprint coupons.(Source: Borrell Associates)
    36. 36. 160,000 new Androidsmartphones are beingactivated each day.For advertisers, that equatesto nearly two new sets ofeyeballs every second.
    37. 37. That means smart business’are using smart phonesfor the smart edge…
    38. 38. If a business can benefitfrom… GPS DirectionsIt’s customersknowing it’sclosest locations
    39. 39. If a business can benefitfrom… Being able to contact customers at the touch of a button
    40. 40. If a business can benefitfrom…Shootingcoupons to theircustomers at will
    41. 41. If a business can benefitfrom…Massiveengagementthrough loyaltyprograms
    42. 42. If a business can benefitfrom… An ever- growing mailing list of contacts
    43. 43. If a business can benefit from…One-touchreservation andpush and playpurchase options
    44. 44. If your business can benefit from…Non-stop viralmarketing
    45. 45. Mobile Apps may be for you…
    46. 46. Remember Sally…
    47. 47. She had 1 more app to click onbefore headed back home..
    48. 48. What if that app was for your business?
    49. 49. APP TO DO ITCustom App Designers for Business Mobile Marketing www.apptodoit.com 847.910.2266 customapps@apptodoit.com