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5 features of most effective email marketing


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Email marketing is one of the most cost effective digital channels in existence but its maximum effectiveness can only be achieved if done right from the beginning. Incorporating these five features with your next email marketing campaign will boost the ROI, make it more measurable and effective.

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5 features of most effective email marketing

  1. 1. 5 Features of Most Effective Email Marketing By Sampi Marketing Ltd.
  2. 2. Five Focus Areas of effective email marketing Increased Revenue & ROI Diversify Messaging Email Marketing Automation Agile, Dynamic Design Send-time & Frequency Optimization List Monetization 1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. More Strategy!  Top-performing email marketers invest 50% more time and money in email strategy then their average- performing counterparts
  4. 4. Diversify! Segmentation is key  Most companies still relying too heavily on repetitive promotional email, too-general broadcast messages, or too-infrequent overall volume  Only about 50% of marketers can segment on the attributes needed for greater diversification 4 1
  5. 5. Message Diversification Model 1:1 Personal Entertainment & Engagers Educational & Informational Content Marketing Promotional Foundational Continuity programs like newsletters, bulletins, updates, style guides, etc. Segmentation Message Volume Low High High Low 1
  6. 6. 1:1 Automation = Goldmine  Ironically, the smallest volume segment, the tip of the pyramid, pays the biggest dividends Personalized Email Generates 6X the Revenue of Broadcast Yet less than 50% of email marketers use it! 2
  7. 7. Can You Deploy Email Like This? 2
  8. 8. Agile, Dynamic Messages  Email has come a long way in a short time, with recent evolutions resulting in a whole new design approach Source: Movable Ink 3
  9. 9. Mobile-Friendly Design  This newsletter from Express was optimized for enhanced viewing on desktop versus mobile device. The top call-to- action for the promotional sale is more prominent in the mobile version 3
  10. 10. Interactivity & Engagement Video, Animation  In this email, Sunglass Hut promoted their latest trends by including a video that played directly in the inbox  Only 52% of email marketers have used animation  Only 10% have attempted video-in-email 3
  11. 11. Send-Time Optimization A “must” for e-Commerce Companies  Technology takes the guesswork out of when to send email by:  Analyzing email subscriber past open and click behavior  Predicting the ideal send-time based on each subscriber's history of engagement with your email  Delivering your campaign to each subscriber at the ideal time for them (1 or 1,000,000)  Eliminating time-zone send-time challenges for national or international marketers Case in Point When Alternative Apparel tested send-time optimization vs. a control on their email list, they achieved • 31% higher open rates • 38% higher click-through • Reduced operational costs 4
  12. 12. For Publishers & Content Producers In-context email display ads earn $$$  Publishers and heavy content marketers can now sell display advertising in their email newsletters and publications, finally monetizing large email subscriber lists without putting them on the list rental market!  “In-context” email display ads get 5-10x the engagement of web display ads  Email-ad display networks manage sale, placement, inventory control and tagging  You choose only appropriate advertisers with content matching your subscribers’ interests  Use price floors and house ads to drive all your marketing goals 12 5
  13. 13. Email Ads Serving Live  List subscribers more likely to respond to in- content ads placed in email they signed up for than general website banner ads 13 Animated Banner 5 In-content ads
  14. 14. Mailigen – our preferred platform
  15. 15. Mailigen – platform features
  16. 16. •Fully compatible Message diversification •Many options with primary account Email marketing automation •Partially implemented, new options are in development Agile, dynamic design •Basic options, more complex functions are in development Send time frequency optimization •Basic functions can be implemented with most templates List monetization Email marketing with Mailigen 1 2 3 4 5
  17. 17. Reach across the Great Wall! Thank you! Reach across the Great Wall!