Bahasa arab 1


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Bahasa arab 1

  1. 1. 4#Jt -tat-ll+ ,{dl +e- $K jt*>-Yi ,i: 13i)t*., qY-lrstiLlTPP&TIPF BPI JAIS@ gy-J#l 0t ,:.TlBA.TIA.SA ARAB8.4 llI I SEPTEI,IBER 20I2:.iAM Ai;1dt E-rrtiJt o.:ki,U .,*.tr-rlt 3t*lJ C Y. y I a tff ;*tJt ;ilJt rJ-ri &;s 0Uet^, +l-ll # rrr! J"i !l uls-lt o.ra g.ii ) .- a; :abr>Llt . " . ., -;: 4.-: -ou & *-# a;;;Jl o.l,t .aLtui i**i ii)t, ,rr, .-l^:.:; }q- Iit a*i;_e.->i .,julr 4lr cr *lrF.l J-llr ,-;Jr , a atJ+ *t-*i-e GF UJtt oi.n :
  2. 2. t iltJJt lilll ,- . STILIT BA11 {, (d*J5 1.y -g.rll : J.9!t ,r;lt : Ull aU-!t J" -hii ADE ,* .--*i (L-r) Y .; cJ3ll 6jlj,*JifI (ot>.;.: t) f ael;i d,/ d#tl f t ( (Ljt)l.:ll Jf -t (oL>p t) j* Jklt{ q/ t^-Sit f s;)tjlt ,ro _J "ro" 1c.rl*;r 1) :dU t+ *-t ,t.S 6.rLll eF*, ?* V *^U t- - l-flti;.1:-pL-, b -y . .r**It >{# t- -f "U Lrrdk (r:t*;: 1) :t-U t1t;l L* ^i t q-pl -) ubxrq - ,r- Jf J ll4i2.1 J^.E b -Y fut ur-f,t d u.6t-4 t: -r (G-,) Y.) sitdl dljJl (rrb.;r t) +i: .e.r;, il,+ d bl) Jtrq .r,l: I t*^+1 Ju;trt u -t (ot-*;.: 1) -: klf! ir]e.x: +lt +lt ;,. a*Jt JtiYl e>;-l -+ ( ...r, ?r]+q4";?fii;tu ;.. j) Jrr Ju (rrt*-;: t) . d-tt ,rstrt fit -* (ot>.;r 1) .Als *lttgJt alt* d ;l+ il,l d ":]r.ri" a.lf J**l *r c9r
  3. 3. 5tLrll frll SULIT BATi (L.r) Y .) eJulr Jr";Jr (o1*;: t) .;r#i" itr + JUII g. cUr:-Yl Jf -t .l I (ot*-1r 1) .k- J(J ;t t VU Aafl r:.,Yt--, d,)tj i", (ol*_1r 1) : ;r*i, J+ ,J ,]L- tI Jt )4bV-f t UeL:r-!l - Irbjb t*, t U eL:*,Yl -y (rrl*;r t) -: ull jJl a L, ae u qfl t*,rr Lft: - l.ue 11 v>l.LJt rh> -y (L,) Y .) gUt Jt.;Jt(crH-;.: t) .JuIr r JrIr Jf -t(obr;: 1) .J* .lt*t g. Jtlt .,.-b Lsr dJ, IJ$J ftt -a(11L*.11 1) -: qlfL f t|s< +t- t+ d" -* l-r"i$ -.,rtll .:Le - e,3l4:- r.ll;J_-r.ejl ?,ls - t p161-; sL:Jl rleb -Y (r:L*;: t) : f,U UJe! UVf U^+l qf -) I i , il tC-U J^4 elr- -ia I . tl I I I Itsr r
  4. 4. rkd ri[r IULIT BAIl (L-r) T .) u,rtJr Jr-;Jrt (rrt-*1r 1) -: a;it .:trt*ll J/ j#.rll * -l -lII UbJi J^.* r+ blir f Lb $.:^e - eL:,a "Q"*bii;t:rL " Jto Ju -Y lrrL*;t t) a -: 6-t=;r at+- e tj-5 .]tr t/ J*.,1 qob;: 1) .;L- tJ $1" 0k ( )Al Cf Lr.-Il V1>=:-,1 -> t! wb r* -f e2,or.h> il Ust i*t - dl^ba) r, irfl*tl lr*r- -y (r:t-*;.: t; -: t.U tf!+!t ai-+t q-ei -) J?[JFrt+ ( t,) O-it : ,rildl f-.i,t : Ull ata"lt o" &it inltF ,f ,.*i (Lf Y .) 4stJt Jt;Jt (et-*.;: t) .tt."ilttf,#l Jf -t f-,Vt lrlt-*-;: 1) i/, W drJ> U qf Ul-, lf t,* "lr-r" a*lf e*l) j -+ 1r:t*;: t ) 4SJl r-r;.: fjll Ca * 6ue;lt.,aJtrr ii- d .-=-Jt r-. Juir r 1.rt-*;> 1) .ti3" t*^* a,,*l f Uyt Jt*ilt d,/ JoHl ,,-,1 oLo -) tt f - ;bel 6t
  5. 5. rdtl BATI (L.r) Y.) GtJt Jtji,Jt (sL+J) t) op -t y .Jr:tr (- r9.r^It -yt , lot*;r 1) .Jr.:ir e $-f -rt+.o! :1r^lt ,,-,yt ,y Wj f ,i -+ .i (oL*;: 1) F Jtdt f *ts *, .Jt: CJt oJt- .r e"=*,Jt,*,yt y,t_ ,;S _n (eb;.: t1 -: Uilr .rt^t(Jr ; -r .r;^ ,l j3 e al-r ,r?, (b;) Y .) ifldt JtSJt (crb;:t) .rQ6jJt ,,*,Yl bSr U ,*; f ,l:f f,-)1,!Lpl y,^cttV I (sl;J) 1) .J(J Jt tr ( y,-alt &ttt o, tu)ri ,fit -+ fit3 4p!t gU(Jr **jL .a -* zi*> Llu Urt (ot-*_1: t) Js -r .Jutt r fe;Ut ,h ryt * - Cl*rJt, c,lr."g.Jl g. - W& UPPBPIJAIS@tSa-