Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4How did you use media technologiesin the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. iMovieOne technology I used during the production of my music video wasiMovie on an Apple Macbook. I was new to this technology at first andfound it quite difficult due to my lack of skills and knowledge but afterexperimenting a numerous of times due to re-filming and editing I startedto familiarise myself with the features and functions available andtherefore found this technology easy to use over time. We had trouble atfirst with importing our video clips due to the media files being in anincorrect format but after re-converting them we were then able to edit.The first time we edited our video we began by editing one single clip tosee what tools were available and learn how to simply cut the clip andchange the timings. This was relatively easy although the more clips webegan to add the harder it become because we had to position the clipsin the correct order so they would come exactly on time. Also it wastricky with getting the lip synching accurate due to the amount of clips wehad to use but in order for our music video to be at its better we had toput a lot of time into editing so the lip synching could be perfect. Thistechnology helped us enormously throughout the construction of ourmusic video. Even though there are other technologies available such asAdobe Premiere Elements, using iMovie allowed us to edit our video inour own time due to the Macbook being my partner’s, Liv Wood. Thisparticular technology allowed us to crop clips, edit the brightness andcontrast, alter timings and add clips onto a time line which allowed us tofollow our storyboard and edit clips individually.
  3. 3. SD Video CameraDuring the production of our music video we used and SD videocamera to film each shot which was borrowed from one of ourteachers. We used this technology throughout the construction ofour music video and made the process easier for us as we couldfilm each shot in order and because we planned the shots inadvance, we could get straight on with filming by simply workingthrough the storyboard. We found this technology relatively easyto use and we found that this enabled our shots to be at the bestof quality. However we found that some of the shots were not asclear and also looked darker than others but this could be due tothe outside lighting rather than the camera. I had no previousexperience working with this technology and therefore had tothink about the variety of shots to include and how I was going toachieve them with this camera. The functions of the cameraallowed us to zoom in and out, take photos and watch clips back.Zooming in and out was very useful during the filming process aswe could vary the types of shots we used which would encouragethe audience to continue watching as the video would look moreinteresting. Watching the video clips back allowed us to see ifthey were successful or not which then helped us to decidewhether or not the particular shots needed to be improved.
  4. 4. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0Another technology that I used during the construction andresearch and planning of my media products was AdobePhotoshop. I found this technology quite easy to use due tomy past experience and knowledge after using it for my AScoursework. However due to the program being updatedthere was multiple features and tools that I wasn’t aware ofand therefore had to familiarise myself to the new features inmy own time. Before going straight into constructing myancillary texts, I played around with these new tools on thesoftware to see what effects and mock up products I couldachieve. This way I was able to come up with more ideas onthe conventions I may choose to use before putting togetherthe final magazine advert and digipack. Overall I feel that myskills with Photoshop have improved dramatically since lastyear which has helped me think more creatively for myancillary texts this year. Last year I had very basic skills andonly used basic conventions whereas this year I developedideas from current albums and magazine adverts so I couldadapt my ideas further. This technology enhanced my workas it allowed me to edit photos to increase the quality, I coulduse templates, add text and images, I could use formattingtools and also add layers to make the ancillary texts lookmore realistic and professional.
  5. 5. Panasonic digital cameraIn order for my ancillary texts to have good quality photographs I used a Panasonic digital camera. Idecided to use this camera because I had previous experience with using it for my AS coursework.This technology was used for research and planning and also the production of the media products.The digital camera made the production process of my ancillary texts a lot easier as the photos werea good quality which allowed me to edit them so that they looked professional. I could upload thephotos immediately and experiment with the editing tools to see what they looked like on mycomputer. My skills in this particular technology have not necessarily developed however by using it Iwas able to be more creative as I was able to think more in depth of what types of shots to take.Furthermore, because I had previous experience with this technology it gave me more time to planahead rather than just take the pictures on the day and hope they would turn out fine. Planning aheadmeant I knew exactly what would work well and what wouldn’t on my ancillary texts.
  6. 6. BloggerThe technology I used throughout the construction, research andplanning and evaluation stages of my coursework was Blogger.This allowed me to document all my ideas, thoughts, work andprogress of my coursework from the beginning to the end. Thiswas very useful as working with another person meant we had toboth keep track of what had been achieved and what neededcompleting. This technology was useful for the research andplanning part of our coursework as we could present our ideas inmany formats such as basic posts, presentations, animoto, prezi,word documents etc. Not only did Blogger allow us to label ourposts which made it a lot easier for us to refer back to our ideas inour researching and planning but it also encouraged us to bemore organised with our work.
  7. 7. Internet ExplorerI used Internet Explorer throughout the whole of myresearching and planning stage of my coursework.Without this source I wouldn’t have been able to developmy ideas and get any inspiration from other media textssuch as the artists name, costumes, song choice,conventions of a digipak and magazine and otherinformation. The use of Internet Explorer encouraged meto develop my creative skills as I was able to takeelements from other media texts and develop the idea’sfurther to make them my own. Without this technology Iwouldn’t have been able to make the research of musicvideos and ancillary texts which would have had amassive impact on my work as my media productswouldn’t have looked professional and realistic. Theinternet made research and planning much easier for mebecause once I came across an idea I could then go andresearch more into it by using the internet.
  8. 8. Other TechnologiesTwitterTwitter is a social networking site we used for our artist. Twitter allowed us to make our artist lookrealistic by following other artists and bands and tweeting things very similar. This helped usthroughout the research and planning stage as we could get regular feedback from friends and fansand we could let them know what progress we were making on the coursework products.AnimotoAnimoto was a useful piece of technology for our research and planning stage of our coursework. Itallowed us to present our work such as a mood board in a very visual way to attract an audience. Myskills have developed by creating more Animoto videos since last year because I have realised thatthe combination of text and images work well together. I like that the technology only allows you addbrief notes because this way the audience doesnt get bored of reading text and the notes work wellby then adding an image.