Summer camp bocklet 2011 final


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Summer camp bocklet 2011 final

  1. 1. Sustainable Development: A Multi-disciplinary Approach Summer Camp for High School Students from India Hosted by the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Arts, Fredericton CampusCoordinator: India Contact:Dr. Koumari Mitra Vinay ChaudhryProfessor and Chair , CEO, Maple Leaf EduConnectDepartment of Anthropology
  2. 2. Program DetailsProgram Fee: $2,200. Program fee includes summer camp activities, accommodation, meals and transportation. Air fare is not included.Number of Students: 25-30.Target Group: a) Grade: 11 (and 12 where possible); b) Primary audience for the pilot initiative: Arts and Commerce students as Science students have a number of similar opportunities available in the UK and US. However, Science students are also included depending on interest.Requirements: Proficiency in English and grades of 70% and higher.Proposed dates and duration: 11th-20th June 2012.Host Faculty: Faculty of Arts, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Campus (UNBF).Accommodation and Meals: Students will stay at the residence facilities of UNBF campus. We will arrange accommodation for all 25-30 students at a common location. Students will be under supervision at all times during their stay including at the residence. Food will be catered by the university caterers and would include three main meals and snacks.Transportation: We will arrange transportation for site visits; visit to our Saint John campus; and tours around the city.
  3. 3. Program Information "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”Background: All definitions of sustainable development require that we see the world as a system—a system that connects space; and a system that connects time. From a global perspective, sustainable development is a development strategy that integrates environmental, economic, and socio- cultural considerations for maintaining and improving the quality of life for all people around the world. This interconnected endeavour requires the use of multi- disciplinary approaches and analytical tools. It is founded on principles of equity – intergenerational, international and intra-national equity. Three key elements of sustainable development are quality of life, integrated decision making and equity. Sustainable development is a social responsibility.Objective: The objective of this 10-day educational summer camp is to offer high school students from India the opportunity to explore a Canadian pre-university experience at UNB’s Fredericton campus. This summer camp is designed as an academic enrichment program and also serves to expose international students to elements of a Canadian university life. We invite grade 11-12 from India to spend some time at our campus and attend sessions conducted by faculty and graduate students at this camp. Our theme this year focuses on sustainable development as seen through various disciplinary perspectives.
  4. 4. Outcome: Students will i) be exposed to current issues, debates, challenges related to this subject matter; ii) develop analytical skills including critical thinking and problem solving, leadership, cultural awareness and sensitivity; and iii) develop research, writing and communication skills pertaining to complex issues in diverse settings. At the successful completion of this summer camp, a certificate of learning on sustainable development will be awarded, that can be helpful in seeking admission to the University of New Brunswick. We hope to offer scholarships to meritorious students for returning to UNB as a full time student. At a broader level, this summer camp will further provide a strong conceptual foundation and knowledge-base to students on a critical topic, and thereby help in creating young global citizens who take sustainable development as a social responsibility. Ultimately, we hope that this experience serves students as a memorable introduction to UNB and helps attract them to attend the university on a full time basis.Requirements: As a group activity students (5-6 students per group) are required to research a topic of their choice pertaining to their earlier interactive workshops on sustainable development. Students will attend essay writing workshops and each group will be required to submit a report/essay (5 typed double spaced pages) based on their research. Students will also prepare a 15 minute power- point presentation on their topic which will be presented to entire group. Each group will have access to an instructor helping them with their research, writing and power point presentation. The essays are due on Friday afternoon. These essays will be entered into a competition for certificate awards at the end of the camp. The power point presentations of groups will be held on Monday morning of Week 2.
  5. 5. Tentative Itinerary 11th-20th June 2012Week 1 (June 11-15): Monday- Friday.Monday : Orientation Day (9 AM-12 PM)Morning:• Welcome reception by the host faculty• Opening Ceremony: Traditional Welcome by First Nations Elder• Introductions by the International Recruitment Centre• Remarks by New Brunswick’s Provincial Growth Secretariat• Introduction to campus life and various student services including health and counseling services; International Student services; guidance counselors etc. These would include presentations from each of these services.• Introduction to student associations at UNBF; employment centres; international and local students’ cultural activities.Lunch break (12-1PM)Afternoon:• Guided tour of Fredericton campus including various faculties and other facilities (1-4 PM)
  6. 6. Tuesday- Friday: Faculty of Arts Camp: (9AM-4PM; Lunch 12-1PM)Mornings: include interactive and thematic workshops on sustainable development from participating Arts disciplines and interdisciplinary programs at UNBF. Some topics include: Indigenous People and Development; Environment and Development; Gender Entrepreneurship and Development; Health and Development; Human Rights Issues; Free Trade and Globalization; Culture and Sustainable Development.Afternoons: Afternoon activities will include• Internship workshops given by various community-based organization including the Multi-cultural Association; Y International; Asian Heritage Foundation;• Essay and power point workshops; and• Visit to the Metepenagiag Heritage Park with activities arranged by the First Nations Elders.Evenings: Social activities organized by the Indo-Canadian Association; and other cultural groups. Also, visits with the Summer Theatre Fredericton, UNB Conservatory of Music, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Outdoor Enthusiasts of Fredericton.Saturday (June 16): Visit to the Kings Landing Historical Settlement.Sunday (June 17): Picnic at the Fundy National Park
  7. 7. Week 2 (18-20): Monday-Wednesday:Monday (all day):• Group presentations and panel discussions on essay topics.Tuesday (all day):• Visit to UNB Saint John Campus.Wednesday Morning: Closing: (9AM-12PM)• Awards for Best Group Essay and presentation;• Award of Certificate of Learning on Sustainable Development.• Farewell Lunch by the host faculty.Contact Information:Coordinator: India Contact:Dr. Koumari Mitra Vinay ChaudhryProfessor and Chair , CEO, Maple Leaf EduConnectDepartment of Anthropology Phone: +91.11.3044.6796and IDS Coordinator