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Samos Summit Innovative public services in Europe – taking stock and looking ahead

  1. Follow discussions online @EU_DIGIT @EU_ISA2 Peter Ulrich Joint Research Centre, European Commission Innovative public services in Europe – taking stock and looking ahead Samos summit on ICT-enabled governance 13 July 2020
  2. 1. Project introduction and background 2. Preliminary results: 1. Innovative public services landscape in Europe. 2. Needs of public sector organisations for technology enabled innovation of public services. 3. Outlook: towards an Innovative Public Services Observatory 4. Questions and discussion Content
  3. 1. Project introduction and background
  4. 2 year project between DGs Digit and JRC, researching the intersection of public services innovation, interoperability, and technology (AI, IoT, Blockchain, APIs). The IPS study in ISA² Key objectives: 1.Assess the EU Innovative Public Services landscape. 2.Identify key drivers and major bottlenecks for the use of innovative technological solutions and applications in public services. 3.Define a basic Innovative Public Service EU framework and the road ahead. 4.Assess feasibility of setting up Innovative Public Services Observatory (IPSO).
  5. Interoperability@EC ISA² ISA² Innovative Public Services Action Innovative Public Services (towards an eGov Incubator) General landscaping and studies • Framework assessing new technologies and IOP barriers (DIGIT.D2 and KPMG ) finished • JRC Administrative Arrangement (DIGIT.D2 and JRC.B6) on-going until 2021 Piloting activities • Blockchain pilots (DIGIT.D3) Finished • eDelivery API+Blockchain (DIGIT.D3, CNECT.H4) on-going until 2021 • AI use in Competition (COMP.R3) on-going until 2021 Specific studies • Study on a future GovTech Incubator (DIGIT+JRC+CNECT).Not yet started • APIS4IPS study (CNECT.H4 + JRC.B6) on-going until 2021 Outside ISA² • APIs4DGOV study (CNECT and JRC.) • AIWATCH Task 6 (CNECT and JRC) • H2020 projects (CNECT and REA) • CEF (BDTI, EBSI,…) (CNECT and DIGIT) • EU Blockchain Observatory (CNECT) Legal Interoparability ELISE FDS Catalogue of Services SEMIC • Blockchain Study 2018-2019 • AI Studies 2019 • … • APIs supporting CoS • Chatbots supporting CoS • Semantics and AI. • PoC AI for regulatory reporting • DigiGov Study 2019-2020 • Use of AI in Legislation
  6. 2. Preliminary results
  7. Innovative public services landscape in Europe Distribution of cases across the four selected technologies (total 543) API Artificial intelligence Blockchain Internet of things 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republik Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland UK Distribution of cases across countries Sources: Misuraca & van Noordt (2020); Vaccari et al (2020);; van der Peijl et al (2019); others
  8. Needs for tech-enabled public service innovation • Availability of necessary human resources and skills. • Support from internal and external stakeholders and users. • Innovation responds to clear business needs. • Have an active public sector and a strong technological partner. • Legacy systems that allow new tech solution to be plugged in. • Effective data infrastructures and quality data. • Availability of standards, specifications, and guidelines. • Have sandboxes and testbeds. • Availability of necessary funds. • Opportunities to share experiences and learn from others. • Etc.
  9. 3. Outlook
  10. Feasibility study being created in the project for an Innovative Public Services Observatory. • A database of public sector pilots/activities using technologies for public services innovation. • Information for different needs - possibility to identify cases by sector or by technology • A source of inspiration and reuse for public services that fosters collaboration. • One of the sources to select that would qualify for the Interoperability Govtech Incubator. Towards an Innovative Public Services Observatory IPSO prototype: explorer/service/
  11. 4. Questions and discussion
  12. - What is your perception of the Innovative Public Services Landscape in Europe? - Where do you see the biggest needs of public sector organisations for technology enabled service innovation? - What would you expect from an Innovative Public Services Observatory? Input for discussion:
  13. Interoperability@work • You can use Joinup to disseminate results, events, documents,…
  14. ISA² programme You click, we link! Stay in touch Run by the Interoperability Unit at DIGIT (European Commission) with 131€M budget, the ISA2 programme provides public administrations, businesses and citizens with specifications and standards, software and services to reduce administrative burdens. @ EU_isa 2 ISA2 Programme DIGIT-ISA2-