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CD Cover Analysis
Foals- AntidotesThis simplistic CD cover by the Foals is                                                                  ...
The Wombats- A Guide to love    , loss and desperation           This album, “A guide to love, loss and desperation” by Th...
Kate Nash- My Best Friend Is                         YouThis cover by Kate Nash shows clearly the genre of her musicby the...
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Cd cover analysis


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Cd cover analysis

  1. 1. CD Cover Analysis
  2. 2. Foals- AntidotesThis simplistic CD cover by the Foals is The black and white effect worksvery effective as the picture is very really well on top of the beigebasic but it manages to catch the background and draws theaudiences attention. As the drawing audience into the centre as it’sbecomes more detailed towards the the only colour on the page. Duecentre it becomes more appealing as a to the colours being very neutralrandom colour/patterned mouth is it also signifies the basic outlineused and the simple sketch becomes of the sketch. The black text alsomore fascinating. This could have a contrasts the background whichsignificant meaning to the album or makes the album name stand outcould be something they are trying the even though the attention issymbolise. The detail also makes the focused at the image in thesketch look more realistic and helps centre. I think that the non filledshow the emotion of the person more text ‘Foals’ looks good with theclearly. This cartoon type image fits bold text ‘antidotes’ as theywith the indie genre as well as the basic contrast each other making themlook and due to the image being both stand out.central, nothing else on the coverdistracts the audience from it. Theimage could be classed asdisjunctive, however it could have somereference to the album or song. This layout works well with the indie/alternative genre as there is a very unique feel to it. With the image and the text being central it helps to catch the audiences attention. If the background wasn’t a plain neutral colour I think it would have distracted the audiences attention from the main image and the cover as a whole wouldn’t have been as effective.
  3. 3. The Wombats- A Guide to love , loss and desperation This album, “A guide to love, loss and desperation” by The Wombats uses very bright colours to attract the audience’s attention. By using a contrasting coloured background and a bold font it reinforces the main information on the cover: the band name and the title of the album. This is presented very well to the audience and therefore catches the audience’s eye. The background behind these bold fonts and colours is an image of a set of shelves taken from someone’s bedroom. It is cluttered with typical items that could possibly have some significance or reference to the album or the songs that are included. However as the props used are very random the cover could be classed as disjunctive and have nothing to do with the album itself. Either way the mise en scene of the image creates a happy and relaxed mood due to the bright colours that have been used. As this image consists of cluttered toys on a shelf it comes across as a teenagers bedroom which connotes that the album is at the younger generations. Furthermore, the album title ‘love, loss and desperation’ emphasis that this could be targeted at a young generations as these are dominant and strong feelings that relate to this age group. Both genders are represented on this cover; the use of the colour pink associate’s teenage girls and the messy cluttered shelf associates a teenage boy. This connotes that this album is aimed at both genders.
  4. 4. Kate Nash- My Best Friend Is YouThis cover by Kate Nash shows clearly the genre of her musicby the style of the image. The cover incorporates a 1920’s feelwhich keeps in theme with Kate Nash’s style. We can see thisthrough the neutral colours and old fashioned hair cut of thegirl in the picture. Although the album cover comes across asold fashioned there are childish aspects to it such as the imagecollage that has been used. We can tell from the childish poseof making shapes with her hands, the heart scruffy paintingand the colours that are used. The primary colours that areused also give a childish feel to the album cover as they arevery simplistic and basic. However as the background in neutraland plain , the use of the primary colours stand out and areattention grabbing. These innocent/ child like characteristicscould have reference to the album ‘My Best Friend Is You’ as‘Best friends’ signifies children and primary school. This quirkycover reflects Kate Nash as an artist as she fits in with thealternative/pop genre. This album has followed the sameconventions as other albums by having the main focus pointcentral. The central shot captures facial details of Kate Nashhiding behind the image of her making shapes with her hands. Ithink this works well as it is the first thing the audience isattracted to. The handwritten font makes the album personalto Kate Nash as its as if she has written it herself. It intensifiesthe unique style of the album.